10 Weakest Pirate Crews In One Piece

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With over a thousand episodes of One Piece, there have been tons of characters for the Straw Hat crew to go toe-to-toe with. Some of these characters proved so strong the Straw Hats nearly died trying to defeat them while other characters were so weak fighting them was an insult to Luffy and his crew’s skills.

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If the leader of a pirate crew is weak, it’s likely the crew following that pirate is weak as well. Some pirate crews are loved by fans for their personalities and growth, but others are so weak they’ve practically been forgotten by the fanbase — as well as the main characters.

10 The Black Cat Pirates Are Starter Villains

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One of the first pirate crews the Straw Hats face is the Black Cat Crew. They appeared to be formidable, especially Captain Kuro with his insane speed. However, as the show has gone on it’s become very obvious that this crew was nothing special.

Kuro’s speed would do nothing for him against Logia-type Devil Fruit users like Ace and Smoker. Not to mention, only three members of their crew had any fighting ability, which is probably why the Black Cat Pirates are never seen again after they are defeated by the Straw Hats.

9 Buggy’s Crew Was Holding Him Back

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Buggy the Clown has grown to be a prominent figure in One Piece, but that doesn’t mean he has a strong crew fighting beside him. When he’s first introduced the members of his crew are shown to be rather stupid, which means Buggy constantly has to reprimand him.

The only reason Buggy seems to grow as a character is that he is separated from his crew so they were obviously holding him back. The prisoners that align themselves with Buggy aren’t any stronger than his former crewmates, but they at least seem to be better at following orders.

8 Alvida’s Crew Is Too Weak To Help Her

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Alvida’s crew is the very first pirate crew that Luffy fights with so it’s only natural they would be on the weak side. Luffy is able to beat her with a single punch to the amazement of her crew who were too terrified of Alvida to stand up to her.

Alvida may have thought having a crew that feared her was a good plan, but it backfires majorly when none of her crew is strong enough to support her in battle. Even when Alvida gets the powers of a Devil Fruit she doesn’t get any stronger, which is why she and her crew don’t feature much in the series.

7 The Fake Straw Hats Used Others For Fame

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Pirates that attempt to use the reputation of other pirate crews are the worst kind of pirates. After the time skip, a group of pirates decides to impersonate the Straw Hat crew in order to benefit from their reputation.

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Crews like Buggy and the Black Cats aren’t very strong, but they at least work to build their own reputation. Black, who impersonated Luffy, wants to conquer the new world by relying on the effort of others. It’s no wonder most of the imposters were arrested because they obviously weren’t strong enough to escape without help from others.

6 Arlong’s Crew Preyed On The Weak

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Arlong’s crew is far from the weakest pirates the Straw Hats are forced to fight. Arlong has a nasty reputation, but he mainly gains power over Conomi island because normal people can’t stand against the strength of a Fishman.

It doesn’t actually take all that long for Luffy to defeat Arlong, which shows that Arlong and his crew heavily relied on manipulating those that were weaker than them instead of strength. If Luffy hadn’t gotten concrete stuck to his legs and knocked out of the fight for a few episodes, he would have defeated Arlong’s crew much sooner.

5 Don Krieg Has An Unmemorable Crew

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Most fans remember Don Krieg but no one remembers any other member of his pirate crew, which just shows how weak and unmemorable they are. He may command over fifty pirate ships, but none of them were able to help him in his fight against Luffy.

Don Krieg isn’t even all that strong considering he needed to rely on tricks and underhanded tactics to fight back against Luffy. Compared to all the other pirate crews in One Piece, his may be the worst one.

4 The Blinking Crew Is Nothing Without Its Captain

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The Blinking Pirate crew may not seem like much, but they are pretty formidable to the average person. They manage to take over Drum Island and Wapol even defeats Dalton in his ultimate form. Even though they were able to terrorize the citizens of Drum Island, the strength of the Blinking crew is nothing compared to the Straw Hats.

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Nami easily manipulates Wapol and steals the armory key preventing him from using his ultimate form. Without his secret weapon, Luffy is able to punch Wapol so hard he’s sent to another island. Without Wapol his crew completely falls apart.

3 The Rumbar Pirates Shouldn’t Have Gone To The Grand Line

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Brook is a strong member of the Straw Hats, but it’s obvious he gained his strength after his first death. Thanks to Brook’s Devil Fruit powers, he is able to come back to life one time and he’s forced to use his Devil Fruit when he and his entire crew are killed.

While the deaths of Brook’s crewmates are tragic, it’s pretty obvious that a crew of musicians had no business entering the Grand Line. They weren’t strong enough to make the trip, which is why every member of the crew died.

2 The Foxy Pirates Needed To Cheat To Win

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The Foxy Pirates have a few impressive crewmates, including Captain Foxy, who’s won over 900 Dave Back Fights. However, a majority of the 500-man crew has no abilities whatsoever and often relies on their few strong members like the Groggy Monsters.

The Straw Hats may have struggled to defeat Foxy, but his crew heavily relies on cheating to get ahead. The fact that they don’t trust their own strength to win shows how weak Foxy’s crew really is.

1 The Bellamy Pirates Value Strength But Are Not Strong

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The Bellamy Pirates are the type that values strength, which is ironic considering this crew is incredibly weak. They were strong enough to establish a foothold in Mock Town, but when it comes to fights they rely on their two most powerful members.

However, even their strongest members aren’t all that strong. Bellamy relied too much on his Devil Fruit powers and because of that Luffy is able to beat him with a single punch. It’s no wonder the rest of the Bellamy Pirates refused to take on the Straw Hats considering their leader was completely destroyed.

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