10 Worst MHA Pro Heroes With Strong Quirks

Ms. Joke and Vlad King in MHA

The Pro Heroes in My Hero Academia are a motley crew of individuals, each with their own unique backstories, motivations, and Quirks. The Hero Public Safety Commission ensures that heroes maintain a positive image within society, a job it has been performing for several decades. Despite the Commission’s efforts, not every Pro Hero is worth the attention they receive.

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Many of them are badly written characters, while others behave in a manner unbefitting their station. That said, being the worst Pro Heroes in the story doesn’t necessarily mean they have bad Quirks. On the contrary, these meta abilities are deeply deserving of fan appreciation.

10 Backdraft Inexplicably Relies On The Dire Department Despite His Highly Specialized Abilities

Quirk: Water Pump

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Backdraft appears in the very first episode of My Hero Academia, where Deku enthusiastically admires his heroic presence. However, he barely manages to keep up when the Sludge Villain holds Bakugo hostage, implying that his combat expertise is minimal at best.

Backdraft does help the situation by dousing the fires created by Bakugo’s Explosion Quirk, but inexplicably requests help from the local fire department. His character seems to revolve entirely around putting out fires, so Backdraft shouldn’t have to rely on external assistance. That said, his Water Pump is arguably one of the more useful Quirks in the story.

9 Snipe’s Humility Can Easily Be Misinterpreted As A Lack Of Self-Esteem

Quirk: Homing

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Snipe is personally responsible for all the third-year students in U.A., but his accomplishments pale in comparison with teachers like Present Mic and Eraser Head. Although he possesses a great degree of control over his Homing Quirk, Snipe has admitted that he doesn’t stand a chance against Lady Nagant and her Rifle Quirk.

While this acknowledgment is undeniably humble, it simultaneously illustrates his lack of confidence. Snipe’s Homing can theoretically zoom in on opponents as far as two thousand feet and strike them with deadly precision. This Quirk would have been far stronger in the hands of someone like Nejire Hado or Endeavor.

8 Mr. Plastic Starts Quivering In Fear As Soon As Wolfram Captures Him

Quirk: Plastic Transformation

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Mr. Plastic is a movie-only character, appearing in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. Very little is known about this Pro Hero, so it can’t be assumed that he’s a decent combatant. This is because he gets himself instantly captured by Wolfram and subsequently begins quivering like a coward.

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Mr. Plastic is essentially designed to be cannon fodder, and fans can’t help but wonder if he has any real skills on the battlefield. On the other hand, his Plastic Manipulation Quirk is remarkably potent, especially since the vast majority of modern objects contain plastic in them. This meta ability can be compared to Cementoss’ Cement Quirk in terms of scope and applicability.

7 Wash’s Childish Demeanor And Nonsensical Jargon Doesn’t Suit His Career Choice

Quirk: Clean Bubbler

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Laundry Hero: Wash, a Heteromorphic character who looks like a sentient washing machine with arms, is apparently one of the most popular Pro Heroes in Japan. He does his job rather efficiently, but his infantile demeanor and nonsensical jargon doesn’t really suit his career choice.

Meanwhile, Wash’s Clean Bubbler is considerably more impactful than the childish name suggests. This Quirk produces both foamy water and soap bubbles, each of which is extremely durable. Furthermore, Clean Bubbler can also sterilize injuries, serving as a first aid stopgap before emergency services can take over.

6 Ms. Joke Spends Her Time Cracking Jokes And Making People Uncomfortable

Quirk: Outburst

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Smile Hero: Ms. Joke should be a lot funnier given her Outburst Quirk, but she spends most of her time cracking inane jokes and making everyone around her feel uncomfortable. Eraser Head receives the brunt of her terrible comedy at the Provisional Hero License Exam, where she persistently flirts with him despite his disinterest.

On a positive note, Ms. Joke is presumably a good teacher, at least considering how well-adjusted her students at Ketsubutsu Academy are. Ms. Joke’s Outburst is radically powerful, as it incapacitates practically anyone within range of her Quirk. Even All Might won’t be immune.

5 Vlad King Frequently Displays His Bias Against Class 1-A

Quirk: Blood Control

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Sekijiro Kan goes by Blood Hero: Vlad King, a painfully obvious reference to Vlad the Poker. Nevertheless, he’s not nearly as menacing as Dracula, even if his Quirk has everything to do with blood. Vlad King does everything in his power to ensure that Class 1-B succeeds, although he frequently displays his prejudice against 1-A.

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He literally encourages his homeroom students to crush their opponents, much to 1-A’s chagrin. Vlad King ought to restrain himself in competitive situations since he clearly can’t keep his bias under control. In any case, Blood Control is a magnificent Quirk that anyone would be lucky to have.

4 Shishido Seems A Little Too Pompous And Arrogant To Be A Hero

Quirk: Lion

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Animal-themed Quirks are rather prevalent in My Hero Academia. Some prominent examples include Mirko’s Rabbit and Froppy’s Frog. Shishido’s Lion Quirk grants him access to leonine abilities, allowing him to bite and claw through his opponents.

Shishido is quite a beast when it comes to battle. His roar is strong enough to neutralize Gang Orca’s ultrasonic waves, which are themselves capable of overwhelming Shoto Todoroki and Inasa Yoarashi. The problem, however, is that Shishido is yet to make a mark on the audience. In addition, he seems a little too pompous to be a hero.

3 Salaam’s Character Design Can Only Be Described As Problematic

Quirk: Papyrus

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Salaam exclusively appears in My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, where he helps a global cohort of heroes locate all the bombs installed by Humarise. This character can only be described as problematic, from his ancient Egyptian design to his Papyrus Quirk, whereas his Pro Hero name is an extremely common Arabic greeting.

Salaam is supposedly a major heroic figure in Egypt, though fans are yet to see him in his local element. That said, the Papyrus Quirk employs a mechanism similar to Edgeshot’s Foldabody Quirk, making Salaam supremely agile, nimble, and flexible.

2 Manual Is Such A Mundane Character That Even He Refers To Himself As “Normal Hero”

Quirk: Water Manipulation

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Masaki Mizushima is such a mundane character that even he refers to himself as Normal Hero: Manual. He’s a genuinely compassionate and accommodating Pro Hero, explaining why he gently forgives Ida Tenya for brazenly lying about his internship goals.

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Manual plays a relatively important role during the Paranormal War Arc, but that’s mainly because of his invaluable Water Manipulation Quirk. This meta ability allows its wielder to govern the shape and flow of water droplets, although it’s not very effective in windy conditions. Fans haven’t written Manual off yet, as he still has a chance to prove his worth in the Final Act Saga.

1 Uwabami Is Portrayed As Vain, Vapid, And Disinterested In Hero Work

Quirk: Serpentress

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Snake Hero: Uwabami also has an animal-based Quirk, albeit with one significant difference. She can’t manifest any serpentine abilities from her body, except for the three snakes growing out of her scalp. When Itsuka Kendo and Momo Yaoyorozu apply for an internship with Uwabami, the Pro Hero only accepts them because they’re attractive.

That said, she has a far bigger role in My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, Hideyuki Furuhashi’s spin-off manga. Uwabami’s Serpentress Quirk has multiple functions, including threat detection, defense, and possibly offense.

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