10 Worst Things About Modern Star Wars Fandom

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The Star Wars fandom is one of the most positive fan bases in the world. Its audience is full of love and support for one another, and Star Wars Celebration is always the epitome of that. However, there is a small section of the fandom that continues to exhibit negative behavior which has a knock-on effect, especially on social media.

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So although there are plenty of positive things to say about those who adore the galaxy far, far away, there are also areas that can be criticized and improved upon. With time, there’s no doubt that these bridges can be mended and everyone can be accepted into the community no matter what they like.



10 Sequel Hate

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Once Disney had purchased Lucasfilm the House of Mouse was always going to produce a new trilogy. However, from the off-set, a portion of the fandom was very against the notion that the Skywalker saga would continue. This hatred grew, once they felt that The Force Awakens simply copied past installments.

Thus, Disney changed tactics, producing The Last Jedi, which set off in a very different direction. The fandom was unhappy again, hating the idea of any changes being made to beloved characters. Thus, The Rise of Skywalker returned to familiar terrain and once again was met with negative responses. The fickle nature of a vocal section of the fandom meant that the sequels were hated no matter what they attempted to do.

9 Campaigning Against Kathleen Kennedy

George Lucas had created an absolute juggernaut, with incredibly cool Jedi, compelling bounty hunters, strange alien species, and terrifying Sith Lords. Lucasfilm’s legacy required a strong pair of hands that could keep all these plates spinning as Star Wars looked to the future.

No one was more equipped than Kathleen Kennedy whose career is legendary. But a small section of the fan base has only ever criticized her. Looking at everything Kennedy has overseen, from Andor and Jedi: Survivor to The Mandalorian, and The High Republic, there are certainly more successes than failures. But some fans are obsessed with only recognizing Kennedy’s contributions from a negative perspective.

8 Comparing Everything To Andor

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Andor broke the mold when it came to Star Wars TV shows. It was the complete antithesis of everything that had come before, with a grittier edge aimed at a more mature audience. But the point of Star Wars is that there is something for everyone. In the wider tapestry of stories, Andor filled a unique gap.

But now fans compare everything to Andor. While it’s understandable in a conversation about quality, what isn’t fair is to expect the same gritty tone from each new project. The Mandalorian for example appeals to a different audience, as will the likes of Skeleton Crew and The Acolyte in the future. To paint everything with a broad brush and only back Andor doesn’t reflect what Disney is trying to do with its variety.

7 Ignoring Animation & Spinoff Materials

Star Wars is so much more than just live-action movies and TV shows. Some of the most underutilized women in Star Wars history for example have been given an opportunity to shine on the page or within animation and video games. But there is a selection of the fan base that refuses to acknowledge these wider materials.

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Proclaiming that shows like Rebels is for kids, or that the comics don’t add anything of worth, is fundamentally wrong. Every Star Wars story is exciting and builds out the world a little more. They are all canon and influence one another. Those refusing to enjoy these other mediums are truly missing out on some fantastic narratives.

6 Not Counting Canon

Some Star Wars fans have deep love and respect for the comics, books, and video games—just not the canon ones. There is a huge portion of the fan base that grew up with the Expanded Universe, which is now referred to as Legends. Those stories haven’t gone anywhere and occasionally Disney adds a little more Legends material.

But what’s important to note is that these areas are not ignored either. Thrawn, for example, has been taken from Legends to canon. The fan base that refuses to acknowledge the canon and just wants re-runs of Legends is missing the point of this dual storytelling strategy. Both can exist and be enjoyed at the same time, with one offering unlimited potential and the other adapting beloved characters in a new form. Hating one to serve the other is pointless.

5 Bullying Actors

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Unfortunately, the emotions of the community can lead to direct hatred toward the actors portraying these divisive characters. A classic example dates back to how the fan base treated Ahmed Best after portraying Jar-Jar Binks. The community was so critical of the actor that it deeply affected his mental health.

History is repeating itself today with actors like Rose Tico’s Kelly Marie Tran and Reva Sevander’s Moses Ingram receiving that same kind of bullying. This should have no place in the community, and it’s a shame that so many positive voices are drowned out by those looking to deal damage just because they didn’t enjoy a character.

4 Internal Development Conspiracy

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Star Wars fans truly love coming up with conspiracies about how the movies and TV shows are being developed. Whether it’s why a director or writer might have stopped working on a project, or who’s really in charge behind the scenes, the spreading of this fake gossip really isn’t useful.

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The current line is that there is an internal battle between Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni and Kathleen Kennedy over the future of the franchise. Arguments like these are ridiculous as all three are working on multiple projects together and share a vision of how everything can develop. At the end of the day, it was Kennedy’s call to give Filoni a film after all.

3 Upset With A Change Of Direction

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There is a major similarity between the MCU community and the Star Wars community. Both fan bases predict what they would like to see happen in the next film or TV show and then get upset if the franchise goes in a different direction, essentially ignoring their fan theories.

Of course, this is going to happen as not everyone can be pleased. Sometimes it’s more fun to just enjoy the journey that these projects are taking the audience on, rather than longing for something that probably isn’t going to happen anyway. From the writing of Luke Skywalker to the portrayal of the Grand Inquisitor, not everything is going to meet everyone’s expectations and that’s okay.

2 Star Wars Was For Kids

Some parts of the Star Wars community forget that George Lucas always intended the franchise to be for kids. Thus the worst thing about Star Wars fans is when they ridicule any content that’s designed for a younger audience, even though it honors Lucas’ original vision.

Granted some of the most annoying Star Wars characters were initially created for kids. But they are annoying to older viewers because they are not for them. No one is forcing them to watch Young Jedi Adventures or love everything that’s happening with Grogu. As always, there’s something for everyone, and it’s vital that a new generation get to learn about this world in their own way.

1 Gatekeeping

Gatekeeping can be found throughout pop culture. Whether it’s video games or comics, there are always those fans who feel that anyone who doesn’t have an expert level of knowledge shouldn’t be allowed into the community—that they shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy Star Wars in their own way.

That is categorically false and completely absurd. Everyone should be able to enjoy Star Wars to whatever degree they wish. For the most part, the fan base is a welcoming community and there are so many ways in. New fans shouldn’t be daunted by the veterans, and surely it’s fantastic to find more like-minded people who love the galaxy far, far away.

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