10 Worst Things Fans Are Doing To Koroks In Tears Of The Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom players torture Koroks in many inventive ways.

Anyone who’s ever played The Legend of Zelda games knows that Koroks are a constant presence in the world around Link. These energetic little elves seem to thrive on creeping around the environment, waiting for the right moment to play peek-a-boo. Their cute little voices cheerfully chirp around Link, never posing an actual threat as they innocently pop out of leaves and bushes.

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Of course, those who played Breath of the Wild remember the Koroks well for playing one of the greatest pranks ever. So it’s not really a surprise to find out gamers are taking their frustrations out on these seed sprites in Tears of the Kingdom. New abilities let players create unusual situations for Koroks. These crafting skills, combined with players’ resentment, result in torturous results for the unsuspecting Koroks.



10 The Korok Centipede

Tears of the Kingdom brought a wave of gloom and horror to Hyrule, especially for the Koroks. Many players chose to exemplify horror icons and create new torture devices, placing the Koroks in boxes with flame emitters or under the path of falling debris. Other gamers took a more creative approach, embracing the dark side of Link.

Twitter user Duke Nukey shared this horrible Korok Centipede, formed by fusing multiple seed sprites with ultrahand. While the Koroks seem happier when they are together, this does not seem to be the solution Hestu requested of Link. Other gamers have discovered Link can also use ascend to move through Koroks.

9 Passion of the Korok

Players quickly learned how easy it is to crucify Koroks. All Link needs to craft this ancient torture device are a platform and a few logs. Then, the chosen Korok is fused in place with ultrahand. Link is definitely crossing a lot of lines here, but the surrounding Hylians seem pretty oblivious.

Some players parade their crucified Koroks around Hyrule on moving carts. Other creative gamers place the seeds over chasms of gloom, never to be seen again after plummeting into the depths. It’s undoubtedly a dark turn for Link.

8 Korok Kannon

Gamers receive a great deal of joy from launching Koroks straight across the Hylian map. The zonai springs release with a satisfying “thunk,” sending the sprites soaring into the air. As the tiny Korok voices screech with innocence and confusion, Link watches hopefully, gauging the distance between the springs and his target. Thus, the Korok Kannon became a popular way to transport seeds across Hyrule.

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The cannon is easy to build: combine springs for a chain reaction and set a Korok on the final platform. Some gamers upgrade this basic design to include protective housing, and a timed launching mechanism, but the result is the same: the Korok goes the distance.

7 Smashed Korok

Ultrahand allows players to fuse objects into new creations. These creations become functional machines with zonai devices. Fans have created many vehicles to move across the landscape. However, Link is not always an excellent driver, and gamers have perfected the art of crashing Koroks in Tears of the Kingdom.

Some players have a direct approach, putting the Koroks in the path of oncoming damage before running them down ruthlessly. Other fans choose to fuse the sprites onto vehicles and drive off cliff sides. Some have even gone so far as to place a Korok on the front bumper to use as a ram. While amusing, the Korok does not increase the vehicle’s damage.

6 Fly Like A Rito

It isn’t every day that players see their heroes strap their troubles to a glider and watch them drift away. Yet, that’s exactly what players do in Tears of the Kingdom. But placement matters when fusing the Korok to a glider; the Koroks location determines whether the glider floats endlessly or plummets quickly.

The leisurely way a glider slips through the air belies the terror a Korok must feel, knowing it is slowly falling to its death without control. Link can fuse zonai fans to the glider for momentum and lift, but without the ability to steer, a Korok is left to the hands of fate and gravity.

5 Korok Bar-B-Que

Tears of the Kingdom offers players many exciting ways to experiment with recipes. Many gamers saw the immediate potential of Korok barbecue, attempting to add a new delicacy to the Hylian menu. Across Hyrule, players are dropping Koroks into cooking fires and stewing them in pots for experimental cooking.

This culinary experimentation soon took a dark turn into pure torture as gamers perfect Korok barbecue techniques. Players are designing multiple versions of rotating roasters and grilling pits, triggering terrified cries from the Koroks. Other gamers prefer boxes surrounded by flame emitters, essentially creating smoked Korok.

4 Korok Space Program

There are many rockets sitting around in Tears of the Kingdom. Players can find rockets on the ground or pull them from the gacha-style zonai machines on the sky islands. The Koroks are lightweight and easy to fuse to these rockets, making them a logical choice to launch into space. Gamers could easily justify this act, claiming to help spread the seeds across Hyrule.

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Many gamers are using the rockets to move the Koroks to their friends, waiting across gaps in the map. These players stick with easy launch models, strapping the seed sprites directly onto the zonai devices. Others are creating elaborate, multi-stage rockets to launch the Koroks into space. Whether these transports are successful, at least Link is having a blast.

3 No Bar-B-Que. Just Fire.

While some gamers have been roasting the Koroks in an attempt to expand Hylian culinary delights, others are just burning them for fun. Considering the amount of frustration gamers feel for the Koroks, players are inevitably going to unleash fury.

Link has been sighted committing high crimes while driving his cart around roasting a Korok like a sacrifice. After creating a cart, Link fused a basin to a pole to hold his Korok high in the air, in perfect position for public viewing. Flame emitters maximized heat output, ensuring this Korok was burnt to a crisp.

2 A Lil Water Never Hurt

Water should be easier on these little Koroks. But instead, water is also a trendy way for gamers to punish the seeds. In the hands of some Legend of Zelda gamers, waterboarding and drowning are absolutely an option.

Using zonai devices, players have built Korok “showers” and waterboarding machines. Some gamers insist mounting Koroks to paddleboats will provide much-needed stability, but no proof has been discovered. There have been many documented cases of players gleefully dropping Koroks into deep, icy waters.

1 Korok Firing Squad: GO!

Tears of the Kingdom inspires the gaming community’s ingenuity and creativity. Gamers are creating bizarre and amazing zonai inventions never intended for The Legend of Zelda franchise. Weapons with lasers and fire are now commonplace in Link and Koroks fan clips.

YouTuber Oyff invented a zonai based firing squad using multiple zonai devices. After launching himself into the air, Link shoots a timed bomb to trigger a chain reaction that destroys an entire collection of Koroks at the same time. The seed sprites never stood a chance, but at least they went out with friends.

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