10 Worst-Written Characters In My Hero Academia, Ranked

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Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia is set to enter its endgame and the climactic events of its sixth season will forever change the series’ scope. Izuku “Deku” Midoriya has been forced to make difficult, isolating decisions as he heads closer to his catastrophic clash with Shigaraki and All For One, all while he attempts to minimize the number of unnecessary casualties.

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These increased stakes and society’s tenuous trust when it comes to public figures of safety have forced My Hero Academia’s characters to look inward and face difficult truths about themselves. More fatalities and retirements are inevitable, but during a time when everyone needs to go the extra mile and push themselves to “Plus Ultra” levels of strength, there are still certain My Hero Academia characters who routinely disappoint and fail to meet expectations.



10 Ochaco Uraraka

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Ochaco Uraraka has been around since My Hero Academia’s very start as a valuable friend in Deku’s inner circle as he first begins to matriculate at U.A. High. My Hero Academia’s gradual focus on superpowered battles and action sequences rather than slice of life school hijinks has increasingly pushed Uraraka out of the spotlight.

She continues to harbor an intense crush on Midoriya, something that Himiko Toga has exploited in the past, but in six seasons her feelings haven’t shown much development. Thankfully, Season 6’s penultimate episode shows her characterization and depth maturing a bit more. Hopefully by the end of the series, Uraraka will show significant growth from where she was when the series begins.

9 Nemuri Kayama

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There are hundreds of eclectic heroes on display in My Hero Academia, many of which never evolve far beyond their initial first impressions. Nemuri Kayama, better known by her Pro Hero title, Midnight, is a whip-wielding hero whose costume is modeled after a sadistic dominatrix.

Midnight helps out at U.A. High and clearly cares about her students and the next generation of heroes, but she repeatedly just leans into her Pro Hero’s scandalous nature rather than provide a real personality. Though Midnight feels like she’s perpetually been kept at a distance and is more of a joke than a genuine character for most of MHA, her sacrifice during the Paranormal Liberation War helps fans see a different side.

8 Gentle Criminal

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My Hero Academia‘s fourth season is largely dominated by the horrors of Overhaul, but the end of the year features the budding villain duo, Gentle Criminal and La Brava. These two get a lot of criticism, particularly because of the problematic power dynamics that exist between these two mismatched outcasts.

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La Brava’s love-based Quirk reveals more of her empathetic personality, but Gentle Criminal operates through stereotypes that obfuscate the truth. Gentle Criminal lacks the villainy of other antagonists and he’s a case of someone who doesn’t know how to properly channel his Quirk, but he never receives the redemptive arc that the anime seems to set up.

7 Mina Ashido

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Mina Ashido and her Acid Quirk have made for an entertaining supporting character since My Hero Academia‘s freshman year. Ashido has a unique appearance that almost comes across as alien in nature, plus her ability to produce a corrosive liquid is impressive in theory, but rarely serves a grander purpose in the anime.

There’s so much potential in Mina Ashido, yet My Hero Academia seems content to leave her as a perpetual cheerleader for her friends. It’s a real shame because My Hero Academia can always benefit from more deadly female fighters.

6 Neito Monoma

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My Hero Academia spends a healthy amount of time building a friendly rivalry between the heroes-in-training in Classes 1-A and 1-B at U.A. High. Neito Monoma is a vocal member from the Class 1-B crew who actively resents the preferential treatment that he believes 1-A receives.

There could be a genuinely interesting story arc to come out of Monoma, but he’s instead satisfied with broad insults and complaints that never go anywhere. Even the character’s Copy Quirk, which allows him to Mimic others, feels like an idea that could have depth, only to not go anywhere.

5 Yu Takeyama

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Yu Takeyama is a Pro Hero with a Gigantification Quirk that allows her to live up to her momentous hero alias of Mount Lady. Takeyama never hesitates to drastically increase her size so that she can soar through the city or properly take on some of the larger villains that threaten society’s safety, like Gigantomachia.

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There’s presumably depth to Takeyama, but she seems content to indulge in surface-level fantasies and the shallow nature of celebrity that accompanies Pro Hero. My Hero Academia indicates that Mt. Lady has a history with Kamui Woods, but the series has been content to prioritize other characters while Takeyama exists as visual fan service.

4 Kurogiri

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My Hero Academia works hard to make sure that its villains are as compelling as its heroes, some of which work better than others. Kurogiri, otherwise known as Black Fog, is a foreboding foe who’s been present since the first season. Kurogiri remains silent and his backstory becomes the most heartbreaking thing about him.

Kurogiri is a High-End Nomu who’s made from the corpse of Oboro Shirakumo, a former hero who was friends with Aizawa and Present Mic. This detail makes Kurogiri a loaded figure, but it doesn’t replace non-existent writing. Kurogiri is able to coast on his grim reputation rather contribute anything new.

3 Yuga Aoyama

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Yuga Aoyama is a well-intentioned character who quickly falls into the category of heroes whose Quirks are more comedic than practical. Aoyama’s Navel Laser Quirk is exactly what’s advertised and he’s able to launch a decent beam of energy from out of his navel.

Aoyama’s flair for presentation means that his navel bursts of power often punctuate a performance, but he’s not much more than a showboating supporting character whose thin schtick has run its course. Aoyama needs to experience some serious loss, or take a life with his Quirk, so that he understands and experiences the severity of Pro Hero Society.

2 Tatami Nakagame

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The bulk of Midoriya’s allies in My Hero Academia come from U.A. High, but it’s not the only hero school in Japan. Tatami Nakagame is a second-year student from the well-regarded Ketsubutsu Academy who stands out because of her visually surreal Telescopic Quirk. Much like a turtle, Nakagame can retract her body into itself, a power that’s quite limited in nature.

Nakagame’s Quirk is treated like a bit of a joke and the character never gets the chance to rise above the ranks of a visual oddity. This is exactly the type of hero who would benefit from being in Deku’s orbit so that she can prove herself.

1 Minoru Mineta

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My Hero Academia has comfortably evolved into an adult series. This makes it hard to believe how much of its introductory seasons are occupied with broad comedy and gag characters. Minoru Mineta is one of Midoriya’s many Class 1-A peers who proudly embodies the lecherous and hormonal teenage stereotype.

Mineta’s Pop Off Quirk is actually rather unique as far as superpowers go, but it’s never been given the right showcase to elevate this regrettable gag character into anything beyond an embarrassment. It’d be one thing if Mineta goes on to gain substance and show humility over his past, but he’s yet to experience such an epiphany.

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