10 Worst-Written Female Characters In Shojo Anime

Left: Usagi Tsukino with her right hand on her hip and her left eye winking; Misaki Ayuzawa wearing her maid costume and cat ears with a strained look on her face from Maid Sama!; Yuki Cross sitting and cradling her knees with a serrated scythe resting next to her.

Shojo anime typically have beautiful, soft-spoken protagonists. They usually do not have a lot of interests, which allows audiences to put themselves in the main characters’ shoes. Unfortunately, this tactic does not make for well-written characters.

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While there are many well-written girls and women in Shojo anime, there are still a lot of poorly-written female characters. These cast members have no discernible personalities, and many let others make decisions for them. Shojo anime can have great, romantic plots. Yet, countless Shojo stories fall by the wayside due to having poorly-written female leads – especially when they are supposed to cater to female audiences.



10 Kagura Sohma (Fruits Basket)

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Kagura Sohma is one of the thirteen members of the Zodiac in Fruits Basket. As the Boar, she has big emotions that seemingly switch on a dime. Unfortunately, the more emotional she feels, the more she violently lashes out.

These outbursts are usually directed toward Kyo Sohma, as she has a huge crush on him. However, anyone can be at the receiving end of Kagura’s attacks. Her feelings for Kyo would have more weight if she was not a violent caricature most of the time she is on-screen. Kagura loses much of her potential for a few slapstick gags.

9 Himeno Awayuki (Prétear)

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Himeno Awayuki is a typical, clumsy teenage girl until she becomes the next Prétear. Himeno is then thrust into a world of magic and danger and she and the Leafe Knights fight against the Princess of Disaster.

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Disappointingly, Himeno falls into an older anime trope that makes her very whiney and often helpless. She is the direct foil to her no-nonsense love interest, Hayate. However, instead of making for an interesting dynamic, Himeno just comes across as childish. Though she comes into her own at the end of Prétear, fans have to endure a lot of Himeno’s complaining before the end.

8 Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon)

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Usagi Tsukino is a middle schooler who discovers her true identity as the queen of the Moon Kingdom, and the long-lost Sailor Moon. Like many anime girls from her time, Usagi was made to seem more childlike by giving her a disagreeable attitude. She is very clumsy and complains almost constantly. Whether she is at school, with her boyfriend, or in the middle of a battle, Usagi will complain without fail.

Not only is this trope tiresome, but it makes Usagi’s character unlikable. As Sailor Moon’s protagonist, Usagi should be the character fans root for. Instead, she is almost a burden to the other Scouts and often hesitates when faced with perilous situations. Usagi does face her fears in the end, but her often poor attitude put fans off.

7 Mayumi Dojima (Pretty Boy Detective Club)

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Mayumi Dojima dreams of going to space one day to rediscover a special star she saw as a child. Unfortunately, her parents disapprove of her dream, and nearly force her to give up until Mayumi has a chance encounter with a strange boy in Pretty Boy Detective Club.

Once she and the mysterious Pretty Boy Detective Club discover the truth about her star, Mayumi is accepted as their newest member but has the least memorable personality. She is smart and helps the boys solve mysteries. Yet, other than the occasional celebration or question, Mayumi offers few emotions. As the protagonist, Mayumi is overshadowed by almost every other character.

6 Yuki Cross (Vampire Knight)

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Yuki Cross does not remember much of her early life at the beginning of Vampire Knight, but she does remember being saved by her friend, Kaname Kuran. Because of his actions, and his continued visits throughout the years, Yuki and Kaname form an attachment that grows stronger with each passing year. The pair eventually develop romantic feelings for each other. The only problem is that they were raised as siblings.

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While Kaname was not technically born to Yuki’s parents, they did raise him as their own after their son died. When Yuki came along, Kaname took his role as her big brother very seriously and vowed to protect her. Although Yuki has another love interest in the show, the writers chose for Yuki to essentially be involved with her sibling. The two eventually get married and have a daughter, which makes the whole scenario even more disturbing.

5 Misaki Ayuzawa (Maid Sama!)

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Misaki Ayuzawa is a hardworking student and part-time employee. She strives to keep her two lives separate – especially as the first female Student Council President. Her Maid café job is eventually discovered by a few of her classmates, but her attitude toward the many boys in her school remains the same.

Seika High used to be an all-male school, which makes Misaki think that she has to be extra tough on the boys to gain respect. This causes her to judge her male classmates unfairly. Her treatment of nearly all the males in Maid Sama! is unwarranted simply because she assumes the worst from them.

4 Miharu Mashiki (Convenience Store Boy Friends)

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Conveniences Store Boy Friends follows several high school couples. However, the main focus is on Haruki Mishima and Miharu Mashiki. Haruki thinks he has been in love with her since they were children. However, it was really her twin sister who tragically passed. Even so, the two develop a romance and even confess to each other by the end of the show.

However, other than that she likes crafts, has a crush on Haruki, and has a heart condition, fans do not learn much about Miharu. Despite being one of the lead characters, Miharu has little personality and not much of a story arc. The most interesting things about her are learned in the last two episodes, and the series ends before fans find out if she lives or dies after invasive surgery. Convenience Store Boy Friends suffers from a lack of character development all around, especially where Miharu is concerned.

3 Erika Shinohara (Wolf Girl and Black Prince)

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Erika Shinohara finds herself in a bind when she tries to fit into her friend group at school. All the members of her clique have boyfriends, and she does not. In a blind panic, Erika picks the first boy their age she sees on the street – who turns out to be exceedingly popular.

Cornered, Erika asks Kyouya Sata to pretend to be her boyfriend. He counters and asks Erika to become his “Wolf Girl,” and she complies. Unfortunately, this contract unsettles audiences. Erika is forced to accept Kyouya’s abuse to keep her secret, and, disturbingly begins to fall for him after his mistreatment. Wolf Girl and Black Prince gives young audiences the wrong idea about love and how relationships should work. Erika, and fans, deserve so much better.

2 Ritsuka Tachibana (Dance with Devils)

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Ritsuka Tachibana is embroiled in a conflict between Vampires and Devils when she realizes many of her classmates are supernatural entities. The two sides are warring for her, as they believe she can lead them to the Necronomicon. Yet, as Dance with Devils goes on, the boys seem more interested in her romantically.

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The boys regard Ritsuka as a plaything and force themselves upon her. Though audiences can identify the abuse, Ritsuka seems to have no qualms about their problematic behavior. She also has no personality outside of being a female and being curious about the supernatural world around her. Ritsuka’s character imparts a bad message about how love and lust should be accepted or rejected.

1 Ema Hinata (Brothers Conflict)

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Ema Hinata finds herself as a part of a family with thirteen new stepbrothers in Brothers Conflict. Ema is incredibly reserved, showing very few personality traits. Even when many of the boys try to seduce her, Ema seems surprisingly calm about her interactions with them.

Ema’s lack of any emotions or hobbies (other than video gaming) make her a boring character. In a show like Brothers Conflict where all thirteen of the brothers’ personalities shine, Ema’s is missing entirely. Plus, the fact that she keeps brushing off her problematic encounters with her brothers – even when she is scared – sends unhealthy messages to fans.

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