10 Worst-Written Male Characters In Shojo Anime

Takumi Usui from Maid Sama!; Haruka Nanase from Free!, and Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon split image.

Shojo anime are typically known for their beautiful and attentive leading males. They usually see the female protagonist as their whole world, and their growth involves them either ending up with the girl they have been longing for or falling for the girl they despised initially. Unfortunately, not all males in shojo anime are as devoted and complimentary.

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Sadly, there are several poorly-written male shojo anime characters. These boys and men either have very little personality, or they are downright rude and have questionable morals. Many fans still love shows with these characters, but there is no denying that they could have been more developed and less problematic.

This article contains mentions of sexual assault.



10 Haruka Nanase (Free!)

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All Haruka Nanase cares about is swimming and being free. Though he is surrounded by friends who love and respect him, he shows very little regard for anyone but himself. He does not seem to hate anyone, but he also does not appear to have any emotions at all.

Free! is a surprisingly heartfelt show about teamwork and friendship. And though all the characters talk about how important Haru is to them, he never appears to have much regard for them. Haru is an unimaginative character in an anime full of big personalities.

9 Koki Ichinose (My Love Story)

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Koki Ichinose is one of the top pâtisserie chefs in My Love Story!!. Though he is only in his 20s, he has won many prestigious competitions, and his bakery is renowned for its confections. He eventually gets burnt out until he meets a new cashier at his bakery named Rinko Yamato.

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Despite only being a teenager, Ichinose is struck by her beauty and proclaims her as his muse. He also attempts to invite a romantic relationship with her and challenges her boyfriend to win her over. Thankfully, Yamato and her boyfriend refuse Ichinose’s proposition, but the fact that an adult tries to date a teenager is uncomfortable and unnecessary in storytelling.

8 Geordo Stuart (My Next Life As A Villainess)

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Geordo Stuart is the self-absorbed young prince from My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!!. That is, he was that way until Katarina Claes got her memories back from her previous life and went against her character’s villainous ways. Geordo is charmed by Katarina’s new attitude and is elated that they are already betrothed. Yet, when Katarina tries to break their engagement, Geordo’s true colors show.

Rather than accepting Katarina’s rejection, Geordo doubles down on his attachment. He grows increasingly possessive of Katarina throughout the show and sabotages anyone who tries to spend time with her. Having the selfish Geordo fall for someone is a great storyline, but in this case, it comes at the cost of him trying to control her.

7 Nozono Nanashima (Kiss Him, Not Me)

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Kae Serinuma is perfectly happy living her life as a fujoshi with a heavier body type in Kiss Him, Not Me. Yet, after she loses weight due to severe depression, she suddenly finds herself at the center of a love square. One person vying for her attention is Nonozono Nakashima.

Though all of them should be to blame for their obsession with “typical beauty standards,” Nakashima takes it too far. Not only does he bully Serinuma before she loses the weight, but he also forces her to lose weight again when she goes back to her original size. His preoccupation with her weight and his bullying earlier in the show make him one of the worst-written shojo males. They may have tried to make him look better when he dances to an anime opening with his sister, but being kind to his family does not excuse his actions toward Serinuma.

6 Kureno Sohma (Fruits Basket)

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Kureno Sohma is introduced later in Fruits Basket as a kind and reserved man. As Akito’s current consort, he is kept on a short leash but is excused to visit a convenience store. Once there, he runs into a teenage worker named Arisa Uotani. The two share a small moment before Kureno is on his way.

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Though they both expected that to be their only interaction, it is, unfortunately, not the case. Kureno and Arisa form a romantic relationship despite their uncomfortable age difference. As an adult, Kureno should have had the wherewithal to stop the relationship from progressing, but he encouraged it instead. Fruits Basket has a few relationships like this, but Kureno and Arisa are the most at the forefront.

5 Kyoya Ootori (Ouran High School Host Club)

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The Ouran Host Club caters to the lonely and bored female students of their high school by providing excellent company and exquisite luxuries. Though Tamaki Suoh is at the forefront of the club, Kyoya Ootori does most of the planning and execution from the shadows. He and Tamaki usually have a rather fun dynamic, but Kyoya has a darkness that he maintains on the sidelines in Ouran High School Host Club.

When a storm comes unexpectedly, protagonist Haruhi Fujioka is paralyzed by fear. Kyoya disgustingly takes this to his advantage and begins throwing himself at her. Tamaki eventually saves Haruhi, but Kyoya’s actions remain unconscionable. He claims it was to light a fire under Tamaki to get him to realize his feelings, but fans were still disgusted by Kyoya after this occurrence.

4 Mamoru Chiba (Sailor Moon)

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Mamoru Chiba is a stylish teen who midnights as a debonair vigilante named Tuxedo Mask. He often works with the Sailor Scouts to bring down celestial villains. However, he is not as helpful as he portends.

Tuxedo Mask rarely does anything more than throw one rose before disappearing to the sound of castanets. During daylight hours, he is not much better, as he regularly teases Usagi Tsukino (who also happens to be Sailor Moon). He is shown to be judgmental and arrogant, too. Mamoru is not only the worst character in Sailor Moon, but one of the worst-written male shojo leads.

3 Takumi Usui (Maid Sama!)

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Misaki Ayazawa has a lot on her plate in Maid Sama!. She is the student council president, a full-time student, and works part-time at a maid café. Yet, when Takumi Usui enters the scene, he throws a wrench into her well-crafted life.

Though Misaki asks Usui repeatedly to leave her alone and stop coming to her work, he continues to stick by her side. He is constantly at the café, and he steps into problematic situations without being asked. Usui also derives pleasure from flustering Misaki. Usui’s problematic behavior and disregard for Misaki’s boundaries are things that fans today cannot condone.

2 Futo Asahina (Brothers Conflict)

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The Asahina brothers all have decidedly unnerving reactions to having their new step-sister, Ema Hinata, live with them. While there are a few who look out for her, many of them fall for her instantly despite their familial relationship and throw themselves at her. However, there are not many as bad as Futo Asahina.

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As the twelfth son, Futo is the second youngest and is extremely entitled. While this could be because he is a pop star and is used to being in the limelight, he takes his liberties much too far with Ema. Though he is younger, Futo repeatedly finds ways to get Ema alone and even tries to assault her. Many of the other brothers in this series are no better, but there is a sinister side to Futo’s actions that makes him the worst.

1 Kyouya Sata (Wolf Girl And Black Prince)

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Kyouya Sata is the most popular boy in school in Wolf Girl and Black Prince. However, when Erika Shinohara asks him to pretend to be her boyfriend to fit in, Kyouya immediately takes advantage of the situation. His personality completely changes from a princely high school boy to a cruel possessor. Kyouya asks Erika to be his “Wolf Girl” and treats her abysmally through most of the show.

Though each of them realizes that they are attracted to one another, it does not excuse Kyouya’s vicious behavior. Erika deserves more than to be treated like an animal, even from someone who is only pretending to be her “boyfriend.”

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