10 X-Men Couples Who Deserve A Comeback

Iceman in bed with Daken next to Jean Grey kissing Wolverine

Being part of an X-Men team is an intense, full-time job. As a result, many of the world’s mightiest Mutants don’t get to interact much with people outside of their team. Many people fear and hate the Mutants, leading them to stick to their own more often than not.

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Since they spend so much time together, the X-Men tend to date each other a lot. Over the years, it seems as though every possible combination of X-Men have coupled up at some point or another. Some of these couples were definitely healthier than others, and there are plenty that deserve a second chance.

10 Iceman And Daken Could Find Love With Each Other

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For most of his life, Bobby Drake, or Iceman, pretended to be straight. He even had romantic relationships with several of his female teammates. After his younger, more confident self was transported to his time, Iceman was involuntarily outed as a gay man. Since then, Iceman has been embracing his true self, but has had little luck in the romance department.

In one story, Iceman meets a version of himself from the future. The comic reveals that in that future, Iceman is in a relationship with Daken, the bisexual son of Wolverine. Iceman and Daken have flirted in the past, so perhaps it’s time to bring this romance from the future into the present.

9 Angel And Betsy Braddock Have A Lot In Common

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To say Angel and Betsy Braddock’s histories are complicated would be a massive understatement. Angel was transformed into the murderous Archangel by Apocalypse. Braddock’s mind got swapped into the body of a Japanese assassin for many years before she and Kwannon eventually returned to their own original bodies.

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This similar experience and their wealthy backgrounds made Braddock and Angel a natural fit for each other. The two served together on X-Force, and their romance was often one of the strongest among the X-Men. Eventually, life got complicated, and the two drifted apart. Having dealt with their own traumas, it might be time for them to try again.

8 Synch And Laura Kinney Have Centuries Of History

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Synch is one of the kindest X-Men of the Krakoa era, so fans were extremely happy when he finally found love with teammate Laura Kinney. The two were on a mission in the Vault–a place where time moves much faster than on Earth, and got stuck there.

For centuries, Synch and Laura enjoyed and developed their romance. Sadly, Laura appeared to die as they were escaping. She was resurrected, but lacked the memory of their time together. Recent events in X-Men have made the situation even more complicated, but that doesn’t change the fact these two deserve to find happiness with each other again.

7 Storm And Forge Could Build A Strong New Bond

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Storm and Forge were an early X-Men couple, forming a romantic bond after Storm lost her powers to a power-neutralizing ray. Storm then lived with Forge as she recovered from the trauma of losing her powers. After realizing Forge built the ray that took her powers, Storm briefly broke up with him, but the two eventually reconciled.

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Storm’s dedication to the X-Men and Forge’s insecurities eventually led them ending their romantic relationship. Thing were made worse when Forge assumed Storm would reject his marriage proposal and said some extremely hurtful things. The two maintained their friendship, and now that they’re both older and wiser, perhaps they’re ready to give it another shot.

6 Havok And Polaris Are Drawn To Each Other

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Havok and Polaris were two of the first people to join the X-Men after the formation of the original team. It’s only natural that the shared experience would bring them together. This pair has one of the oldest on-again off-again relationships in X-Men comics.

Although these two have been doing their own thing for a while, Havok and Polaris have finally been reunited again in the Krakoa era. Historically, Polaris and Havok get together when they’re on the same team, and split up when they move to different teams. There is still obvious tension between the two, so it seems likely that they may find each other again, now that they’re both X-Men once more.

5 Dazzler And Longshot Are Ready To Return To The Spotlight

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Dazzler was a long-time fan favorite character, but despite being an epic pop diva, she hasn’t always had much luck with love. In the recent X-Terminators miniseries, her break-up with her latest boyfriend led to Dazzler, Jubilee, Boom Boom, and Laura Kinney being kidnapped by vampires to perform for their amusement.

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Back in the past, Dazzler fell in love with the alien Longshot, who she married and had a child with. Their relationship became unbelievably complicated after being subjected to multiple memory-wipes and the revelation that Longshot was actually an altered clone of their son, Shatterstar. Things were just too difficult for the otherwise loving pair. In Marvel Comics, however, there could always be another twist that sets things straight.

4 Kitty Pryde And Colossus Have Always Loved Each Other

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Like most of the oldest X-Men couples, Colossus and Kitty Pryde have an extensive and complicated relationship. When she first joined the team at 13, she had a massive crush on the 18-year-old Colossus. The age gap was problematic then, but now Kate and Colossus are adults.

Although they have split many times, this pair remains one of the X-Men’s most iconic couples. Kate is close friends with Colossus’ sister, and both Kate and Colossus are on the Quiet Council, so they spend a lot of time together. There are plenty of complications in their life, but thanks to their deep love, it seems likely that these two will find each other again.

3 Emma Frost And Namor Are Powerful Equals

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Emma Frost and Namor both have a history of playing both sides. They both have a thirst for power and haughty attitudes, so it’s unsurprising that they had a tryst in the past. Emma may not receive great writing all the time, but she did the right thing and disclosed her previous relationship with Namor to Cyclops while they were dating.

Now that Emma is free of the overrated Summers men, she deserves to find love. As a powerful woman, she needs someone who can operate on her level, and Namor certainly qualifies. He has similar political clout, and his Mutant abilities are also powerful. Neither of these accomplished people would have to pretend to be anything less than they are in a relationship with each other.

2 Kitty Pryde And Rachel Summers Can Finally Be Together

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When Kitty Pryde was first introduced to the X-Men in 1980, Writer Chris Claremont intended the character to be bisexual, but the comics code at the time didn’t allow it. There was plenty of subtext for the readers, however, particularly between Kitty and her friend Rachel Summers.

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Kitty and Rachel have always been close. Born to Cyclops and Jean Grey in an alternate universe, Rachel sent her Kitty’s spirit back in time to try to prevent an apocalypse. Ultimately, Rachel was sent to Earth-616, where she re-formed a close bond with Kitty. Now that the two can finally be together without censorship, fans are eager to see the pairing they’ve been waiting decades for.

1 Jean Grey And Wolverine Deserve A Chance

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The most famous love triangle in Marvel Comics is surely that between Jean Grey, the dependable leader Cyclops, and the rebellious and dangerous Wolverine. Jean has almost always ended up with Cyclops, but for many fans, her choice is inexplicable, due to Cyclops’ lack of charm and Wolverine’s obvious magnetism.

Jean and Wolverine have kissed several times and ended up together in at least one universe, during the Age of Apocalypse. The pair have an obvious love for each other, and Wolverine is genuinely a good-hearted person. Cyclops, on the other hand, has his share of jerk moments, such as abandoning his wife and child when Jean was resurrected. It’s time for Jean and Logan to have their chance for real.

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