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12 Nogizaka46 Idol Group Members Diagnosed With COVID-19

12 members tested positive over past 3 days

The official website for the Nogizaka46 idol group announced on Thursday that 12 group members have been diagnosed with COVID-19. The 12 members are Iroha Okuda, Saya Kanagawa, Yuri Kitagawa, Kaede Satō, Rika Satō, Reno Nakamura, Runa Hayashi, Miyu Matsuo, Mio Yakubo, Rena Yamazaki, Ayano-Christie Yoshida, and Maaya Wada.

The site explained that Rena Yamazaki and Runa Hayashi both felt ill on Monday, and later tested positive for COVID-19 through a PCR test. On Tuesday and Wednesday, all the group members took PCR tests, which diagnosed an additional 10 members with COVID-19.

All 12 members are now self-isolating at home, following the advice of their health care professionals.

Source: Nogizaka46‘s website via Otakomu

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