15 Best LEGO Star Wars Sets, Ranked

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Back in 1999, LEGO fans got a special surprise when they opened the Shop-At-Home catalog to find that LEGO had just launched a Star Wars line for the first time. Now, Star Wars is such a popular LEGO theme that it is practically a LEGO cottage industry. The combination of LEGO and Star Wars has spawned video games, cartoons, and a plethora of merchandise.

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LEGO Star Wars has proven immensely popular with kids, adult LEGO fans, and adult Star Wars fans alike. Over 400 sets have been produced in the two decades since the popular franchises joined forces. Not every set has been a winner, but the finest of them are veritable works of art.

Updated May 31st by Isaac Williams: Star Wars has had no shortage of iconic LEGO sets throughout history. This list has been updated with even more of the best. It includes more sets available to buy today, and other pieces of Star Wars LEGO history that are gone but fondly remembered by fans.



15 Trade Federation MTT

1330 Pieces, 21 Minifigures

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The Multi-Troop Transport, or MTT, from The Phantom Menace seems almost designed specifically to be made into a toy. Its racks of foldable battle droids sit stacked in an immense housing just waiting to be deployed. LEGO has had an MTT since its very first Phantom Menace line in 1999.

The redesigned version from 2007 perfects the vehicle’s conversion to LEGO. Set 7662 features a knob that builders could turn to deploy their army of 16 droids. Hatches open up to reveal weaponry and a small speeder. The play value of the 2007 MTT is exceptional, even by LEGO’s high standards.

14 The Mandalorian’s N-1 Starfighter

412 Pieces, 4 Minifgures

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Razor Crest isn’t the only ship from The Mandalorian to be recreated in Star Wars LEGO. Din Djarin’s N-1 Starfighter from The Book of Boba Fett and The Mandalorian‘s third season has a model of its own. It’s a more simple affair than many LEGO space ships, with fewer than 500 pieces.

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Set 75325, The Mandalorian’s N-1 Starfighter, thrives with its simplicity. It’s more straightforward to build and serves as the perfect way to cap off a collection. It also comes with four The Mandalorian characters, including Grogu and Din Djarin wielding the Darksaber.

13 R2-D2

2314 Pieces, 1 Minifigures

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Not every beloved Star Wars LEGO set is a faithful recreation of a movie location, vehicle, or scene to be played with. LEGO also offers several display pieces. Set 75308, R2-D2, is a scale replica of Star Wars‘ most iconic droid character.

The LEGO R2-D2 works as both a construction project and a display piece. With over 2000 pieces, it’s likely to please LEGO fans looking for something complex to build. It’s also detailed enough for diehard Star Wars fans, down to the tools and lightsaber concealed within R2-D2. It also comes with a single R2-D2 minifigure to round out the display or add to a fan’s collection.

12 Rey’s Speeder

193 Pieces, 2 Minifigures

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The September 2015 release of merchandise for The Force Awakens was almost as big of an event as the movie itself. Fans lined up in droves to ensure they got a chance at buying the most desirable new products. LEGO’s sets were among the most popular items, but fans also criticized the inflated price of the new sets. Thankfully, one of the most affordable sets in the wave was also the best.

The $20 Rey’s Speeder (75099) is wonderfully slick and uses lots of interesting building techniques to replicate the odd shape of the vehicle. It also includes several tools and accessories for Rey’s scrap-collecting efforts to help with play value, as well as a robed thug working for Unkar Plutt.

11 The Razor Crest

1023 Pieces, 5 Minifigures

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After the first season of The Mandalorian, LEGO fans waited with eager anticipation for the announcement of a Razor Crest set. The wait for the set was long. Since its release, however, it has not disappointed. Set 75292, The Razor Crest, is a great playset for young Din Djarin fans and a great display piece for adult collectors.

The set includes two of Din’s captured bounties frozen in carbonite, IG-11, Greef Karga, and Grogu (known to many as “Baby Yoda”). Despite the limited size of a Minifigure-scale Razor Crest, the designers could pack in an escape pod, a bunk, and a hangar bay. It’s more than enough for any The Mandalorian fan.

10 Republic Gunship

1175 Pieces, 7 Minifigures

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The 2013 Republic Gunship is a much-loved favorite among LEGO Star Wars fans. The spacious interior can hold over a dozen clone troopers. The side pods give the characters a highly visible place to sit. The bright colors make the ship a visible and distinctive setpiece from across the room.

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Most importantly for LEGO enthusiasts, though, the Republic Gunship is a graceful combination of System and Technic parts that come together seamlessly into the Gunship’s unique shape. Set 75021 has the near-perfect balance of playability and displayability that helps it stand out among the very best Star Wars sets.

9 The Child/Grogu

1075 Pieces, 1 Minifigure

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Grogu, also known as The Child or “Baby Yoda,” is easily The Mandalorian‘s most iconic character. He is actually excluded from The Mandalorian‘s first wave of merchandise to hide his presence in the show. However, he has a large LEGO model, and it’s simply a delight for many fans.

Set 75318, The Child, recreates the Star Wars fan favorite in LEGO. The full model comes with props like the metal ball from The Mandalorian‘s Razor Crest ship. It also has a display stand, complete with a Grogu minifigure, for fans who want to show off their LEGO Star Wars to its full potential.

8 Star Destroyer

1367 Pieces, 9 Minifigures

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1,367 pieces may seem quaint compared to the massive Star Wars sets LEGO releases today. However, set 6211 — Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyeris awe-inspiring for its time. The textured surface and laser blasts made from lightsaber parts give the Star Destroyer a sense of action that more detailed sets rarely capture.

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The Star Destroyer of 2006 is also notable for what at the time was a whopping selection of minifigures. The nine characters include essentials like Grand Moff Tarkin, Darth Vader, and two Imperial Royal Guards.

7 Mos Eisley Cantina

3187 Pieces, 21 Minifigures

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LEGO has made several Mos Eisley sets. However, none compare to set 75290, LEGO Star Wars Master Builder Series Mos Eisley Cantina, released in 2021. It comes with 3,187 pieces and 21 Minifigures, many of them exclusive to this set. Mos Eisley Cantina had a hefty $400 price tag that many fans have gladly paid.

The Cantina recreates nearly every Mos Eisley scene shown in A New Hope. There’s Han Solo shooting Greedo first, Garindan sneaking around in the shadows, and Doctor Evazan with Ponda Baba — whose arm is technically removable.


6785 Pieces, 9 Minifigures

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The AT-AT is one of Star Wars‘ most iconic vehicles thanks to its role in The Empire Strikes Back‘s Battle of Hoth. Set 75313, the LEGO AT-AT, is a bold attempt to recreate it in brick form. The result is an immense, titanic model that is sure to take any fan back to their first time watching the film.

The AT-AT’s sheer size makes it an entertaining construction project and display piece. However, it comes with many movable parts and minifigures for maximum play value as well. If fans are looking for Star Wars‘ most impressive LEGO construction sets, they could do far worse than the AT-AT.

5 Ewok Village

1990 Pieces, 17 Minifigures

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Return of the Jedi‘s Ewoks are one of the original Star Wars trilogy’s most contentious aspects. However, set 10236, The Ewok Village, is a gorgeous set that recreated Return of the Jedi‘s Endor scenes flawlessly. Even fans who dislike the Ewoks admit that it’s an impressive and beautiful set.

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The tree-based village is instantly recognizable with its beautifully textured brick-built trees, rope bridges and ladders, and shaded foliage. The set also provides builders with a little throne for Threepio to sit on. It even comes with a fire pit for roasting unsuspecting Rebels or stormtroopers, depending on which scene the builders want to recreate.

4 X-Wing

266 Pieces, 4 Minifigures

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The first LEGO X-Wing has a history dating back to 1999 as part of the very first Star Wars wave. It may seem lacking in detail and realism compared to many of today’s sets. At the time, however, the set was a dream come true — LEGO finally producing a ship fans had been building with their spare bricks for decades.

Set 7140, X-Wing Fighter,is everything a young fan could hope for. It has movable S-foils, removable landing gear, a ground crew, and a pit for R2-D2. The ship even incorporates a compartment for Luke’s lightsaber. If there was one ship LEGO absolutely had to get right, it was the X-Wing. Its strong reputation today shows just how successful they were.

3 Millennium Falcon

7541 Pieces, 8 Minifigures

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The sheer size of set 75192, the Millennium Falcon, is unprecedented in LEGO Star Wars history. With over 7,500 pieces divided into 40 bags, the completed model is the size of a small table. Such a huge LEGO Star Wars build is a risk. Unless the finished project is incredible, it can seem like a waste.

Fortunately, this Millennium Falcon set is a meticulously detailed and loving recreation of just about every aspect of the famous starship. If fans can afford the set and find a place to store it, they are in for one of the best LEGO building experiences of their lives.

2 UCS Firespray Gunship

1996 Pieces, 5 Minifigures

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Most LEGO UCS — Ultimate Collector Series — sets are impressive. However, none can beat set 75060, Slave I, from 2015. It’s an incredible rendition of one of the strangest ships in Star Wars.

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Creating accurate curves and slopes in LEGO is extremely difficult. However, the designers of the LEGO Star WarsSlave I make it look easy. The coloring and rugged texture match Boba Fett’s signature vehicle perfectly. Best of all, it comes with a buildable stand and information card, perfect for collectors looking to show it off.

1 Death Star

4016 Pieces, 23 Minifigures

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Few LEGO Star Wars sets are more iconic than the Death Star. The galaxy’s most devastating superweapon makes for one of the largest Star Wars LEGO sets ever made, with plenty to delight fans. It’s full of perfect touches for Star Wars fans, with props for the superlaser, trash compactor, and more.

Almost any Death Star scene from Star Wars can be recreated with the set. It has the minifigures for the climactic fight of Return of the Jedi or A New Hope‘s trash compactor scene. It also comes with Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced as an additional model. Although it isn’t available anymore, set 75159, the Death Star, lives on in fans’ hearts.

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