15 Best Power Rangers Series, Ranked

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Most people have watched some version of the Power Rangers, and that speaks volumes about how monumentally popular the series has been. In 30 years, there have been 29 Power Rangers series, each with a different concept and characters. With so many options to choose from, viewers often discuss which series is the best.

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Over the years, there has been an almost constant addition of newer series, so it gets harder to choose a favorite. While some Power Rangers series weren’t that impressive, many were wonderfully executed with great characters and storylines. One thing is certain, some Power Rangers series have left a mark on viewers of all ages.

Updated on January 24th, 2022 by Mayra García: In the past weeks, Netflix announced that Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will premiere in 2023 on its platform. Additionally, the company has teased Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always, a television special that celebrates the 30th anniversary of the franchise’s first series. This list has been updated with the bestPower Rangers series to watchbefore all this new content arrives on Netflix.

15 Power Rangers Jungle Fury Signaled The End Of An Era

Release: 2008

When Casey, Theo, and Lily become the new guardians of the Di Shi (a spirit made of pure evil), one of their colleagues, Jarrod, releases the demon due to his arrogance. The three Kung Fu students become the Power Rangers Jungle Fury with the help of RJ, a Kung Fu master. Together, they battle Dai Shi.

Following the three-to-five hero dynamic fans know and love, Power Rangers Jungle Fury sees the team grow when RJ and Dom become the Wolf and Rhino Rangers, respectively. This series was highly underrated in its time. However, as the last season that premiered on Jetix, it still gives major nostalgic vibes to the older fans.

14 Power Rangers Ninja Storm Was Memorable

Release: 2003

The Ninja Storm series was certainly a memorable one. The show introduces a trio of ninjas-in-training, who become Power Rangers after their academy is attacked. The teens must protect the world from the evil force of a banished master ninja, who’s intent on taking over the world.

Ninja Storm isn’t everyone’s favorite, but to many, it’s a solid addition to the Power Rangers franchise. It introduced the trio dynamic in the Power Ranger teams. Ninja Storm also has beloved characters, who have serious and heartfelt moments while still maintaining the franchise’s lighthearted tone. Ninja Storm also introduces the first blue female Ranger.

13 Power Rangers Wild Force Was Unique

Release: 2002

In the Wild Force universe, Earth has suffered greatly due to extreme pollution. This causes the reawakening of the Zords. The Zords choose five teens to be Rangers and to save the world from the evil Orgs, an alien race who threaten to take over Earth and destroy nature.

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By exploring the Zords and environmental issues, Wild Force has some unique elements that separate it from previous installments. Wild Force also includes incredible callbacks to previous Power Rangers series with episodes like “Forever Red,” where all red Rangers gather to fight against the enemy, and a special crossover with Time Force.

12 Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Had Incredible Heroes & Villains

Release: 2000

Set in Mariner Bay, California, a city founded on top of a demon burial, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue follows a team of heroes who must defend the place from said creatures once they escape. Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, which used footage from Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGoFive, is the first series to have an American-exclusive ranger, the Titanium Ranger.

The Lightspeed Rescue rangers stood out from other teams because all of them were experts in different areas. For instance, Carter was a firefighter, Chad was a lifeguard, and Dana was a trained EMT. Additionally, Lightspeed Rescue features some of the darkest villains of the whole series, like Vypra or Diabolico, who are totally based on religious horror.

11 Power Rangers Super Megaforce Offers A Lot Of Fanservice

Release: 2014

In Power Rangers Megaforce, the Warstar, an insect-like race from space, invades Earth. Gosei, a Zordon’s subordinate, chooses five teenagers to become this planet’s protector. In the second season, Super Megaforce, their morphers allow them to transform into any past Ranger, which sets the ground for many cameos.

All Power Rangers seasons have had special episodes where heroes from the previous series help the current team. Power Rangers Super Megaforce takes this to the next level with a constant influx of previous Rangers. In the last episode of the series, the show has around a dozen of cameos, including T. J. Johnson and Wesley Collins, which truly hyped the fans.

10 Power Rangers Mystic Force Brought Magic To The Franchise

Release: 2006

Mystic Force is another great Power Rangers show. The series revolves around magic and mystical creatures, something that wasn’t really explored in other installments. Mystic Force follows five sorcerers who are called to fight against a type of darkness that threatens to destroy the world.

With guidance from an ancient book known as the Xenotome and the Rangers’ mentor, the Rangers embark on a magical journey. Mystic Force is a treat for those who enjoy fantasy series, as the series heavily relies on fantastical elements, and the Rangers even sport a cloak with their suits.

9 Power Rangers RPM Is A More Dystopian Take

Release: 2009

In a dystopian future, the planet is nearly overtaken by AI, known as Venjix Computer Network, and its robot army. After the evil network gains access to all technology, people are forced into the enclosed city of Corinth. A group of five individuals is tasked with fighting against the evil AI to survive and stop it from taking over.

RPM was almost canceled, but it quickly bounced back and even gained a fan-favorite status for its great characters and mature themes, which appealed to many audiences. RPM perfectly balanced lighthearted and mature themes, focusing more on well-developed characters than heavy plotlines.

8 Power Rangers Time Force Had Sci-Fi Elements

Release: 2001

In Time Force, creatures travel from the future to the present day to wreak havoc and take over the world. A special police unit from the future, known as The Power Rangers, travels across time to find and stop the creatures from unleashing hell. Time Force has a heavy focus on sci-fi elements, adding the concept of time travel and lab-conceived enemies.

Time Force also has the first-ever instance of a pink Ranger, Jen, being in command. However, this was only until they could recruit a red Ranger, even though Jen mostly carried the team. Time Force was beloved for its more serious tone, dealing with things like destiny and resentment.

7 Power Rangers Zeo Saw Tommy Oliver As The Red Ranger

Release: 1996

Zeo follows on from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and is considered a classic in the Power Rangers series. The series sees the Rangers regroup and regain powers from zeo crystals. The Rangers use the crystals’ power to defeat the tyrannical Machine Empire.

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Zeo serves as a fourth season to the Mighty Morphin era of Power Rangers and includes one of the most beloved characters of the franchise, Tommy Oliver. Zeo features Oliver as a red Ranger, which was a nice change from the previous installments where he was the evil green Ranger and the White Ranger. Zeo excelled at further exploring the already-existing story and characters throughout its three-season run.

6 Power Rangers S.P.D. Brought A Fun New Dynamic

Release: 2005

S.P.D. was one of the more impressive installments in the overall Power Rangers franchise. The show took place in a futuristic world where aliens and humans coexisted on the same planet. After the first Special Patrol Delta team disappears, a select few with special abilities are recruited to form a B-squad and save the planet from an evil force who’s determined to disturb the peace.

S.P.D. mixed police force trainees and criminals, who clearly struggled to get along and work together. This added an interesting dynamic to Power Rangers. The series prioritized great storytelling and character growth. S.P.D. was praised for its character development, team dynamic, costumes, and setting.

5 Power Rangers Super Samurai Features A Female Red Ranger

Release: 2012

Using footage from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, this era’s heroes belong to a Samurai clan, which is obvious in their suits. The second season of Power Rangers Samurai, Super Samurai follows the aftermath of Jayden’s duel against Deker. Eventually, he passes the Red Ranger mantle to Lauren, his sister.

Lauren Shiba is the first official female Red Ranger, after Charlie in S.P.D., who was mostly an antagonist. After decades of a male-oriented team, fans truly appreciated Lauren’s role. This innovation, combined with Power Rangers Super Samurai‘s emotional story and lore, makes it a fan-favorite.

4 Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Features The First Death Of A Ranger In The Franchise

Release: 1999

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy follows a group of young adults looking for an Earth-like planet to habit. During their journey, they meet Maya, who guides them to the Quasar Sabers, which transform them into the Power Rangers. Together, they fight all kinds of villains in space, mostly sent by the evil Trakeena.

Fans remember Lost Galaxy with affection because it was the first series to delve into a serious topic such as death. Fans will never forget the moment when Kendrix Morgan, the Pink Ranger, sacrificed herself to save Terra Venture. Even though she returned by the end of the series, this remains one of the most shocking moments of the Power Rangers franchise.

3 Power Rangers In Space Had A Crossover With The Ninja Turtles

Release: 1998

Considered an ending to the original Power Rangers era, In Space expands on Mighty Morphin. However, this series added a fun spin: the Rangers took on the fight against evil in space. In Space follows the Rangers traveling to space to rescue Zordon (their mentor).

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There, they face the United Alliance of Evil. In Space was a different series from other Power Rangers shows, but it worked and became one of the best of the franchise. In Space holds onto original elements while adding new twists, like the “Psycho Rangers,” and even had a crossover with The Ninja Turtles.

2 Power Rangers Dino Thunder Called Back To Tommy Oliver’s Previous Personas

Release: 2004

Dino Thunder is one of the best Power Rangers series. It brought back the dinosaur theme and Ranger royalty, Tommy Oliver. Now a professor, Tommy becomes the mentor to a new era of Power Rangers. In Dino Thunder, the Rangers fight to stop Mesogog as he threatens to eliminate human life and bring back dinosaurs.

Dino Thunder is a great watch for the sake of nostalgia, fight sequences, and cool villains. Tommy even returns as the black Ranger. Dino Thunder goes above and beyond with character development and having an episode dedicated to Tommy fighting his previous Ranger personas was a great addition to the series.

1 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 3 Propelled Power Rangers Into Popularity

Release: 1995

While season one of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is iconic, Season 3 is often credited with starting the string of Power Rangers series. The series follows the Rangers after Zordon sends them to meet a warrior, who grants them ninja powers. With these powers, the Rangers must stop the villains — the popular Lord Zedd and his wife Rita Repulsa — from conquering the world.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ third season became its own identity outside the previous seasons and ultimately propelled the Power Rangers into the quintessential pop culture relic it is. Season 3 also began the trend of subplots and introduced the Zords, which would appear many times in future installments.

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