15 Best Survivors To Play In Dead By Daylight, Ranked

Dead By Daylight 15 Best Survivors To Play, Ranked

Dead by Daylight is a fun survival-horror game with online multiplayer that allows matches of four Survivors against one Killer. Killers have the upper hand against the relatively defenseless Survivors, so it’s best for Survivors to work together and outsmart the Killer. Each Survivor has a set number of Perks that truly make the characters what they are, especially for those that are homages to other popular media, such as Steve Harrington from Stranger Things.

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Some Survivors have skills that allow them to help themselves, while others are used to help their team overcome or distract the Killer. A key tactic for Survivors is to unlock different Perks to help their builds, but some Survivors have better Perks than others.

Updated January 25th, 2023, by Brittanie Maldonado: Time has gone by, and the pool of Dead by Daylight characters has continued to grow. With that comes new Perks and new metas. This list has been updated with a few more Survivors who stand out from the pack. We’ve also added details about each Survivor’s Perks, making it easier for players to make a choice at a glance.

15 Steve Harrington Is Best As A Support Member

Stranger Things

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Steve shines in his ability to help other Survivors make it through the trial, so it’s probably best to put off leveling him until later. The Babysitter Perk is especially useful, as it allows other Survivors to avoid leaving any traces of themselves after successfully being unhooked. The Camaraderie Perk is good if Steve needs to unhook himself, but other Survivors can handle it for him.

  • Babysitter/Guardian
    – Unhooking a Survivor prevents them from leaving blood or scratch marks for up to 8 seconds

  • Camaraderie/Kinship
    – If another Survivor comes within 16 meters of hooked players, the Struggle Phase timer is paused for up to 34 seconds

  • Second Wind/Renewal
    – The next time players are unhooked after healing another Survivor by 1 health state, they automatically heal 1 health state in as few as 20 seconds

Second Wind speeds up the healing process, but there are Survivors with better healing Perks. With the departure of Stranger Things from DBD, Steve’s original unique perks have been retired and replaced with the General Survivor Perks Guardian for Babysitter, Kinship for Camaraderie, and Renewal for Second Wind. Any Survivor can access these Perks without having Steve.

14 Detective David Tapp Is Useful For Survival


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Hailing from the Saw franchise, Detective David Tapp has some pretty useful Perks for surviving Dead by Daylight. The Tenacity Perk allows him to distract a Killer and also has the added bonus of letting him crawl to safety faster while recovering health at the same time.

  • Tenacity
    – Increases crawling speed by a maximum of 50%, allows recovering while crawling, and reduces grunts of pain by -75%

  • Detective’s Hunch
    – When a Generator is completed, the Auras of Generators, Chests, and Totems a maximum of 64 meters away are revealed to players for 10 seconds

  • Stake Out
    – Earn Tokens while in a Killer’s Terror Radius that are used to turn Good Skill Checks into Great Skill Checks and add 1% additional Progression

The Detective’s Hunch Perk is great for revealing the auras of generators, chests, and totems on the map. If David is holding a map after completing a generator, the generator auras will appear on the map for other Survivors, which makes this a pretty useful Perk.

13 Nancy Wheeler Works As Both A Team & Solo Survivor

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Each of Nancy’s Perks works well to help her see what’s happening on the map and allow her to help her teammates. The Inner Strength Perk is probably her best and allows her to heal one health state when hiding inside a locker after cleansing a totem. The Fixated Perk lets Nancy see her own scratch marks on the floor and speeds up her walking speed by 10 to 20%.

  • Better Together/Situational Awareness
    – While repairing a Generator, its Aura is revealed to all other Survivors within 32 meters

  • Fixated/Self-Aware
    – Players walk up to 20% faster and can view their own scratch marks

  • Inner Strength/Inner Healing
    – Cleansing a totem allows players to heal 1 health state when hiding in a locker in as few as 8 seconds

Finally, the Better Together Perk reveals the aura of the generator she’s working on to all the nearby Survivors. Since Stranger Things has been removed from DBD, Nancy’s unique Perks have been upgraded to the General Survivor Perks Situational Awareness for Better Together, Self-Aware for Fixated, and Inner Healing for Inner Strength.

12 Jake Park’s Perks Make Him Decent At Stealth

Dead By Daylight Original

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Jake Park is an excellent character to play for stealth since his Perks are geared toward keeping quiet. The Iron Will Perk reduces Jake’s grunts of pain by up to 75%. The Calm Spirit Perk reduces the chances of alerting crows, screaming for any reason, or making noise when interacting with Chests or Totems, which can all alert Killers to a Survivor’s position.

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  • Iron Will
    – Reduces grunts of pain by up to 75%

  • Calm Spirit
    – Prevents crows from flying away, suppresses urges to scream for any reason, and suppresses noises when unlocking Chests or interacting with Totems

  • Saboteur
    – Allows players to see hook Auras while a Killer is carrying a Survivor and allows sabotaging hooks without a Toolbox

The Saboteur Perk allows Jake to sabotage hooks without the need for a toolbox. Additionally, he can see the aura of the hook when in a certain radius. If timed correctly, Jake can destroy a hook before the Killer can hook a Survivor.

11 Nea Karlsson Is About Stealth & Conservation

Dead By Daylight Original

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Nea is a perfect stealthy Survivor. With the Urban Evasion Perk, she has increased movement speed whenever she is in the crouching position. She also has Balanced Landing, which may be one of her best Perks when combined with another, such as Urban Evasion.

  • Balanced Landing
    – When falling from high up, reduces stagger duration by 75%, suppresses grunts from falling, and allows a 150% speed burst for 3 seconds

  • Urban Evasion
    – Increases crouching movement speed by a maximum of 100%

  • Streetwise
    – Increases the efficiency of items by up to 25%

Urban Evasion almost acts like a sprint burst if the player jumps out a window or falls down a hole. It reduces the noises Nea makes when landing and significantly drops the staggering time. She also runs at 150% speed upon landing for three seconds but becomes Exhausted right after.

10 Dwight Fairfield Is A Great Survivor For Team Players

Dead By Daylight Original

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Dwight Fairfield has some great perks that allow him to help his teammates in several ways. With the Leader Perk, he increases the speed of nearly every action his fellow Survivors take as long as they’re within close range.

  • Bond
    – Reveals Auras of Survivors within a maximum radius of 36 meters

  • Prove Thyself
    – Increases Repair speed by 15% for each Survivor nearby and grants up to 100% bonus bloodpoints for cooperative actions

  • Leader
    – Increases Action speeds up to 25% for other Survivors within a maximum radius of 8 meters

With the Prove Thyself Perk, Dwight can increase his teammates’ repair speed so that they can complete generators quicker. With the Bond Perk, Dwight can see the auras of his allies when they are within a specified range. His abilities allow him to monitor what others are doing so he can help them if needed.

9 David King’s Perks Allow Him To Support His Teammates

Dead By Daylight Original

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David King’s We’re Gonna Live Forever is a great Perk to have for supportive players. This Perk makes healing a Survivor out of the Dying State 100% faster. The Perk also allows players to stack up Tokens by performing various actions, which can be used to give Survivors the Endurance effect after being healed from the Dying State.

  • We’re Gonna Live Forever
    – Increases healing speed on a dying Survivor by 100% and earns Tokens that give Endurance to Survivors healed from the Dying State

  • Dead Hard
    – Activates the Endurance Status Effect for 0.5 seconds

  • No Mither
    – Gives Broken status effect, pools of blood are suppressed, grunts of pain are reduced, recovery speed is increased, and players can recover from the Dying State

David King also has the Perk Dead Hard, which was once considered his best Perk and the best Exhaustion Perk in the game but has since been reworked. Now, Dead Hard activates the Endurance status effect, allowing players to avoid Killer damage for a brief moment if timed correctly.

8 Felix Richter Is Good For Repairing Generators & Rescuing Survivors

Dead By Daylight Original

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Felix Richter’s Visionary Perk will allow him to locate generators within a certain radius, making it easier to repair them. The Desperate Measures Perk is most useful for other Survivors because it increases the speed of their healing and unhooking while Felix is close by.

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  • Visionary
    – Reveals Generator Auras within a 32-meter radius

  • Desperate Measures
    – Increases Healing and Unhooking speed by up to 14% for each injured, hooked, or dying Survivor, up to a maximum of 56%

  • Built To Last
    – Hiding in a Locker for as few as 12 seconds will recharge a used item up to 99%

Finally, Felix Richter’s Built To Last Perk will refill a depleted item gauge up to 50%. Overall, Felix’s Perks are great for utility purposes, and each of them helps ensure that the other Survivors can complete their tasks more efficiently.

7 William “Bill” Overbeck Shines At Survival

Left 4 Dead

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War veteran, William “Bill” Overbeck, is known for his role in Left 4 Dead, and he’s got some pretty impressive Perks. The Perk Left Behind is particularly amazing since it allows Bill to see the aura of a hatch when he is the last Survivor in a game. Bill also has the Borrowed Time Perk, which benefits the Survivors Bill saves from hooks.

  • Left Behind
    – Reveals the Aura of the Hatch within a maximum of 32 meters if the player is the last Survivor

  • Borrowed Time
    – Extends the duration of unhooked Survivors’ Endurance status effect by up to 10 seconds and their Haste status effect by 10 seconds

  • Unbreakable
    – Once per trial, players can heal completely from the Dying State and Recovery speed is increased by up to 35%

Survivors unhooked by players running Borrowed Time will receive additional time to their Endurance and Haste status effects. Finally, the Unbreakable Perk allows Bill to fully recover from his Dying state, increasing the speed at which he recovers and allowing him to stand up completely without help.

6 Laurie Strode Is Good For Baiting Killers


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Laurie Strode is from the Halloween franchise and comes with some amazing Perks that perfectly fit her character in the Halloween films. Her best Perk is Decisive Strike, which allows her to avoid Killers tunneling or camping her. If Laurie is captured within 40/50/60 seconds after being unhooked, the player gets a difficult skill check.

  • Sole Survivor
    – Earn Tokens that protect players’ Auras from Killers, and increases Repair speed by +75% and Opening speed by +50% when the player is the last Survivor

  • Object Of Obsession
    – Makes players the Killer’s obsession, allowing them to see each other’s Auras throughout the game, as well as increasing certain Action speeds

  • Decisive Strike
    – Allows players to escape the Killer’s grasp and stun them if they pass a Skill Check

If successful, the Killer will be stunned and drop Laurie, allowing her to escape. She also has the Object of Obsession and Sole Survivor Perks, which increase her chance of becoming the Killer’s obsession, allowing her to be the bait while her teammates finish up the generators.

5 Leon Scott Kennedy Can Be A Thorn In The Killer’s Side

Resident Evil

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One of several Survivors now available from the Resident Evil series, Leon Kennedy can be highly disruptive to a Killer’s plans. His perk Rookie Spirit allows him to track any regressing generators, while Bite the Bullet will make himself and anyone healing utterly silent, even if they fail a check.

  • Bite The Bullet
    – Failing Heal Skill Checks don’t trigger a notification and the Regression penalty is reduced

  • Flashbang
    – Entering a Locker while empty-handed allows players to craft a Flash Grenade

  • Rookie Spirit
    – While repairing Generators, completing enough Skill Checks reveals the Auras of regressing Generators

Leon’s most useful perk is the aptly named Flashbang, allowing him the unique ability to craft flash grenades by hiding in a locker. Once made, they can be thrown to blind and deafen a nearby Killer, or to create an alert on their screen, mimicking a generator explosion or similar.

4 Feng Min’s Perks Are Great For Avoiding Killers

Dead By Daylight Original

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The Alert Perk allows Feng Min to see the Killer’s aura whenever they break a pallet or damage a generator for three to five seconds. This gives Feng Min an upper hand on the Killer’s location for the entire game. She also has the Technician Perk, which reduces the sounds made when repairing a generator, making it harder for the Killer to locate her.

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  • Technician
    – Failing Skill Checks while repairing Generators reduces Generator Explosions and repair sounds are reduced to an 8-meter range

  • Lithe
    – After a rushed vault, players sprint at 150% movement speed for 3 seconds

  • Alert
    – Whenever Killers destroy or damage items on the map, their Aura is revealed for up to 5 seconds

It also helps to reduce the likelihood that the generator will explode if Feng Min fails a skill check. Finally, she has the Lithe Perk, which allows Feng Min to gain a 150% sprint burst for three seconds after performing a rushed vault.

3 Meg Thomas Is An Easy Survivor For Beginners With Great Perks

Dead By Daylight Original

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Meg is the stealthiest of Survivors, making her Perks a priority for newcomers. With the Quick & Quiet Perk, she doesn’t make as much noise when jumping into lockers or vaulting over windows and pallets, making it easier for her to run away and hide in a timely manner.

  • Quick & Quiet
    – Suppresses loud noises and sound effects triggered when performing rush actions

  • Sprint Burst
    – Break into a sprint at 150% of normal running speed for 3 seconds

  • Adrenaline
    – Instantly heal 1 Health State and sprint at 150% of normal running speed for 5 seconds once the Exit Gates are powered

The Adrenaline Perk is also immensely powerful, as it allows Meg to heal an entire health state and runs faster once the Exit Gates have been activated, ignoring the Exhausted status. She also comes with the Perk Sprint Burst, which allows Meg to quickly run away from the Killer when activated.

2 Claudette Morel Is An Ideal Solo Survivor

Dead By Daylight Original

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Claudette is a great solo Survivor with the utility to support her team. She is a healer and has the Perk Self-Care, which allows her to heal herself without the need for a Med-Kit. The Perk Botany Knowledge allows Claudette to have increased healing speed when healing her teammates at the cost of Med-Kit efficiency.

  • Empathy
    – Reveals Auras of Survivors in the Dying State

  • Botany Knowledge
    – Increases healing speed up to 50% but reduces efficiency of Med-Kits by -20%

  • Self-Care
    – Allows healing without a Med-Kit at 35% of the normal healing speed

Empathy is Claudette’s best Perk, and it works wonderfully when combined with a healing Perk. This Perk allows Claudette to see the aura of her injured or dying teammates so she may run to heal them before the Killer can get them.

1 Mikaela Reid Can Support Her Team & Scout The Map

Dead By Daylight Original

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A storyteller with a mystic inclination, Mikaela’s perks allow her to support a team in ways no other Survivor can. Upon cleansing a Totem, she can activate Clairvoyance, seeing all features of the map within a large distance, including the often elusive Hatch should she be the last one standing.

  • Clairvoyance
    – After cleansing a Totem, allows players to see all Auras for up to 10 seconds

  • Boon: Circle of Healing
    – Blesses a Totem, erecting an area of effect that allows for increased healing speed and self-healing

  • Boon: Shadow Step
    – Blesses a Totem, erecting an area of effect that hides Survivor Auras and Scratch Marks from Killers

Mikaela’s other two perks are likewise potent, taking Totems found throughout the map and using them to aid nearby Survivors. Circle of Healing allows anyone to heal themselves and speeds up the process, while Shadow Step hides all scratch marks and auras within its range from the Killer’s view.

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