15 Hardest Korok Seeds In Breath Of The Wild

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It’s difficult to find a more abundant video game collectible than The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Korok Seeds. There are 900 Korok Seeds to collect in Breath of the Wild. Naturally, a player will stumble upon many of these without even trying to find them, but there are some that are very easy to miss. As players find Korok Seeds, they’ll need to return them to Hestu in Korok Forest, who will increase Link’s inventory slots.

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Korok Seeds are not just placed randomly. There is always some kind of clue in the environment that lets the player know a Korok Seed is nearby. While the clues can be simple, they can also be cryptic to the point of blending in with the landscape. Even if the player knows what to do in order to obtain a Korok Seed, some of the physics-based challenges are incredibly difficult.

Updated on May 10, 2023, by Michael Colwander:Tears of the Kingdomis almost here. Players who are hoping to 100%Breath of the Wildbeforehand are running out of time. Chances are, these Korok Seeds will be roadblocks along the way.



15 Easy-To-Miss Hurdles At Rowan Plains

Nearest Sheikah Tower: Woodland Tower

While many Korok Seed locations are obvious, some are hidden in plain sight. There is a particular Korok Seed in the Rowan Plains that is easy to miss, especially if the player never bothers to ride a horse.

Near the Serenne Stable north of Central Hyrule, there is a series of three hurdles. A player without a horse could easily ignore this, which could lead to frustration if it’s one of the final Korok Seeds needed. For players with a horse, this Korok Seed is as simple as leaping over each hurdle.

14 Lighting A Beard On Fire At Lakeside Stable

Nearest Sheikah Tower: Faron Tower

If something appears odd or out-of-place, there’s a good chance it relates to a Korok Seed. One such example is in the Lakeside Stable. The Lakeside Stable is located just west of Floria Lake and north of Ubota Point.

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Each stable in Breath of the Wild is adorned by a large horse structure, and the Lakeside Stable is no different. However, players should keep a close eye on the Lakeside Stable horse structure. If they do, they’ll notice it has a beard under its chin. Lighting that beard on fire will reveal the Korok and the player will receive a Korok Seed.

13 Leaving No Stone Unturned Near Keya Pond

Nearest Sheikah Tower: Faron Tower

Another way a Korok Seed could easily be missed is because the player is distracted by other things. There is a Korok Seed near Keya Pond that players can earn by simply lifting up a stone. What makes this Korok Seed difficult to obtain is that it’s behind a bombable wall and surrounded by Luminous Stones.

The player may find the Luminous Stones exciting enough that they may miss the cracked wall. If they notice it and blow it up, they’ll find more Luminous Stones. If the player eagerly mines those Luminous Stones and moves on, they may miss the simple stone on the ground containing a Korok.

12 Walnot Mountain Timed Korok Seed

Nearest Sheikah Tower: Hateno Tower

There are numerous Korok Seeds that require Link to reach a specific destination before time runs out. Most of these time requirements are generous, but one exception is on Walnot Mountain. Upon stepping on a Korok platform, the player will have about 20 seconds to reach the destination straight ahead.

The player can always try gliding there, but it’s difficult to get to the destination in time. If they fail, the player will have to walk and climb all the way back to the Korok platform. Alternatively, the player can get there slightly faster by shield-surfing down the slope to the left of the starting point.

11 Getting A Boulder Off A Pillar Near Dracozu Lake

Nearest Shiekah Tower: Lake Tower

Many of the Korok Seeds can be obtained by placing a rock at a set location. Often, these are small rocks that Link can easily pick up. There are a few Korok Seeds that require the player to place a large boulder such as the one near Dracozu Lake and the Spring of Courage. When entering the squared area with the Korok Seed, there are four corners.

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Each corner has a boulder except for one. That boulder is on top of a pillar. The player will need to knock that boulder off the pillar and set it in the corner with the missing boulder. Attempting to push it can help, by may not get the boulder all the way there. The player will have to be careful when using Statis so as to not launch the boulder off the squared area. Once the boulder is in place, the Korok will appear.

10 Throwing A Rock Into A Stone Circle From The Bridge Of Hylia

Nearest Sheikah Tower: Lake Tower

A particularly frustrating Korok Seed can be found on the Bridge of Hylia. Near one end of the bridge is a collection of rocks. While it may not be immediately obvious why they are there, if the player looks down below, they’ll see a stone circle in the water.

Players must throw a rock into the stone circle from the bridge to get the Korok Seed. It takes a good amount of trial and error to throw the rock from just the right spot. There are nine rocks in the vicinity, so if the player uses them all up, they’ll need to fetch more.

9 Shooting Acorns In Fort Hateno

Nearest Sheikah Tower: Hateno Tower

Collecting this Korok Seed requires the player to shoot several acorns that are bouncing above treetops in Fort Hateno. Using Stasis on the acorns to keep them in place makes things a lot easier, as does back flipping and using the slow-motion “bullet time” to aim, but these methods may not immediately occur to the player.

Hitting each acorn without stasis or bullet time can take a while, but it sure is satisfying when that last one goes down and the Korok appears. Another way of making it easier is by using a Savage Lynel Bow that shoots five arrows at once, at the expense of range.

8 The Hidden Apple In Lurelin Village

Nearest Sheikah Tower: Faron Tower

In Lurelin Village there is a Hidden Apple Korok Seed that’s extremely easy to miss. There’s a palm tree with three palm fruits, but in between them is an apple. Once the player knows it’s there, it’s simply a case of shooting the apple, but it can easily go unnoticed if they don’t know to look for such a thing.

Even with the Korok Mask equipped, a player might see the apple in between the palm fruits, think nothing of it, and move on. This kind of discrepancy proves players should always remain on the lookout for Korok Seeds because they could be anywhere.

7 The Chained Rocks In Pagos Woods

Nearest Sheikah Tower: Lake Tower

Sometimes the answer to a Zelda puzzle is obvious, but it can be hard to see it at first. In the part of the Floria River northeast of the Pagos Wood in Faron, there are two metallic boulders balancing on two platforms in the water, while there is another platform with nothing on it. Using Magnesis or Stasis, the player can see that the third boulder is underwater. It’s simply a case of putting the third boulder onto the empty platform.

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The problem is, the boulders are chained together, so if one of them is moved, the others are going to move as well. The solution is to use Stasis on one of the boulders and Magnesis on the submerged boulder to bring it up and onto the platform, before Stasis runs out. Knowing this after the fact makes it seem obvious, but when first confronted with the problem, it can be a real head-scratcher.

6 The Gerudo Summit Flowers

Nearest Sheikah Tower: Gerudo Tower

Stamina management is key in order to get this flower chase Korok Seed, which sits at the top of Gerudo Summit. Link needs a maxed-out stamina gauge or some Endura Carrots, as he’ll be climbing for a while. Wearing the Climbing Gear will also make this a lot easier.

Even with all these things, it’s a tall order to reach all the flowers before Link’s stamina runs out. There are a couple of places where Link can recharge his stamina, but the player will still have to judge their jumps well, and if it’s raining, the player will just have to wait until it stops.

5 The Stick Under The Bridge Of Hylia

Nearest Sheikah Tower: Lake Tower

How the tree branch that sits on a ledge beneath the Bridge of Hylia got there is anybody’s guess, but that’s where another Korok Seed can be found. Unless Link has the Korok Mask equipped, most players wouldn’t think of looking for a Korok Seed underneath a bridge since it’s far from the most powerful weapon of choice.

While the mask can let the player know a seed is in the vicinity, finding it and getting to it is not exactly easy. The player needs to jump off the bridge at just the right spot, then glide onto the narrow ledge and pick up the branch.

4 The Distant Balloon At Hyrule Castle

Nearest Sheikah Tower: Central Tower

There are plenty of Korok Seeds that require Link to shoot down a balloon, but few require as much precise aiming as the one at the entrance of Hyrule Castle. At the entrance to Hyrule Castle, there’s a pinwheel on a balcony that will make the balloon appear. The player can either climb or use Revali’s Gale to get to the balcony. Once up there, two Guardians will spot Link.

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The Guardians can be defeated using Ancient Arrows, or by parrying their laser beams with a shield. Once the balloon appears in the distance, it’s a not-so-simple case of shooting it. The Golden Bow isn’t a requirement for this, but its precision will make things a lot easier. It’s more than likely that a fair few arrows have been lost trying to claim this particular Korok Seed.

3 The Cora Lake Korok Puzzle

Nearest Sheikah Tower: Lake Tower

The Cora Lake Korok Seed is very easy to miss, and it isn’t easy to get even once the player knows what to do. First, the player will need to find the metal block puzzle, which blends into the rocks it’s set into. Then, the player needs to find the missing cube, which is underwater and can only be found using Magnesis.

The player then needs to get the lone metal cube over to the others, which requires them to use Cryonis and Magnesis in concert. The whole process is easy to miss and difficult to complete.

2 Akkala Golf

Nearest Sheikah Tower: Akkala Tower

As if sending a boulder across a valley and then pushing it up a hill into a hole wasn’t hard enough, there’s also a Lynel to contend with in order to get one of the Akkala Korok Seeds. It’s best to deal with the Lynel first so Link can focus on getting the boulder to the hole.

This puzzle can take a long time, since the boulder can roll back down to the middle of the valley, meaning the player must tediously roll it up in increments, Sisyphus-style. It is possible to get the boulder close to the hole by hitting the boulder the maximum amount of times while in Stasis, but the player’s aim must be dead on.

1 Landing A Rock On A Roof In Lurelin Village

Nearest Sheikah Tower: Faron Tower

One Korok Seed has become infamous for how difficult it is. In Lurelin Village, a triangle of rocks on the roof of a house is missing a piece. Not too far away is a knoll with lots of rocks on it, the player just has to get one onto the roof. The obvious way is to use Stasis and hit the rocks onto the roof from the knoll, but this can take a long time.

Alternatively, an Octorok balloon can be attached to the rock, then the player can use a Korok Leaf to blow it so that it’s above the roof, then shoot the balloon with an arrow. Thankfully, there is a much easier but less obvious way to get this Korok Seed. Plays can cut down the tree next to the house so that it leans against it, pick up a rock, and walk up the tree trunk to the roof.

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