15 Marvel Snap Locations That Make No Sense

10 Marvel Snap Locations That Make No Sense

Earlier this year, Marvel joined forces with Nuverse and Second Dinner to create Marvel Snap, a digital card collectible game based on Marvel’s emblematic characters and iconic locations. Unfortunately, even though fans love playing with some of their favorite superheroes, some aspects of the game make no sense, making for a dull experience.

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Marvel Snap is supposed to be quick, so it has limited gameplay, but many of the effects of its locations directly clash with this notion. Since there are only six turns, any location that completely ruins the game’s dynamic shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Updated on January 25th, 2023 by Mayra García: Marvel Snap was released in October 2022, but since then, the game has expanded even more. Every week, it features new cards and new locations. Many of these have hyped the fans immediately. Unfortunately, others have definitely missed the mark. We updated this list with other locations with a pointless, non-sensical ability that should disappear from the game.

15 Asgard Provides An Unfair Advantage

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Inspired by Thor’s homeland and one of the best places to visit in the Marvel Multiverse, Asgard allows the player to draw two extra cards if they’re ahead by turn four in that location. This gives the player the upper hand since cards are hard to come by in this game, and having two more options from the deck significantly increases the possibility of winning.

However, this makes for a very unbalanced game. Foremost, the location provides even more ways to increase the points for a player already winning in at least one of the locations. Additionally, the two players could run out of cards trying to win over Asgard before turning to round 4, which in a sense, eliminates certain strategies from the game.

14 The Bar With No Name Renders Itself Useless

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Created by Mark Gruenwald and Paul Neary, the Bar with No Name is a type of establishment in the Marvel universe where villains (and even some heroes) hang out. In Marvel Snap, this card has an uncommon ability. Contrary to any other locations, in The Bar with No Name, the player with less power wins.

Since this location is mostly a villainous lair, it makes sense that it has a negative ability. However, this one makes very little sense. Once The Bar with No Name appears, neither of the two players will use a card here, so they will simply end in a tie. The game will totally depend on the other two locations.

13 Dark Dimension Blinds The Players

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Home and kingdom of Dormammu, the Dark Dimension is an empty space in the universe, also known as Subwhere. Whenever Dark Dimension appears in Marvel Snap, any card played in this location will stay face down until the end of the game.

At the moment Dark Dimension is revealed, players can either ignore it and do their best on the other two locations or craft a good strategy without knowing if their opponent will do better. While this may feel like a thrilling opportunity for chaos, it basically renders one location useless for the rest of the match.

12 Hala Makes It Impossible For The Losing Side To Recover

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Hala is a planet in the Pama star system where Kree and Cotati coexist, not always in peace. This location destroys all cards on the losing side of the battle in turn four, immediately giving the winning side yet another advantage since the losing party probably won’t recover from that.

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Given that Marvel Snap is a fairly quick game, a plot twist like this truly sets a player black. With only six turns and a limited amount of energy, it would be impossible for a player to refill those spots while also taking care of the other two, which makes for a very unbalanced match.

11 Oscorp Tower Is Pure Caos

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Previously known as Oscorp Industries, Oscorp Tower holds Oscorp’s headquarters. This building, which at some point belonged to Alchemax, is located in Manhattan. Marvel Snap‘s Oscorp Tower is quite a chaotic location. Following the third turn of the game, players must switch their cards.

Obviously, losing all cards in one location out of nowhere messes up with anyone’s strategy. Additionally, if Oscorp Tower appears once players have already played cards in that location, the end of the game boils down to luck. Whoever happened to be winning is now losing.

10 Attilan Destroys The Players’ Strategies

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Home of the Inhumans, Attilan is an island ruled by Medusa. In Marvel Snap, this location is a true plot twist. In turn four, it shuffles each player’s deck and gives them three new cards, rendering any previous strategies impossible, which definitely takes Attilan out of Marvel Snap‘s best locations.

As with most card games, Marvel Snap depends highly on the players’ strategy so they can defeat their opponents. Unfortunately, with Attilan on the board, it’s impossible to carry out a plan properly. This only adds to the chaotic dynamic of the game and leaves a lot to pure luck.

9 Weirdworld Leaves A Lot To Sheer Luck

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Based on the Battleworld realm that resulted after combining Crystallium, Polemachus, and Weirdworld, this location forces the players to draw a card from their opponent’s deck. Like its comic counterpart, this location aims to create twists and turns during the match.

Half of the fun in Marvel Snap comes from crafting a deck that is powerful and well-crafted enough to beat anyone. Since the game only has six turns and twelve cards, players have limited resources to set their strategy. Receiving and losing a card that could alter that strategy could potentially determine the rest of the game, and there’s no going back.

8 Ego Stops The Players From Even Playing The Game

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Taken from Ego the Living Planet, this location takes away the player’s liberty to choose their cards. From that moment on, the game decides the players’ cards based on their deck. Until the end match, players can only watch Ego play against himself, which makes this one of the worst locations in Marvel Snap.

Most strategy card games include unavoidable effects on other cards, but Ego takes it too far. When this location appears on the board, the game is practically over. Even players who have complete faith in the quality of their deck will notice that Ego isn’t programmed to take the most optimal path, so it’s just a random situation.

7 Lamentis Might As Well End The Game

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Mostly known for its appearance in the MCU TV series, Loki, Lamentis is a fictional planet in Kree Space. As of the end of Phase Four, it doesn’t have a prominent role in the series, but fans have many theories. Marvel Snap has recently added this location to the game.

Whenever Lamentis appears in the game, each player draws three cards. Then, the rest of both decks are destroyed. Of course, the only thing players can do at this point is use what they have. Unfortunately, only three cards aren’t usually enough to turn things around. By this point, whoever is already winning will likely get the victory.

6 Los Diablos Base Makes For A Boring Game

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Inspired by Los Diablos Missile Base, commanded by Thunderbolt Ross, this location is where Bruce Banner first became the Hulk. In Marvel Snap, Los Diablos Base turns another location into ruins at the end of turn three. As ruins, a location has no effect at all in the match.

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Los Diablos Base is not a particularly disruptive card for the game, but it makes no sense taking into account that the whole point of Marvel Snap is to play location effects in the player’s favor. This location has no other effect but this one and then also ruins the effects of the other location, making for a very plain match.

5 Baxter Building Is An OP Location

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A reference to The Fantastic Four’s headquarters, Baxter Building is one of Marvel’s most famous secret lairs. In Marvel Snap, this location adds three points to the other two locations to whoever is winning in Baxter Building, which can completely change the outcome of the game.

The limited amount of energy points playable in a game makes it so three points in Marvel Snap can drastically affect the scales. Such an OP location shouldn’t be so common in the game, much less if there aren’t any cards to limit the effects of locations.

4 Fans Already Hate Rickety Bridge

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Earlier in January 2023, Marvel Snap revealed one of its newer locations: Rickety Bridge, inspired by those typical constructions in the jungle. This Savage Land-themed card has only been around for a week, but players are completely done with it.

Whenever Rickety Bridge appears in the game, there can only be one card in this space. When there’s more than one, they are all destroyed. Of course, the only way to bypass this ability is to use cards that can’t be destroyed — like Colossus or Armor. However, if one of these cards doesn’t arrive soon, the game is practically over, which feels particularly unfair.

3 Worldship Makes For A Very Limited Game

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Worldship, also known as Taa II, is a Möbius strip-shaped ship where Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds and Ravagers of Planets, lives. In the game, this card is one of Marvel Snap‘s trickiest locations since it completely disrupts the game by making the two other locations available during the match disappear.

Given that Galactus loves destruction, this effect is appropriate for the location. However, it makes very little sense when optimizing Marvel Snap‘s gameplay. In the little environment the game offers, erasing even more elements makes the game almost unplayable.

2 Morag Is A Tedious Option For A Game With Little Energy

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Located in the Andromeda Galaxy, Morag is the oceanic planet where the Power Stone remained until Thanos took it in the MCU. In the comics, Morag IV is a remote planet, home of the Phalanx. Fans know about this location thanks to the Marvel movies, but now, they will also recognize it in Marvel Snap.

When Morag appears in the game, players can’t use their first card here. The real problem with this is that since each turn in Marvel Snap has a very limited amount of energy, it’s quite difficult to play more than one card per turn. This renders Morag useless.

1 Danger Room Lets Fate Decide The Winner

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Located in the X-Mansion, the Danger Room is the X-Men’s training room. Here, they run simulations to get familiar with their powers and craft strategies. Funny enough, the Danger Room is not as dangerous in the comics as it is in Marvel Snap, where any card that enters it has a 25% chance of being destroyed.

In a game where the player almost always only draws less than twelve cards, risking losing even one isn’t ideal. Players tend to ignore this location, so it basically becomes useless. Like most nonsensical Marvel Snap locations, this limits already limited gameplay.

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