15 Most Annoying Star Wars TV Characters

On the left, Tan Divo of Clone Wars looks on with skepticism. On the right, Omega of Bad Batch smiles.

Fans have enjoyed Star Wars‘ move to a television-based franchise. Shows like The Mandalorian, Andor, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars have rekindled many viewers’ love for the franchise. Even more contentious shows like The Book of Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi have standout moments.

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In particular, the characters of these Star Wars TV shows make them shine. Star Wars has a galaxy full of interesting, likable, and compelling people. Television is the perfect way to explore many of them. However, no franchise can make every character perfect and well-liked. The Star Wars shows have some individuals that haven’t won fans over.

Updated March 27th by Isaac Williams: Star Wars has plenty of likable characters, but this isn’t true of all of them. Some don’t win fans’ love. This can be the result of a writing misstep or the intended audience reaction. This list has been updated with even more of Star Wars’ least likable characters from television shows, with a focus on more live-action characters.



15 Omega (Star Wars: The Bad Batch)

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The Bad Batch follows a group of clones who all deviate from the baseline. Omega is the newest addition to the team. It’s her gender that sets her apart from the other clones, being the only female clone of Jango Fett. She’s also similar to Boba in that she is unaltered and un-aged.

Somewhat surprisingly, it isn’t Omega’s gender that has angered fans. Instead, it’s her prominent and often-unhelpful role in the story. Omega lacks the training or experience of her clone brothers. However, she goes out of her way to include herself in events. Many think The Bad Batch spends too much time on Omega without letting her contribute properly.

14 Rush Clovis (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)

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Rush Clovis serves as a romantic and emotional complication for Padme Amidala in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Given the overall popularity of Anakin and Padme’s romance in the show, this is a poor start for him. However, many viewers also find that the show undersells the dispute between Clovis and Anakin.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars portrays Anakin’s hatred of Clovis as more of his controlling and irrational behavior. However, many fans point to Clovis’ blatant harassment of Padme, even trying to force a kiss on her. The Clone Wars attempts to create a moral dilemma, but viewers are happy to see Anakin beat Clovis to the ground.

13 The Martez Sisters (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)

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The Martez sisters become crucial to Ahsoka’s arc in the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. After Ahsoka leaves the Jedi Order, she crash-lands into their lives and quickly takes up working with them. However, fans haven’t warmed up to them like Ahsoka.

The Martez sisters are in an unfortunate position. They’re brand-new characters introduced in The Clone Wars‘ final season, when fans want to spend time with old favorites. On top of that, they don’t help themselves with their frequent bad decisions. Many fans wish that Ahsoka could have spent the arc with somebody else.

12 The Mods (The Book of Boba Fett)

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The Mods are an unusual choice for The Book of Boba Fett‘s supporting cast. They’re a street gang of cyborgs who join Boba Fett’s side. However, their brightly colored and punky aesthetic clashes with Star Wars in general, and Tatooine especially. The Mods feel out of place and gimmicky, particularly next to Boba Fett’s more serious allies.

The Mods’ limited role doesn’t help things. They achieve very little throughout The Book of Boba Fett, even compared to other secondary allies like Black Krrstantan. It feels like the characters, and their jarring aesthetic, could have been left out of the series.

11 Commander Fox (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)

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Most clones stand out to fans as likable and compelling in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Commander Fox is a rare exception. His actions throughout the show ensure that he’s the single least popular clone seen in all of Star Wars.

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Commander Fox has a significant role in keeping the peace on Coruscant. This leads to him making several unpopular moves. Hunting down a framed Ahsoka Tano is bad enough. The final straw for many was his killing the fan-favorite Fives, who might have averted Order 66.

10 Boba Fett (Star Wars: The Clone Wars/The Book Of Boba Fett)

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Boba Fett is a beloved minor character from the original Star Wars trilogy. He has an impressive design, an integral role in The Empire Strikes Back, and a few impressive lines of dialogue. Coupled with his portrayal in Star Wars Legends, this has earned him a disproportionate fandom.

However, the Star Wars TV shows haven’t had an undisputed hit with the character. His young incarnation in Star Wars: The Clone Wars feels like another overeager child character who weighs others down. His older self in The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett has some fans, but others think he’s underwhelming throughout.

9 Dedra Meero (Andor)

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Andor highlights a much darker side to both the Rebellion and the Empire. However, it’s also sure to emphasize the human element of this darkness. Dedra Meero is one of Andor‘s most significant characters, despite being a member of the Imperial Security Bureau. Among her sympathetic qualities, Meero is intelligent, driven, and mistreated by her colleagues.

However, none of this makes Meero likable because it isn’t meant to. While she portrays a professional, sleek image of the Empire, Meero is just like its other officers. She lets the mask slip several times, revealing herself as a petty sadist who values the Empire’s tyranny. Fans appreciate Meero’s presence, but they certainly don’t like her.

8 Tan Divo (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)

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There are many complex and detailed reasons for fans to dislike characters. However, hate Tan Divo purely on the grounds of how annoying he is. Nothing about the character endears him to audiences. He is obstructive, arrogant, a pain to listen to, and rude to well-liked characters.

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Tan Divo is a police inspector on Coruscant. He only appears in one Star Wars: The Clone Wars arc, but it’s enough to anger fans. Divo proves himself to be a terrible detective throughout. He misses crucial evidence, rebuffs help from competent people like Padme Amidala, and handles every situation in the most infuriating manner.

7 General Grievous (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)

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Many fans think that Star Wars canon misuses General Grievous. His non-canonical appearance in Star Wars: Clone Wars is beloved. Every other depiction since then has been underwhelming. Star Wars: The Clone Wars paints him in a better light than Revenge of the Sith, but that’s where the praise ends.

General Grievous never gets to be very competent in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Any real achievements happen off screen. Anything he’s shown doing goes wrong. Grievous doesn’t meet the standard set by other villains like Dooku, Maul, and Darth Sidious.

6 Toro Calican (The Mandalorian)

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The Mandalorian deals with the Star Wars galaxy’s grey and grittier side. It largely takes place in the Imperial Remnant and Outer Rim, where the New Republic’s authority is weaker. As such, self-serving characters aren’t a rarity. However, most do it with more charm or style than Toro Calican.

Calican is a gunslinger who recruits Din Djarin to help him bring down Fennec Shand. Djarin ends up carrying much of the fight. When left alone with Shand, Calican is easily manipulated into turning on Djarin. His only victory is against a restrained captive. When he actually fights Djarin, it’s over quickly. Calican is one of The Mandalorian‘s least impressive characters.

5 WAC-47 (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)

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WAC-47 is a member of Star Wars: The Clone Wars‘ D-squad, a troop of droids led by the tiny Colonel Gascon. WAC-47 is a modified pit droid tasked with piloting the ship for D-Squad. However, he takes it upon himself to be so much more.

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WAC-47 feels like an attempt at comic relief against the more gritty nature of the rest of the squad. However, it goes much too far. Many of WAC-47’s quirks, like referring to the colonel by the wrong rank, aren’t especially funny. Even the jokes that are humorous go on for too long and take up too much focus.

4 Iron Squadron (Star Wars Rebels)

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The group Iron Squadron is introduced in Star Wars Rebels. Mart Mattin takes control of the squad after his father’s death. The squadron comprises Mart and two other crew members. All of them are very young.

Ultimately, Iron Squadron falls flat with fans for the same reason as many other characters. They’re a group of young heroes who keep getting in the way. The entire squadron is arrogant and immature, refusing to flee from the Empire even when they can’t achieve anything. Worse, this puts well-liked characters in danger to save them.

3 Ziro The Hutt (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)

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Ziro the Hutt is a villain introduced in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie. He’s also one of the reasons for its infamously poor reputation with Star Wars fans. Ziro is the uncle of the well-liked Jabba the Hutt. However, he has none of his nephew’s good qualities and plenty of annoying ones.

Ziro is incompetent to the extent it borders on pathetic. He gets by with help from more impressive villains and never seems humbled by it. On top of that, Ziro’s voice is contentious. It’s meant to be an impression of Truman Capote. However, with Ziro’s mannerisms, many see it as reminiscent of offensive LGBT+ stereotypes.

2 The Grand Inquisitor (Obi-Wan Kenobi)

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Sometimes, only one incarnation of a character is disliked. The Grand Inquisitor is a popular villain from Star Wars Rebels. His achievements, alongside an impressive vocal performance by Jason Isaacs, help him stand out as more impressive and compelling than the other Inquisitors. His Obi-Wan Kenobi equivalent hasn’t been as well-received.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi‘s Grand Inquisitor is entertaining when he’s on screen. However, many fans consider his visual design to be a significant step down from Rebels and even other members of his species shown in live-action. In addition, he’s quickly sidelined by a sneak attack from Reva. Many viewers were disappointed by how comparatively underwhelming he is.

1 Pong Krell (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)

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Unlike many disliked characters, many fans respect Master Pong Krell from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He’s an impressive villain. However, his actions are so pettily cruel that it’s impossible not to dislike him. He also lacks the respectful nature, charm, or sheer gravitas of many other Star Wars villains.

Pong Krell is nothing short of a monster. He takes over the Republic’s war on Umbara and spends the arc committing the worst actions possible. His lowest point is when he manipulates two arms of clones into opening fire on one another. Krell is a memorable and worthy antagonist, but he’s only worthy of hatred.

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