15 Most Overpowered Spells In Harry Potter

10 Most Overpowered Spells In Harry Potter

Magical spells are the order of the day in the Harry Potter universe, with wizards around the world casting spells in everyday life for all kinds of reasons. Most spells have minor and safe effects, often used to modify objects or make things easier to do in daily life. Wizards can even automate some objects with magic, such as making the dishes clean themselves. Molly Weasley often uses domestic magic like that as a homemaker, for example.

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Meanwhile, other spells in the Harry Potter wizarding world are frighteningly powerful, and they can cause great harm if it’s a Dark wizard or a criminal who’s casting them. Some spells are dangerous or powerful by nature, while other spells are more moderate but can still be considered OP by some measures. Certain spells are so effective and easy to use, it’s a wonder they aren’t being cast constantly.

Updated on January 28th, 2023 by Tom Steel: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has showcased various powerful witches and wizards at their most powerful over the years. Spells have been shown to help and harm others, showing off wondrous and horrifying capabilities. With the impending release of the Hogwarts Legacy game, this list has been updated to include more overpowered Harry Potter spells.

It’s important to remember the ongoing controversial statements by the creator of the Harry Potter franchise. CBR supports the hard work of industry professionals on properties fans know and love, and the wider world of Harry Potter that fans have adopted as their own. You can find CBR’s continuing coverage on Rowling here. (https://www.cbr.com/tag/jk-rowling/)

15 The Vanishing Spell Makes Things Go Away

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On its own, the Vanishing spell doesn’t seem that impressive, and it won’t knock out an enemy wizard or blow a hole in the wall. Still, spells can be overpowered in other ways, such as having a highly useful effect in exchange for very little cost or effort.

The Vanishing spell, a type of Transfiguration, is a great example of that. The caster can make an item or substance disappear just like that, which makes the Vanishing spell a great way to clean up a mess instantly or get rid of a troublesome object that’s not protected by enchantments.

14 Conjuring Spells Can Just Make Something Out Of Nothing

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The opposite of Vanishing is the act of conjuring, which is also a type of Transfiguration, meaning professor Minerva McGonagall teaches conjuring at Hogwarts to N.E.W.T.-level students. Conjuring is difficult to master, but an experienced caster can soon use some truly OP magic.

Conjuring breaks the laws of physics, allowing a wizard to create matter out of absolutely nothing, which is pretty overpowered by most fantasy standards. Wizards can conjure living and non-living things alike to make everyday life or wizard duels easier, but there can be consequences for getting sloppy with it.

13 The Horcrux Creation Spell Is Darker Than Dark

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The actual incantation for the overpowered Horcrux spell is unknown, and author J. K. Rowling seems highly reluctant to make one, either. It’s just as well, since very few Harry Potter characters would even consider casting this incredibly dark, disturbing spell anyway.

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The exact details are obscure, but when a wizard casts this spell, they can hex an object to become a Horcrux, a vessel for a piece of their very soul. This is a route to true immortality, and everyone knows how overpowered immortality is. Lord Voldemort, meanwhile, cast this spell not once, but several times.

12 Obliviate Erases Memories

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Many fictional characters have a tough time because their enemies or rivals know something that they shouldn’t, and a character would do anything to take that information back and hide it again. Fortunately, there’s an effective spell to break the “once said, it can’t be unsaid” rule of life.

A cunning wizard can cast Obliviate and erase a victim’s memories, often specific memories that the caster doesn’t want the victim to retain. This can be overpowered in all kinds of ways, and the most proficient is the villainous ex-Ravenclaw Gilderoy Lockhart. In fact, it’s his signature spell.

11 Legilimens Is Telepathy Anyone Can Use

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Telepathy is a rare superpower in fiction, with characters like X-Men‘s Professor X being highly valued in their worlds for being telepaths. Meanwhile, telepathy is relatively common in Harry Potter‘s universe since it’s not a talent someone must be born with. Instead, it can be learned.

Legilimens is a mind-reading spell, and the caster can view a montage of the victim’s memories to find certain information in a matter of seconds. That is outrageously powerful in most cases, and only the obscure art of Occlumency can block it. Still, Occlumency must be practiced to be effective, too.

10 Expelliarmus Has Been Used Beyond Simply Disarming

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Expelliarmus is supposed to just be a Disarming Charm, a spell that in itself is useful in protecting the user from harm by removing an opposing wand from the equation. However, in the Harry Potter movies, Expelliarmus became an active part of duels and dangerous fights.

Harry Potter even used Expelliarmus as his counter to Voldemort’s Avada Kedavra on multiple occasions, as the pair triggered the Priori Incantatem thread-like link. Expelliarmus became so much more powerful than its base description and expectations suggested, although this level of value would arguably have not been met with anyone other than Harry Potter.

9 The Fidelius Charm Can Hide Someone Perfectly

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The incantation for the Fidelius Charm is unknown, but it’s clear that this is one of the wizarding world’s most powerful, even unfairly powerful, charms of all. When cast, the Fidelius Charm allows the user to conceal the location of a specified person/s, object, or even location, such as someone’s house.

The Fidelius Charm requires a Secret Keeper, the living container of the charm’s knowledge. Unless the charm is broken, the concealed party will never be found by any magical or mundane means. That is how Sirius Black’s family house was hidden from Voldemort and the Death Eaters for so long.

8 Expecto Patronum Uses Powerful Positivity & Emotion To Drive Away The Dark

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The Patronus Charm, known by all Potter fans as Expecto Patronum, is easily one of the most popular and powerful Harry Potter spells. While it is a defense-minded way to deter, repel and defeat the dastardly creatures known as Dementors, it is extremely powerful and effective when executed well.

Expecto Patronum is niche in only being useful against Dementors and Lethifolds. However, the power that comes from the positive reinforcement and happy memories, in combating the tragic and sinister intentions of the beasts, is incredible to behold. Expecto Patronum not only drives Dementors away with a bright light, but a Patronus can either remain formless with an incorporeal casting, or take-up the form of a spirit guardian animal that represents a part of the user’s core personality.

7 Sectumsempra Is An Intangible Sword With Long Reach

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Severus Snape invented this Dark spell all on his own, and it’s one of the most dangerous and frighteningly effective Harry Potter spells in the entire wizarding world. When cast, Sectumsempra will slash the opponent like a sword, as the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince novel described it, and cut deeply.

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The effect takes place quickly, and the caster’s opponent/victim will have a very narrow window of opportunity to cast a defensive spell in time. Once Sectumsempra takes effect, the other party will be too badly injured to keep fighting, and the caster might even aim to kill. It is truly one of the scariest Harry Potter spells.

6 Imperio Can Control People

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The three Unforgivable Curses are all notoriously overpowered, and that, combined with their inherently Dark Arts nature, means casting them is a serious crime in the wizarding world. Anyone who casts curses like Imperio will end up in the dreaded prison Azkaban for the rest of their lives.

Imperio won’t physically harm a person. Instead, this mega-curse will take control of them and allow the caster to give them commands. In fact, a victim might remain under the Imperius Curse’s effects for weeks, months, or even years, acting as the caster’s unwitting puppet to do all kinds of things. The Death Eater Bartemius Crouch Jr. demonstrated this curse to his class while disguised as Mad-Eye Moody.

5 Crucio Is Instant Torture

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Torture can be carried out in all kinds of ways, but most fictional characters don’t carry around torture devices with them. That is where the horribly overpowered spell Crucio comes in, the second of the three Unforgivable Curses. The caster just has to say “Crucio!” and intend harm to apply its effects in full.

The victim will feel like they’re being stabbed by hot knives from head to toe, a surefire way to torture information or compliance out of them. This curse rarely causes physical harm, either, so the caster can use Crucio as much as they like on a victim without accidentally killing them. Only extensive overuse of Crucio will cause legitimate mental damage.

4 The Firestorm Charm Was A Showcase Of Dumbledore’s Power Unleashed

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Albus Dumbledore is remembered as one of the most powerful wizards of all time within the realms of the Harry Potter universe, seen as a mysterious threat to any dark forces that should threaten the world. Over the course of the books and movies, Dumbledore had a few moments to showcase his true power, but these were used sparingly for the maximum effect.

In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, a near-dead Dumbledore used the Firestorm Charm, with an unknown incantation, that saved Harry from a horde of Inferi. Dumbledore conjured a lasso-of-sorts that was engulfed in flame, hurling the fire around to consume his surroundings, allowing the pair to escape.

3 Sacrificial Protection Is The Ultimate Form Of Protection

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Sacrifical Protection is known in the Harry Potter universe as an ancient counter-charm, activated as the name suggests, through someone sacrificing their own life through a deep pure love of the one they want to protect. This is what allowed Lily Potter to save her son Harry’s life, with magical protection stopping Voldemort from killing the child.

This bizarre situation not only left Harry Potter alive, but also as one of Voldemort’s many Horcruxes. Harry Potter’s legacy was born thanks to his mother’s sacrifice, and being an unknowing Horcrux would later save his life once again from another Killing Curse from Lord Voldemort.

2 The Hour-Reversal Charm Is The Mysterious Time-Turner In Spell Form

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Even in a world full of magic, the concept of time travel feels misplaced and bizarre. However, with Hermione and Harry’s use of the Time-Turner in Prisoner of Azkaban, it was shown in all its glory, with the risks and the rewards laid out.

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Time travel is not limited to this one item in the realms of Harry Potter, as the concept also exists in spell form. In fact, the Hour-reversal Charm allows the user to reverse time at between one and five hours. This was mentioned in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, but makes sense if a magical item can also use this time-travel magic.

1 Avada Kedavra Is Just Ridiculous

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The Killing Curse is exactly that, an outrageously overpowered spell that will instantly kill any living thing that the caster targets. Not only is it OP to just kill something so easily, but Avada Kedavra cannot be blocked or deflected by spells such as the Shield Charm. Only love itself, the strongest magic of all, can block the Killing Curse.

Lord Voldemort cast this spell constantly in his lifetime, and it’s the spell that killed Harry’s parents in particular. Harry became an overnight celebrity for doing the impossible and surviving this curse as a baby boy, and he did the same in 1998, which is what destroyed Harry as an accidental Horcrux. Horcruxes are extremely difficult to destroy, but the Killing Curse can manage it.

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