15 Obscure Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie

15 Obscure Marvel Characters That Deserve Their Own Movie

Over the years, Marvel Comics has done incredible work to create a deeply memorable roster of both superheroes and supervillains. It’s been genuinely exciting to watch many of these beloved characters transition over to blockbuster feature films. Similarly, lower-tier heroes have been able to find newfound acclaim thanks to the success of their movies.

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There are many popular Marvel characters fans are eager to see get their own films, but there are also some deep cuts who deserve their moment in the spotlight. The MCU movies and TV shows have already found success with some less popular characters, so there’s hope that even some of the most obscure can find their way to the big or small screens.

Updated January 20th, 2023 by Mayra García: As the MCU keeps expanding, Marvel Studios has put lesser-known characters in the spotlight, which has proven successful. Marvel characters that casual fans didn’t know, like Ms. Marvel or Star-Lord, have become central to the fandom. Now that this universe has announced Phases 5, 6, and 7, this list has been updated with more characters who could star in a film of their own.

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Arkon the Magnificent comes from Polemachus, a world that’s known for its crushing warfare and a society that increasingly celebrates the strongest of champions. This tumultuous history contributes to Arkon’s angry origins, which initially positions him as an Avengers antagonist, albeit one who’s not wholly misguided on his journey.

Arkon’s home planet had to deal with debilitating energy issues, which is what first inspired him to connect with the Avengers through the Scarlet Witch’s incredible magic. Arkon later turns to the powerful warrior woman, Thundra, as both a partner and explorer of Marvel’s Weirdworld, which could easily sustain a cinematic endeavor.

19 Danger Man Would Bring A New Perspective To The Superhero Life

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In Dan Slott and Juan Bobillo’s She-Hulk, Jennifer represents Daniel Jermain, a family man who fell into a vat of Roxxon Energy Corporation chemicals and gained superpowers. Contrary to most Marvel characters, Jermain rejected this new life, even suing Roxxon for the damage done to his body and his family.

Danger Man — as he was known after the accident — is a Marvel C-Lister at best, but his story resonates for its realism. Instead of jumping right into the superhero path, Jermain actually struggled with these changes. A film centered on him would be either a very bizarre comedy or an enthralling legal drama. Either way, it would be a change from the superhero films fans already know.

18 Ka-Zar Is A Classic Literary Homage Who Lives In Marvel’s Prehistoric Savage Land

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Kevin Plunder is the son of an English nobleman who becomes the first to discover the prehistoric world known as the Savage Land. This new haven is hidden in the frozen Antarctic and first appears in the pages of X-Men #10, alongside Ka-Zar’s own origins.

Following the death of his parents, young Kevin is raised by an intelligent mutant sabretooth tiger named Zabu. Ka-Zar grows up to work alongside the indigenous population of the Savage Land to help protect its natural resources from corporate interests. His adventures could make for a great family film.

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier helped introduce the concept of the military’s secret super-soldiers, many of which are produced only to then be discarded. Isaiah Bradley is one of these unfortunate test subjects, but in the comics, there are many more tortured civilians who the government experiments on in the pursuit of super-soldiers.

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Jack Monroe joins William Burnside/Captain America as the government’s new Bucky following the recreation of a super-soldier serum that gives them enhanced abilities at the cost of mental instability. Monroe eventually follows in Captain America’s footsteps as Nomad and has a troubled costumed career that sees him brainwashed into the murderous Scourge before his disgraceful death. Monroe’s story is tragic, but also full of action-packed scenes. It would remind the fans of the first MCU Phases immediately.

16 Wendell Vaughn Was Chosen To Become The Protector Of The Universe As Quasar

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Wendall Vaughn starts his incredible superhero journey as a humble S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who gets put on guard duty. This menial task becomes the impetus for Wendall’s exposure to the powerful weapons known as the Quantum Bands. These relics tap into a powerful energy source that’s connected to the quantum power of the universe.

Vaughn gets chosen by the cosmic being, Eon, to serve as the esteemed protector of the universe, costumed hero Quasar. Quasar occasionally plays an important role in several of Marvel Comics’ epic cosmic events, which are increasingly becoming viable cinematic material for adaptation. Quasar’s name and powers get passed on to other characters over time, which makes him even more advantageous to bring into the MCU fold.

15 Ava Ayala Is The Fifth White Tiger

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Created by Christos Gage and Tom Raney, Ava Ayala took the White Tiger mantle after her brother, Hector Ayala, and her niece, Angela Del Toro. Thanks to her mystical tiger amulets, Ava gained superhuman speed, reflexes, and strength, as well as an incredible healing factor.

After New Avengers #18, by Al Ewing, Carlo Barberi, Jesus Aburtov, and Clayton Cowles, Ava lost the mantle. However, her time as the White Tiger was a fan favorite. A film adaptation of her origin story as a superhero could increase proper racial representation in the MCU, introduce enthralling mystical lore, and explore the Ayala family.

14 Demolition Man Was A Super-Strong Wrestler Who Became Captain America’s Partner

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Also known as D-Man, Demolition Man is an interesting Marvel superhero because, in terms of his powers, he’s not very interesting or unique. However, it’s D-Man’s personal qualities and faults that give him depth. Dennis Dunphy becomes Demolition Man after the Power Broker increases his strength and stamina to superhuman levels.

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However, Power Broker deceives Dunphy by making him think he needs his drug to maintain this strength. This strange addiction, in addition to an unstable heart condition, humanizes D-Man in a way that would be amazing material for a feature film. D-Man would also promote more LGBTQ+ representation on the screen.

13 Elsa Bloodstone Is A Powerful Monster Hunter Who Continues The Family Business

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Elsa Bloodstone is basically the Buffy the Vampire Slayer of the Marvel Universe. She’s a young, female monster hunter who comes from a prestigious lineage of other fighters of darkness. Films like Van Helsing failed to connect with audiences, but Underworld and Resident Evil are proof that a female-led monster-killing franchise works.

Now that Marvel Studios introduced Elsa Bloodstone through Werewolf by Night, they need to delve into her story or use her to explore the dark corners of Marvel’s supernatural universe. A successful Elsa Bloodstone story also opens the doors for her popular team, Nextwave, and even more heightened horrors.

12 Power Pack Is A Superpowered Family Of Siblings With A Sentient Alien Ship

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The Power Pack series fulfills a very specific niche where it looks at a team of four superheroes, but they’re all pre-teen siblings. Marvel has plenty of young superheroes out there, but the familial bond between the Power Pack is why it works so well.

The Power Pack taps into the unity of The Fantastic Four, but with a greater level of intensity and innocence. Rumors of a Power Pack series persisted in the past, but the team would be even more effective in their own feature film that provides a younger slant on the typical superhero narrative.

11 Damage Control Cleans Up The Superpowered Collateral Damage Of The Marvel Universe

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Marvel’s Damage Control is a pretty brilliant and self-aware idea that fits well with the meta concept that’s now more prevalent in the MCU. Damage Control is a group of construction workers who are the everymen tasked with the repairs that need to be done during the fallout of superhero attacks.

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It’s a grounded idea that could explore a different side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and even get into past events, but from Damage Control’s perspective. Curiously, at one point a Damage Control TV show was in development, but it never came to pass.

10 Moondragon Could Easily Appear In The MCU

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When she was a young girl, Heather Douglas and her parents stumbled upon Thanos’ spaceship. After the villain killed her parents, Thanos’ father, Mentor, adopted Heather and trained her. Later on, Heather discovered her father’s soul was now bound to a new body, Drax The Destroyer.

In Guardians of the Galaxy, Drax explains that Ronan the Accuser killed his wife and daughter, Kamaria. This tragic detail about his backstory only worked as a plot device for Drax’s vengeance. However, as it is quite similar to the story in the comics, it could also help introduce a new version of Moondragon to the MCU.

9 Madcap Went Wild Because Thanks To An Advanced Healing Factor That Made Him Impervious To Injury

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A young student’s life is forever changed after he’s transformed into the Madcap once an A.I.M. chemical experiment goes horribly awry. This chemical disaster wipes out an entire tour bus, except for Madcap, who takes on a new form, stops feeling pain, and acquires an advanced healing factor that seemingly makes him impossible to kill.

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Madcap’s survivors’ guilt, coupled with his inability to die, creates a warped hero who could give Deadpool a run for his money as Marvel’s zaniest character. Madcap’s tragic but bizarre story is perfect for an MCU project that wants to leave the PG-13 rating behind and get darker.

8 Stingray Wears Powerful Armor As The Avenger Of The Ocean

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Water-based superheroes have a difficult time resonating with audiences for whatever reason, but there’s been a recent shift with Aquaman finally gaining wider acclaim through his feature films. Stingray is an unusual Marvel hero because he doesn’t have any natural powers or control over the ocean or its inhabitants.

Instead, Stingray’s an individual with a suit that makes him a serious threat. Stingray’s exoskeleton suit makes him deeply agile underwater, but he can also administer extreme electrical shocks. Walter Newell’s relationship with his suit could make for a fascinating origin story. Now that Talokan, the home of Namor, exists in the MCU, Stingray could have a home in this nation.

7 Fantomex Was Created To Kill Mutants

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Fantomex was created to function as an anti-mutant super-sentinel by the Weapon Plus Program. Given this, he has always walked the fine line between villain and hero. In fact, he’s known for being a member of rogue teams, like X-Force and H.A.M.M.E.R.

Fantomex’s power set is quite original. On one hand, he has an external, biomechanical, nervous system, E.V.A., which he can use as a weapon. He uses “misdirections,” or extremely realistic projections, and his organic body is laced with enhancing technology. This rebel has a tragic origin, but a hardcore attitude. MCU fans would immediately love Fantomex.

6 3-D Man Was Created When Two Brothers Were Exposed To Skrull Radiation

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There have been different interpretations of 3-D Man over the years, but the original version that involves Charles and Hal Chandler is the more creative and tragic of the takes. The Chandler brothers get exposed to Skrull radiation in one of the biggest catastrophes in Marvel. The result is that the two of them can pair their consciousness together to create a tangible superhero, 3-D Man.

3-D Man is fascinating because his existence puts Hal into a coma and 3-D Man can only operate for three hours at a time. These unusual wrinkles could turn out a movie that focuses on the consequences of superpowers, while the connection to the Skrulls could play out in connected events like Secret Invasion.

5 Manifold Is A Powerful Universal Teleporter Who Exists As A Multiversal Constant

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Eden Fesi, also known as Manifold, is a powerful member of both the X-Men and the Avengers that can teleport anywhere in the universe. However, Manifold is a character with deep ties to the multiverse since he’s a constant and there’s a version of him in every reality.

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Subversive multiverse concepts are becoming more of the norm in the MCU. This could lead to a very trippy Marvel movie that gets into questions of identity and fate. Additionally, Manifold is also a superhero from Australia. Setting a Marvel film there would be a welcome change of scenery and help the MCU feel more global in its scope.

4 Captain Ultra Is A Superhero From The 70s Who Can Perform Any Skill At An “Ultra” Level

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Captain Ultra is a superhero from the ’70s that’s easy to overlook because of how generic the character’s name is and that he just sounds derivative of stronger characters. The character’s vague name is somewhat accurate in this respect, since Captain Ultra has most of the abilities of Superman and can perform any skill at an “ultra” level.

Captain Ultra is unique due to how his powers are activated after an alien unlocks them through hypnosis. That Captain Ultra has these formidable powers repressed inside of him gives him a distinct backstory that could make for a compelling angle in a Marvel movie.

3 Urthona Is An Alien Who Temporarily Took Over As Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme

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Urthona is an extremely powerful sorcerer from the planet Gevaltu, who temporarily replaces Dr. Strange as the Sorcerer Supreme. Furthermore, Urthona considers himself to be a more suitable bearer of this honor. Steeping a character in jealousy and arrogant delusions makes for a fascinating perspective for a Marvel movie.

Since Urthona is often positioned as a threat and a possible replacement for Dr. Strange, this relationship could even be built into the film. Audiences could be teased with the possibility that Urthona usurps Wong and Strange in the Sorcerer Supreme department. It could be like Black Panther and Killmonger’s dynamic, but with magic.

2 Rawhide Kid Could Star On His Own Western

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A gunslinger from the 1800s with dozens of cowboy adventures to brag about, Johnny “Rawhide Kid” Bart has starred in contemporaneous comics thanks to time-traveling. He is a prominent member of teams such as the Avengers and the West Coast Avengers.

As of 2023, Rawhide Kid has never been adapted to any TV show or film. However, fans believe he has the potential to star in a western film on his own, even if it’s for just a little while. This could be a great idea for a new Marvel Special Presentation in future MCU Phases.

1 James Michael-Starling Had A Mysterious Connection To The Omega The Unknown

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Steve Gerber has built a reputation for creating some of the stranger characters in the Marvel Universe, such as Howard the Duck and Man-Thing. However, Omega the Unknown is definitely the writer’s most ambitious creation. The crux of Omega revolves around a young boy’s unusual connection to the alien superhuman, Omega.

Omega’s story is creative, but it’s a character that didn’t stick for Marvel. A character this moody and atypical could make for a very different and memorable Marvel film that plays more like a psychological drama. Someone like Darren Aronofsky would be the perfect choice to direct an Omega the Unknown movie.

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