15 Unforgettable Quotes From Megamind

Minion and Megamind from movie Megamind

Megamind didn’t get much attention upon its release in 2010. However, it’s since been reevaluated by fans as a standout animated comedy of the 2000s. In 2022, it was announced that a TV show, Megamind’s Guide to Defending Your City, would air on Peacock.

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However, what really solidifies Megamind as a great superhero movie is its plethora of memorable quotes that are remembered long after the credits roll. Some of these quotes are heartfelt lines showing a character’s growth. Others are hilarious and perfectly match the character who said them. Either way, Megamind is filled with memorable dialogue.

Updated May 10th, 2023 by Isaac Williams: Megamind is an animated superhero film that’s aged very well and only gotten more popular with time. It contains a surprising number of excellent lines within its relatively short runtime. This list has been updated with even more of Megamind’s best quotes.



15 “Sorry, Sorry! He’s Just Not Used To Positive Feedback”


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Megamind and Roxanne aren’t the only people celebrating after Tighten’s defeat. Metro City’s bystanders also rush to praise him for saving them. After seeing the civilians running at him, Megamind pulls out a dehydration gun and aims it at the crowd. He shouts at the people to get back. Roxanne immediately reassures them that he’s just not used to getting positive feedback.

This scene and the above quote add a layer to Megamind. Since he grew up in an environment where people would constantly bully him, it’s no surprise that Megamind reacts this way when so many people suddenly run towards him and surround him. Like many of Megamind‘s best quotes, it’s both funny and revealing.

14 “No, I’m With You!”


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When confronting Metro Man, Roxanne tells him off for leaving the city in the hands of Megamind, especially since he’s known for causing collateral damage. However, she quickly notices the way she worded her statement and adds that she means no offense. Surprisingly, Megamind responds by saying that he completely agrees with her words.

Megamind is about the title character’s growth after he gets exactly what he wants. The short exchange is one of the best demonstrations of how hollow Megaman finds his victory. He realizes how bad his rule is for Metro City and doesn’t take any offense in having it pointed out. It’s a far cry from the insecure and snappish Megamind seen in the film’s first scenes.

13 “And I Love You, Random Citizen!”

Metro Man

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Megamind‘s Metro Man is a light-hearted pastiche of Superman and similar villains. However, the film isn’t above using him to take potshots at other things. When Metro Man gives a speech at the local museum, a voice from the crowd shrieks that they love Metro Man. Without missing a beat, he replies with the above quote.

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It’s a light-hearted lampoon on celebrity worship and the one-sided nature of it. It’s also an unexpected and funny line that can catch viewers off-guard on their first viewing. Many like to apply it to similar interactions with real-world celebrities.

12 “Your Weakness Is Copper? You’re Kidding, Right?”


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Part of Megamind‘s charm is its lighthearted pastiche of superhero storytelling. It pokes fun at a common trait of overpowered superheroes during Metro Man’s apparent death. Just as he looks poised to escape Megamind’s trap and save the day, Metro Man finds himself trapped in the observatory.

Metro Man says that it must be because the room is lined with copper, his only weakness. Megamind, who has been fighting Metro Man for years, is appalled to hear that something so underwhelming is his fatal flaw. Aside from being an entertaining lampoon of Superman and Kryptonite, it’s a hint that Metro Man is lying.

11 “I’m The Bad Guy! I Don’t Save The Day, I Don’t Fly Off Into The Sunset, & I Don’t Get The Girl! I’m Going Home”


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Megamind and Roxanne’s attempts to get Metro Man on-side fail. Roxanne tries to keep Megamind’s spirits high by telling him they can save the day on their own. However, Megamind replies they can’t because he’s not the good guy — he’s the bad one. Then, he heads to the prison.

It’s one of Megamind‘s most poignant moments because of the scene’s sheer lack of comedy. Megamind refuses to try to be the hero both because of his guilt and society’s expectations of him. Luckily, he later realizes that not everything is lost for him.

10 “Is This A Robbery? Because The Lady Across The Hall Has Way Better Stuff Than Me.”


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Megamind‘s main antagonist is Hal Stewart, who becomes the failed superhero Tighten. Megamind attempts to recruit him to become Metro City’s new superhero so he can have somebody to fight. However, any viewer can see that Stewart is an awful choice for the role.

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The above line isn’t Hal’s first line, but it’s a clear insight into his character. Previous scenes have depicted him as off-putting, unintelligent, and dripping with toxic masculinity. However, this is the first time he ever actually wishes harm on anyone, all to save his own skin. It’s also so pathetic as to earn a laugh from most.

9 “Things Could Be A Lot Worse. Oh, That’s Right… I’m Falling To My Death. Guess They Can’t”


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Megamind’s opening monologue is arguably one of its most memorable moments. Narration can often be annoying, but it isn’t omnipresent in Megamind. Instead, the stellar animated movie just sprinkles in a few good quotes.

While falling, Megamind describes his “day so far.” He mentions going to jail, losing the girl of his dreams, and getting his butt kicked pretty good. Sarcastically, he then describes how his day couldn’t get any worse. This quote perfectly kicks off the story and then comes back in the climax of the movie to show how Megamind finds his way out of the tricky situation he’s in. It’s fun, and it works within the narrative.

8 “It’s Taken A Long Time For Me To Find My Calling. Now, It’s Time You Found Yours”

Metro Man

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After refusing to help Roxanne and Megamind, Metro Man places his cape on the latter and tells him about the good, the bad, and the “calling” that Megamind needs to find. He describes how there’s a “yin for every yang” and how the good will rise against the bad.

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The above quote is somewhat inspiring. Metro Man has spent his whole life battling Megamind over Metro City. However, even he thinks Megamind has more to offer. He could easily believe that Megamind has nothing beyond villainy. It’s one of the first times anyone expresses faith in Megamind for himself, and it’s very subtle.

7 “Okay, Look, I’m Not Really Sure Where To Go With That.”


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Megamind‘s unusual relationship with Metro Man colors a lot of his villainy. They’re arch-nemeses, but they’ve spent so long battling one another that they have it down to a routine. Both treat it more like a job and a fun piece of social interaction than a battle. This doesn’t hold true of Tighten, who lacks Metro Man’s respect, decency, or wit.

The first time Megamind battles Tighten, he gives him advice on how to improve. At one point, he insists they engage in witty conversation as they duel. Tighten, who hates Megamind and doesn’t care for the sport of it, just gives a wordless roar. Megamind responds with the above quote. It’s only become funnier since the Marvel Cinematic Universe has made light-hearted conversation during fights even more common.

6 “Presentation!”


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Megamind‘s final battle kicks off with a verbal spar between Roxanne, Tighten, and Megamind. Tighten describes himself as a supervillain, only for Megamind to scoff and declare him a mere villain. When Tighten asks the difference, Megamind appears from a giant construct of his own head to Guns ‘n’ Roses and a light show, and declares “Presentation!”

This quote has since become a meme. However, there’s more to the line than just its obvious comedic value. It demonstrates why Megamind is likable in the first place, his dedication to theatrics over ever hurting anyone. It’s also a demonstration of why supervillains are so popular with real-world fans of the genre.

5 “I Made You A Hero, You Did The Fool Thing All By Yourself!”


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When fighting Megamind, Tighten exclaims that it is the last time Megamind makes a fool out of him. To this, Megamind responds that he never made Tighten a fool. He made Tighten a hero, but the wannabe superhero can make a fool of himself without anyone else’s help.

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The quote highlights the similarities between both Tighten and Megamind. Both were presented with a path and chose to take it in a way that made neither of them happy. The crucial difference is that Megamind can tap into his better nature and become happier and wiser for it. Tighten isn’t, causing him no end of misery.

4 “Well I Think Your Warranty’s About To Expire.”

Metro Man

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Metro Man’s apparent death scene in Megamind‘s first act quickly turns tragic. However, it still mines plenty of humor out of what appears to be yet another confrontation between the two nemeses. After Megamind misleads Metro Man, the two begin a metaphorical back-and-forth about justice. It’s similar to the sort of wordplay superheroes often use in comic books.

However, Megamind takes it to the point of absurdity. Megamind and Metro Man spend their time attempting to one-up each other’s metaphors with their own. Things just about stay on-topic until Metro Man says the above quote. After that, they forget about justice entirely and begin arguing about microwave warranties.

3 “Funny. I Guess Destiny Isn’t The Path Chosen For Us, But The Path We Chose For Ourselves”


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Throughout Megamind, the titular character could have used his brilliant mind for the good of the people of Metro City. That’s what he tries doing at the beginning. However, he abandons the task after bullying, both throughout childhood and in his adult life.

Yet, at the end of the story, Megamind realizes that destiny is not the path that is predetermined by external factors or people around them. Instead, it’s the path that a person chooses to take. Megamind can go overboard in reciting its central message for the audience, but it’s still an important one that adds heart to the film.

2 “There’s A Benefit To Losing: You Get To Learn From Your Mistakes”


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While fighting with Megamind, Tighten shouts that Megamind is pathetic and remains a loser, no matter which side he is on. Megamind’s comeback isn’t to dispute what he says or turn it around on him. Instead, he agrees with Tighten, but points out the ways he’s benefitted from losing.

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This showcases one of Megamind’s greatest strengths. Aside from his intelligence, he has the determination to come back after dozens of defeats and keep trying new ways. It’s another important theme throughout Megamind that many people can find themselves forgetting in real life.

1 “In Case You Haven’t Noticed, You’ve Fallen Right Into My Trap!”


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After the fearless Metro Man gets trapped in the observatory, Megamind assumes a menacing pose on his chair and tells him the obvious. As fans know, Megamind loves being over-the-top and flamboyant. As such, he comes up with many funny quotes, even when he’s being serious.

Despite trying to appear all tough, Megamind actually likes fooling around, and he does it all the time with his Minion. This hilarious and fun-loving nature of his comes through when he interacts with Metro Man and Roxanne.

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