5 Alternate Versions Of Spider-Man Who Deserve Their Own Comic

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All the multiversal web-slingers in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse has fans dreaming about solo comics starring alternate versions of Spider-Man.

The highly-anticipated sequel Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse dropped an exciting new poster and trailer. The multiversal adventure teased quite a few alternate versions of Spider-Man. Exciting original new versions of Spider-Man and Spider-Woman appeared alongside popular multiversal variants of the characters from the comics.

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A few of these multiversal Spider-Man variants have proven to be popular or intriguing enough with fans to warrant their own comic series. While characters like SP//dr appeared on the big screen, Peni Parker has never starred in her own comic. Other interesting versions like Spider-Kid and Spider-Assassin played a role in events like Spider-Geddon, but fans wanted to see more.

5 SP//dr

First Appearance: Edge of Spider-Verse (Vol. 1) #5, by writer Gerard Way, penciler/inker Jake Wyatt, colorist Ian Herring, and letterer Clayton Cowles

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Fans of the hit anime Neon Genesis Evangelion will find similarities to love with the characters of Peni Parker and her symbiotic suit of armor, SP//dr. One of the best versions of Spider-Man first appeared prior to the Spider-Verse event when she joined the multiversal Spider-Army in the comics.

Peni Parker followed in her father’s footsteps as SP//dr’s pilot after his death. She bonded with the suit of armor when SP//dr’s radioactive spider CPU bit her. Peni Parker and SP//dr appeared in the hit animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, yet she has only appeared in a few event series over the years. Fans would love to see more of SP//dr’s story in her own comic series.

4 Spider-Assassin

First Appearance: What If? Spider-Man Vs. Wolverine (Vol. 1) #1, by writers Jeff Parker & Paul Tobin, penciler/inker Clayton Henry, colorist Chris Sotomayor, and letterer Nate Piekos

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One of the darkest versions of Spider-Man is from Earth-8351, which started branching away from the mainstream reality after the events of Spider-Man vs. Wolverine. After Spider-Man accidentally killed a former KGB agent, he decided to walk down a new path.

This version of Spider-Man began working closer with Wolverine and he honed his killer instinct as a highly-trained assassin. He became the Spider-Assassin and modified his web-shooters to fire bullets as well as webs. Spider-Assassin played a large role in the Spider-Geddon event after his initial debut in a What If…? story, but a solo comic could explore the dark character better.

3 The Spider/George Stacy

First Appearance: Vault of Spiders (Vol. 1) #2, by writer Geoffrey Thorne, penciler/inker Todd Harris, colorist Andres Mossa, and letterer Travis Lanham

<!–[if IE 9]> <![endif]–>George Stacy as The Spider from Vault of Spiders

New York City Police Captain George Stacy was the ill-fated father of Gwen Stacy in the mainstream universe. He died during a battle between Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus, revealing he knew Peter Parker’s secret with his final breath.

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The Vault of Spiders series from the Spider-Geddon event introduced a different take on Stacy who had gained his own spider powers. He operated as a police officer by day but became the masked vigilante known as The Spider at night. This version of The Spider doesn’t have many comic appearances so there are a lot of potential stories left to tell.

2 Spider-Kid

First Appearance: Spider-Force (Vol. 1) #1, by writer Christopher Priest, penciler Paulo Siqueira, inkers Oren Junior & Craig Yeung, colorist Guru-eFX, and letterer Joe Sabino

<!–[if IE 9]> <![endif]–>Charlie Parker as Spider-Kid swinging through the city

One of the newest alternate versions of Spider-Man appeared during the Spider-Geddon event. Peter Parker of Earth-218 dealt with years of abuse from his Uncle Ben, so he changed his name to Charlie and struck out on his own.

After gaining spider-powers, Charlie Parker became Spider-Kid and began warring with drug dealers to earn money and protect the streets. Spider-Kid was thrust into the action of Spider-Geddon as a member of Spider-Force, intriguing fans with the tragic new take on Peter Parker’s origin. Spider-Kid’s return during the End of the Spider-Verse event further showcased his potential.

1 Old Man Spider

First Appearance: Edge of Spider-Verse (Vol. 1) #5, by writer Gerard Way, penciler/inker Jake Wyatt, colorist Ian Herring, and letterer Clayton Cowles

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Technically, the “Old Man Spider” character that appeared during Spider-Verse was an amalgamation of two different characters. The Spider-Man of Earth-4 was actually Ezekiel Sims, the character who first clued Spider-Man into his totemic abilities in the 616 reality before his death.

Earth-4’s Ezekiel Sims eventually took over as Spider-Man after the death of Peter Parker in his reality. He wore one of Spider-Man’s most impressive costumes which fans first saw Peter Parker wear in the mainstream reality’s future. Ezekiel Sims was an interesting character, and a comic exploring his evolution into Spider-Man on Earth-4 could fill in a few holes in his story.

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