5 Greatest Marvel Supervillain Rivalries

Magneto vs. Red Skull and Immortus vs. Kang split image

While Marvel’s villains are usually known for their rivalries with costumed superheroes, there are a few supervillains who hate each other even more.

The ongoing End of the Spider-Verse event has introduced a powerful new supervillain rivalry for fans to watch develop in the comics. The powerful Inheritor Morlun might be the only one who can stop the other-dimensional hunter known as Shathra. The two powerful villains could have an epic battle that would challenge some of Marvel’s other memorable rivalries.

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Marvel villains like Green Goblin and Hobgoblin attack each other almost as much as they target Spider-Man. Kang & Immortus are fighting against a self-fulfilling prophecy that further fuels their hatred. Even legendary villains like Magneto and Red Skull have developed rivalries based on their beliefs over the years.

5 Green Goblin & Hobgoblin Hate Their Similarities

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Norman Osborn was the first villain to use the Green Goblin identity, but he wasn’t the last to use the theme by any means. Roderick Kingsley stole Osborn’s tech and imagery which he modified into his own criminal identity known as the Hobgoblin.

While imitation is often considered the sincerest form of flattery, Osborn didn’t quite feel the same. Green Goblin and Hobgoblin have developed a long-lasting rivalry that has exploded into violent battles that have nearly taken out both characters. The hatred has extended to other carriers of their respective mantles as well, as both Harry Osborn and Phil Urich continued the rivalry.

4 Kang & Immortus Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin

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One of the Avengers’ most iconic villains is the time-traveling warrior known as Kang the Conqueror. However, they were initially unaware of the villain’s futuristic self. When they later encountered the Master of Time known as Immortus, the Avengers quickly discovered their connection.

Immortus is actually an older version of Kang the Conqueror from later in the timestream. Kang felt that Immortus was too weak and cowardly and he rejected his future self’s loyalty to the powerful Time-Keepers. This resulted in a number of epic battles between Kang and Immortus that ultimately resulted in their futures being separated as they split into individuals.

3 Dr. Doom & Namor Constantly Betray Each Other

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Namor the Sub-Mariner was one of Marvel’s very first heroes chronologically. However, he has spent just as much time as a villain fighting against the surface world. His ongoing battle to protect his oceans led him into alliances with powerful villains like Doctor Doom.

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Doom and Namor shared an ongoing agreement that one would get the land and one would get the oceans if victorious. Unfortunately, they have betrayed each other so many times over the years that any new alliance is short-lived and doomed to failure. Their constant betrayals have led to bad blood and ruined any trust that had formed over the years.

2 Venom & Carnage Viciously Fight A Constant Battle

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Eddie Brock has become known as a “lethal protector” in recent years. However, he started his villainous career as Venom when he dedicated his life to getting revenge on Spider-Man. Things changed after serial killer Cletus Kasaday bonded with his own symbiote to become the first host of Carnage.

Venom felt responsible for Carnage since it was his symbiote’s spawn that created the powerful new killer. He put aside his differences with Spider-Man to take down the threat of Carnage. The beginning of Venom and Carnage’s rivalry helped put Eddie Brock on his long road to heroism as he rededicated himself to never becoming like his darker half.

1 Magneto & Red Skull Have Opposing Ideologies

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Red Skull first rose to villainous power as a leader in the Nazi party before he helped found the Hydra organization. Magneto’s childhood was spent suffering in a concentration camp at the hands of Nazis due to his Jewish heritage. Their opposing ideologies and the horrors Magneto experienced as a youth in the concentration camps fueled a lasting rivalry between the two villains.

When they gathered together during the Acts of Vengeance event, Magneto quickly turned on the Red Skull due to the atrocities he committed in the past. Magneto even got his revenge when he violently killed Red Skull, though cloned versions later returned. Red Skull’s evil idealogy has made him an enemy of everyone, proving he is one of Marvel’s most unlikable villains.

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