5 Marvel Heroes With No Respect For Authority

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While it doesn’t stop them from being effective at their jobs, these Marvel heroes are well-known among their peers for their problems with authority.

There are a number of Marvel heroes like Captain America and Spider-Man who usually have an unwavering respect for authoritative leaders. However, as the Avengers are currently learning in their showdown with Black Panther, not every Marvel hero has the same level of respect for authority. Black Panther stood up against the team, despite being an authority himself.

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Heroes like Wolverine first gained popularity due to their constant lack of respect for authority, usually showcased by his constant bickering with Cyclops. Moon Knight famously burned his Avengers identicard when they attempted to interfere in his solo activities, and Punisher is one anti-hero who is not afraid to take down authoritative figures if they get in his way.

5 Hawkeye

First Appearance: Tales of Suspense (Vol. 1) #57, by writer Stan Lee, penciler/inker Don Heck, and letterer Sam Rosen

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When Clint Barton made his comic debut, his lack of respect for authority led to a misunderstanding with the police. They assumed Hawkeye was a thief instead of a new hero, and his attitude during the encounter didn’t help convince them otherwise.

Even when Hawkeye reformed as an Avenger, he constantly butted heads with authoritative members like Captain America. Hawkeye wasn’t afraid to walk out on the team if he didn’t agree with decisions, even if he wasn’t always on the right side. Barton eventually softened and became one of the Avengers’ greatest leaders.

4 Moon Knight

First Appearance: Werewolf by Night (Vol. 1) #32, by writer Doug Moench, penciler Don Perlin, inker Howie Perlin, colorist Phil Rachelson, and letterer Ray Holloway

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Marc Spector was a former military man who joined the CIA before he grew tired of following orders from faceless leaders. He became a mercenary who worked for himself, though he found a new boss after his death and resurrection as Moon Knight.

Khonshu was a powerful authoritative figure in Moon Knight’s life. His presence made it difficult for Moon Knight to take orders from others given his independent personality. He even quit the Avengers by torching his identicard when they raised concerns over his actions. Moon Knight takes great pride in being his own authority after dealing with Khonshu for so long.

3 Blade

First Appearance: Tomb of Dracula (Vol. 1) #10, by writer Marv Wolfman, penciler Gene Colan, inker Jack Abel, colorist Petra Goldberg, and letterer Denise Vladimer

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Eric Brooks became Marvel’s greatest vampire hunter Blade after his pregnant mother was bit and turned by an evil undead named Deacon Frost. Blade became a dhampir and gained enhanced abilities which further enhanced his years of training as a hunter.

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Blade operates in his own world which is usually hidden from anyone walking in the daylight. This makes it hard for Blade to respect the police and other authority figures who get in his way, as they likely have no idea of the real threat he’s facing. Blade barely even tolerates superhero authority figures who he feels aren’t on the same level in his underground war.

2 Wolverine

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk (Vol. 1) #180, by writer Len Wein, penciler Herb Trimpe, inker Jack Abel, colorist Christie Scheele, and letterer Artie Simek

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When he first joined the X-Men, the mutant known as Wolverine saw it as an opportunity to get away from the governmental authorities in Canada’s Department H. He was a talented operative, but he wasn’t always great at following orders.

Even back during Logan’s days with black ops squads like Team X, he defied orders that didn’t always suit him. Wolverine’s time with the X-Men also saw confrontations with leaders like Cyclops and Professor X. His status as a hard-to-love loner softened over the years as he became a part of Xavier’s family and one of the X-Men’s greatest leaders.

1 Punisher

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #129, by writer Gerry Conway, penciler Ross Andru, inker Frank Giacoia, inker/colorist Dave Hunt, and letterer John Costanza

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While Frank Castle was a decorated war hero who thrived taking orders during combat, his alter ego is quite a bit different. The loss of his family to criminal violence hardened Castle into one of Marvel’s best anti-heroes. In his new role as The Punisher, he has little patience or tolerance for authority.

The Punisher is on a mission and will take out anyone who would target innocents, or gets in his way. He is quick to drop crooked cops right alongside supervillains. Even his own personal heroes can’t stop his mission. Captain America memorably kicked Punisher off the team during Civil War after Castle killed two villains who surrendered to the Secret Avengers.

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