5 Marvel Villains Who Saved Spider-Man

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The wall-crawling character known as Spider-Man is usually one of Marvel’s most capable heroes. However, fans surprisingly learned during the End of the Spider-Verse event that even Spider-Man needed help against a powerful returning threat. One of his greatest villains was Morlun, and the powerful Inheritor might be the only one who can save Spider-Man and the Spider-Verse.

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Of course, it wouldn’t be the only time that Spider-Man has been saved by a few Marvel villains over the years. It highlights the unique relationship that Spider-Man has with his villains. Feelings of respect can develop across so many battles, as villains like Doctor Octopus and Sandman found out when they jumped into battle to save their greatest enemy.

5 Morbius’ Blood Cured Six-Armed Spider-Man

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Peter Parker hasn’t always accepted the responsibility of his spider powers with open arms. He once tried to cure himself of his powers using a modified and untested serum. Parker first created the serum to help Dr. Curt Connors with his own transformation into one of Spider-Man’s most iconic villains, the Lizard.

While the serum temporarily removed Spider-Man’s abilities, it also had unforeseen side effects. He grew four extra arms, and his transformation threatened to worsen. Thankfully, Dr. Connors was able to use the mutated vampiric blood of the recently transformed Morbius to reverse Spider-Man’s condition.

4 Green Goblin II Died Saving Spider-Man’s Life

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Harry Osborn followed in his father’s footsteps after Norman Osborn created the Green Goblin identity. As the second Green Goblin, Harry Osborn continued his father’s personal rivalry against Spider-Man, though it developed a new personal edge. Harry blamed Spider-Man for the death of his father, and he tormented Peter Parker while he made his final plans.

The Goblin formula in his system affected Harry’s mental state, but he occasionally had moments of clarity. He poisoned Spider-Man and left him for dead in a building set to explode. However, when he discovered MJ with his son in the building as well, the real Harry surfaced and saved them alongside his oldest friend before he died himself.

3 The Lizard Found A Cure To Save Spider-Lizard

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Dr. Curt Connors has been a frequent ally of Spider-Man over the years, though he is also one of his greatest enemies as the Lizard. Spider-Man was always there to help Connors when his Lizard transformation took over, and he got the chance to pay him back.

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A device called the Enervator overloaded during a confrontation between the Lizard and Iguana, bathing Spider-Man in energy. He slowly began to mutate into his own Spider-Lizard form and terrorized the city. Dr. Curt Connors fought against his closest ally and sometimes enemy until he was able to finally administer a cure, reversing Spider-Lizard’s transformation.

2 Sandman Helped Against The Sinister Syndicate

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Flint Marko was the villainous alter of William Baker, who became the Sandman accidentally during a dangerous science experiment. He was one of Spider-Man’s first and coolest foes, and the earliest to actually gain a decisive victory against the wall-crawler. Flint Marko’s influence weakened over the years, and the William Baker personality resurfaced with a desire to reform.

When he encountered Spider-Man and Silver Sable under attack by a new villainous team called the Sinister Syndicate, Sandman decided to help his old foe. He saved Spider-Man and Silver Sable, earning a second chance and a job with Silver Sable’s Wild Pack.

1 Doctor Octopus Cured A Poisoned Spider-Man

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Spider-Man faced a few different threats from his greatest enemies over the years. When he encountered a rejuvenated Vulture, the youthful villain poisoned Spider-Man with a potentially fatal scratch from one of his bird’s toxin-coated talons. Doctor Octopus happened upon his weakened foe and realized a harsh truth about himself.

Spider-Man was Doctor Octopus’ only equal, so without his old enemy, Otto Octavius feared he would lose the drive to keep pushing himself further. Doctor Octopus studied the poison that was killing Spider-Man and synthesized an antidote. Unfortunately, Kaine then killed Doctor Octopus shortly after he cured Spider-Man, robbing the villain of his personal victory over his enemy.

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