5 Pairs Of Marvel Villains Who Are Basically The Same Character

Green Goblin vs. Hobgoblin with Baron Zemo and Baron Strucker collage image

While there are sometimes notable differences, these Marvel villains have a few too many similarities which basically makes them the same character.

The future of the Marvel universe is in question due to the Sins of Sinister event, which put villain Mister Sinister in control of the world. Fans saw something similar when Apocalypse took over the world in the alternate reality Age of Apocalypse event. Both villains have similar goals and abilities and they share a unique connection to the same Celestial technology.

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Of course, they aren’t the only similar Marvel villains, as there are a few evil foes who are basically the same character. Fans have seen similar villains who are evil Nazi leaders, brilliant geneticists, emotion-manipulating monsters, and even glider-riding criminals. While they have some differences that set them apart, these Marvel villains still basically fill the same role.

5 Baron Strucker And Baron Zemo Are Nazi War Criminals

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Wolfgang von Strucker and Heinrich Zemo were both active and working with the Nazis during World War II. Both villains have also earned the title of Baron over the years, which Heinrich passed down to his son Helmut Zemo after his death.

Baron Strucker took control of Hydra after WWII and became one of the criminal group’s deadliest leaders. Baron Zemo followed suit and took command of Hydra after Strucker. Both villains continue to fight for world domination with the hope that they could remake the world based on the twisted ideals learned from groups like Hydra and the Nazi party.

4 Mr. Sinister And High Evolutionary Are Both Geneticists

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While Mister Sinister has quite a few similarities to Apocalypse, he has another villainous Marvel counterpart as well. Dr. Herbert Wyndham was a geneticist with extreme theories who abandoned society to become the High Evolutionary. Mister Sinister worked in secret for years to better understand the mutant gene and how it would affect the evolution of humanity.

Sinister chose to continue playing an active role in the development of mutantkind to further his own goals. High Evolutionary decided to remove himself completely to create his own society where his scientific theories could be dutifully explored. Both villains created new beings in their experiments, though High Evolutionary tends to care about his subjects whereas Sinister does not.

3 Psycho-Man And The Controller Use Manipulating Tech

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The Fantastic Four first encountered Psycho-Man after discovering the existence of the Microverse. However, the emotion-controlling villain has continued to threaten the Marvel universe with his deadly emotion-manipulating technology over the years.

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Iron Man usually foiled The Controller’s schemes to manipulate others with his high-tech control discs. The Controller wears an advanced exoskeleton while Psycho-Man controls a powerful robotic body. Both villains are also able to feed on the stolen emotions or life energy of their controlled subjects to further empower themselves.

2 Green Goblin And Hobgoblin Use Similar Technology

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Norman Osborn was the first villain to use the Green Goblin identity, but he wasn’t the last. Roderick Kingsley had quite a few followers in the Hobgoblin identity as well. He initially stole Green Goblin’s tech and costume from one of Osborn’s caches before he debuted as Hobgoblin.

Kingsley and Osborn were rivals in their elite social circles, and the similar nature of their villainous characters further fueled that rivalry. Green Goblin and Hobgoblin have fought quite a few pitched battles over the years due to Kingsley’s theft of Osborn’s schtick. However, each villain has taken a unique place in Spider-Man’s rogues’ gallery despite their similarities.

1 Apocalypse And Sphinx Are Eternal Powerhouses

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En Sabah Nur was forever transformed into the eternal mutant named Apocalypse after he found abandoned Celestial technology on Earth. While he used that technology to create another similar villain in Mister Sinister, he has an even closer counterpart. Nova was one of the first heroes to encounter the villain known as the Sphinx.

Anath-Na Mut was an ancient Egyptian wizard who was granted immortality and incredible powers after discovering the forgotten mystical Marvel artifact known as the Ka Stone. Apocalypse craves domination under the tenet of “survival of the fittest,” while Sphinx has dedicated his many years to reinstating his Egyptian rule over the planet.

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