8 Greatest High Evolutionary Creations

The MCU's High Evolutionary with the comic version and Luminous in the background

2023’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 introduced the brilliant but evil High Evolutionary to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Dr. Herbert Wyndham unlocked the secret of humanity’s genetic code, which led to his ongoing experimentation with evolving and splicing living beings. Over the years, the High Evolutionary’s experiments have resulted in a number of interesting creations.

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High Evolutionary created his own silver armor to protect himself from Wundagore’s werewolves. He also helped prepare Adam Warlock as a protector for his new planet of Counter-Earth. Of course, he’s also created an entirely new species with the New Men. The MCU reimagined him as the creator of Rocket Raccoon, further showcasing his inventive, albeit cruel genius.



8 Rocket Raccoon

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2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy first teased the dark origins of Rocket Raccoon as a victim of cruel scientific experimentation. The Guardians’ then encountered the genetically-perfected race of beings known as the Sovereign, who all shared a unique connection.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 reimagined the High Evolutionary as the creator of Rocket Raccoon, as well as the Sovereign. Rocket was part of a test batch that also included other genetically-modified animals like Lylla, Teefs, and Floor. Rocket Raccoon’s incredible intelligence came from High Evolutionary’s experiments, which made him a target after his escape.

7 High Evolutionary’s Armor

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When Dr. Wyndham first unveiled his experiments, the scientific community largely disowned him and his work. He retreated to a hidden facility in Wundergore Mountain after buying land from a local named Gregor Russoff. However, Russoff had a dark secret as his cursed family transformed into some of the scariest comic book werewolves.

When the full moon rose, Russoff transformed into a werewolf and attacked Wyndham and his associates. He created a silver suit of armor to protect himself from the werewolves, though it also had life-sustaining capabilities. He sealed himself inside, forever locking himself in his new role as the High Evolutionary.

6 Quicksilver And Scarlet Witch

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While the superpowered twins Pietro and Wanda Maximoff believed they were mutants for years, they eventually discovered that was a lie. As Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, they fought to become heroes to distance themselves from their father, the powerful omega-level mutant known as Magneto.

However, Wanda and Pietro discovered that was a lie as well. The High Evolutionary had used the twins for his experiments and fabricated Magneto’s involvement in their lives to hide the true nature of their powers. While Quicksilver’s superspeed remained untouched, Scarlet Witch’s probability-altering powers received a chaos magic boost due to the Wundagorian Dark Lord Chthon.

5 New Men

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Dr. Herbert Wyndham’s particular scientific passion came from his drive to evolve animals into humanoid forms. He hoped that they would have a better shot at living in harmony with the planet than humanity, though their evolved forms also made them targets.

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High Evolutionary perfected his evolutionary process and created a new race of humanoid animals he called the New Men. His new race worshipped the High Evolutionary like a god, and they trained to defend their home as the Knights of Wundagore. The New Men eventually found a new home on Counter-Earth, though a small community remained at Wundagore Mountain as well.

4 Counter-Earth

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High Evolutionary still dealt with problems at his Wundagore Mountain retreat, so he made plans to head to the stars to continue his experiments in peace. High Evolutionary decided to build a perfect version of his home planet that he called Counter-Earth.

However, one of High Evolutionary’s New Men known as the Man-Beast corrupted the new planet with his hatred. High Evolutionary tried a few different tactics to save Counter-Earth. However, he ultimately decided to raze the planet and its people anytime he felt his experiment had failed, tallying millions of deaths and rebirths over the years.

3 Adam Warlock

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A group of immoral Earth scientists called the Enclave first created the genetically perfect being known as “Him.” However, He could tell they had dark motives, so he destroyed them with his unbridled powers before disappearing from Earth.

The dark corruption on Counter-Earth inspired High Evolutionary to create his very own superhero. He found Him and introduced the powerful Soul Gem into his resurrection cocoon. He was reborn as Adam Warlock with incredible new powers. Adam Warlock vowed to protect Counter-Earth for the High Evolutionary, who he honored from that point forward with the title of “Father.”

2 Last Son Of Kraven

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One of Spider-Man’s most iconic villains is the dedicated and skilled hunter, Sergei Kravinoff. After Kraven the Hunter’s own family disappointed him, he decided to take action in building his own legacy. Kraven hunted and killed a number of New Men at Wundagore Mountain to draw the High Evolutionary out of hiding so he could request a favor.

Kraven the Hunter asked the High Evolutionary to create 87 clones of himself. He trained them in the Savage Land and set them out on their own to make him proud. One of the clones hunted and killed every one of his brothers to impress his father. He became the Last Son of Kraven, though he eventually took over for his fallen father as the new Kraven the Hunter.

1 Luminous

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While High Evolutionary’s initial experiments with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch didn’t ultimately benefit their creator, he still had access to their genetic material. He used their genetic material along with artificial aging to create a loyal and powerful warrior named Luminous.

Luminous became one of Marvel’s fastest speedsters as she could run even faster than Quicksilver. She also had access to the same powerful Chaos Magic as Scarlet Witch, which meant she could manipulate reality at a whim. However, high Evolutionary implanted a kill switch in Luminous so he could turn off her abilities if needed to maintain control of his powerful creation.

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