8 Most Useful Quirks In My Hero Academia

From Chakra to Nen and Aura to Quirks, Many anime gave us a number of different forms and sources of power. Let’s talk about the most useful quirks among them. The characters in an anime take power from these sources to make their attack and counter the incoming ones. Some of these attacks are exclusive to a character, like Sasuke’s Kirin, Naruto’s Rasengan, etc. Similarly in the world of My Hero Academia, we have quirks. Quirks are what make these characters superheroes as we know them today. We are going to discuss some of the most useful quirks in My Hero Academia today.

Before moving forward let us understand what a quirk is. Possession of superhuman abilities by a person is known as a quirk. A quirk appears in a human by the age of 4 at least. A child inherits a quirk from either of their parents. In some cases, a fusion of both quirks creates a new quirk in a child. Quirks are mostly unique to a person and are divided into a number of categories. What makes these quirks useful is the extent of its power and how it can win you fights.

Let’s take a look at some of the most useful quirks in My Hero Academia!

Fierce Wings – Hawk

Fierce wings might be the most useful quirks overall. This quirk is very good for both defense and offense. Keigo Takami, also known by his superhero name Wing Hero: Hawks possesses this unique ability. Being the number 2 pro hero means Hawks has something which makes him worthy of this rank. It may seem like an ordinary quirk at first but it remained one of the most useful quirks of the series. Fierce wings give Hawks a pair of red wings using which he can fly around at an immensely fast speed. These feathers can also be detached and are telepathically connected with Keigo.

most useful quirk my hero academia
Hawks and his Fierce Wings

The wings also act as sensors, allowing Keigo to get a better sense of the environment around him and use it to the best of his advantage. Everything comes with a drawback and Hawks’ wings also have some flaws. If too many feathers are taken out from the wings, the flying capability is weakened over time. It takes a lot of time for the wings to heal if damaged. As we saw in the Paranormal Liberation war, Hawks was unable to fly due to his wings, not being at their fullest.

Erasure – Eraser Head

Shoto Aizawa, the pro hero and teacher of the U.A.’s Class 1A has to be on this list. Voiced by Junichi Suwabe, Eraser head became a fan favorite soon after his introduction. Though he comes off as a non-caring apathetic person at first, everyone knows how much he cares about his students. Eraser Head is the main protagonist of the 2016 spin-off manga My Hero Academia: Vigilantes school days arc.

Eraser Head

Talking about his cool quirk; Eraser Head’s quirk is called Erasure. His quirk is extremely useful to him and his allies in any situation. His quirk Erasure lets him negate his enemies’ quirk. Erasure is activated once Aizawa makes eye contact with his enemies. As soon as he makes eye contact, the enemy cannot use his quirk. But there is a downside to this quirk, Aizawa must not blink, if he blinks the enemy can use their quirk again.

This is the reason Eraser Head always carries eye drops with himself. Being proficient in hand-to-hand combat, Aizawa uses his Binding Cloth to counter opponents. He also wears special goggles which are gold in color. These goggles do not allow the enemy to know whom Aizawa is looking at making it easier for him to use his quirk

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Engine- Turbo Hero: Ingenium

Tensei Ida, a former hero and the older brother of Tenya Ida makes his way on this list. Not just his armor/suit is super cool but his quirk is even cooler. Tensei looks almost like his younger brother but does not wear glasses. Turbo Hero has proven himself to be more than just an average pro hero. He has made the most out of his quirk and is able to exploit its powers to the very best.

most useful quirk my hero academiamost useful quirk my hero academia
Turbo Hero: Ingenium

What is his quirk you may ask? His quirk is named Engine. Engine allows Tensei to move to extremely high speeds. He has engines in his arms (thus the name engine). As a result, he is able to shoot himself forward at turbo speeds by using the propulsion jet from his elbow. Tensei can easily fill the fuel of his engines by drinking grape juice. He can even move faster than cars when using his quirk.

Unlike his younger brother, Tensei can achieve maximum speed more quickly. But moving at a fast speed means problems with maneuverability. He cannot put brakes on quickly nor can he make quick turns. To compensate for this, he uses airbags inside his suit. Taking advantage of his quirk, he can land extremely powerful kicks and punches on any enemy. Turbo Hero: Ingenium is the true Flash of My Hero Academia.

Half-Cold Half-Hot – Shoto Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki is one of the best anime characters. Every My Hero Academia fan loves him with his cold personality and dual-color hair. Shoto is the tritagonist in the show and is very powerful. He is the son of the Number 1 hero, Endeavor. Both father and son have a red scar around their left eye. The color of his hair is half-white and half-red. His hair is so because of his quirk. The left part of his hair is red (hot) while the right side is white (cold).

most useful quirk my hero academiamost useful quirk my hero academia
Shoto Todoroki using his quirk

Shoto Todoroki’s quirk’s name is half-cold half-hot. As suggested by the name, his body becomes half cold and half hot when activating the quirk. The right side of his body generates ice while the left side of the body generates fire. Shoto is still not able to use this dual-wield properly. As a result, he relies more on his right, that is the ice side of his body. He has also stated that his ultimate move which requires an attack from both of his sides slows him down for some moment.

Rigorous training has allowed him to produce a new attack known as cold fire by combining both ice and fire. Heaven-piercing ice wall, wall of flames, flash freeze heatwave, and flashfire fist are just a few of his abilities that make him a dangerous opponent for anyone.

Copy – Neito Monoma

Next up is the Phantom Thief of class 1-B, Neito Monoma. Although he is not very strong or quick, his intelligence fills up the void. Neito is neither a protagonist nor an antagonist. He portrays more of an antihero type of persona. Neito is training in the U.A. High School to become a Pro Hero. Neito is often sarcastic and mocking towards his classmates and enemies. Though not expected from someone of his character, Neito surprisingly has an inferiority complex whenever he sees someone fighting better than him.

Neito Monoma

Neito’s quirk is what makes him worthy of being on this list. His quirk is named Copy and as visible by name copies other’s abilities. Copy allows him to use and duplicates the powers of anyone with whom he comes in physical contact. While it’s a useful quirk, there are downsides to this power. He can hold four copied quirks at a time. He can hold any powers he has copied for ten minutes.

After ten minutes, he loses the power and needs to be in physical contact with the person again. If this were not enough, by copying a quirk, he can use it to its fullest without any restrictions. The only thing which is kind of a letdown is that he can use one single quirk at a time.

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Fiber Master – Best Jeanist

Fiber Master is regarded as one of the best quirks in My Hero Academia. One of the best quirks belonging to one of the best heroes just makes more sense. Tsunagu Hakamada is the current Number 3 pro hero. He has been winning the ‘Best Jeanist’ award for the last eight years consecutively.

Tsunagu is what many anime fans call “a man of culture”. He is serious, selfless, charismatic, and brave. In short, he has every quality you look for in a hero, not just a hero but a pro hero. He even took on a direct hit of one of All For One’s attacks to save his allies. All For One was so impressed that he even praised Tsunagu for his actions.

most useful quirk my hero academiamost useful quirk my hero academia
Tsunagu Hakamada

Tsunagu’s quirk is Fiber Master. This quirk allows him to easily use and manipulate a piece of fabric from his or anyone’s cloth. Among the useful quirks mentioned so far, this requires the most creativity. Not just wearable clothes, he can manipulate fabrics from any nearby piece of cloth. He then can use these fabrics to restrict enemies’ movements and restrain them. He can even use his enemies’ cloth fabrics against them. So, while fighting Tsunagu one needs to take care of his clothing too.

Sounds funny but every My Hero Academia fan knows how cool this quirk is. Blackout Bind, Catching Cradle, and Thread of Hope are his main attacks using which he can easily take down almost any opponent.

Decay – Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura Shigaraki is one of the main antagonists of My Hero Academia. He has garnered a lot of hate ever since his introduction to the show. He is probably the most hated character in My Hero Academia. His reputation transcends the My Hero Academia universe as he is one of the most hated anime antagonists of all time. Shigaraki, at first sight, might look like Mahito from Jujutsu Kaisen, and to be honest I cannot seem to find any difference between these two characters as they are hated a lot by their respective fandoms.

most useful quirk my hero academiamost useful quirk my hero academia
Tomura Shigaraki

Talking about his quirk, he uses Decay. This again is somewhat similar to Mahito’s technique. Mahito can transfigure any human using his Idle Transfiguration, all he needs is to touch his target. Shigaraki too only needs to touch his target with all of his five fingers. As soon he touches them, he can activate his quirk and the one whose body he just touched will start decaying. This useful quirk is not to mess with and most people would avoid anyone with this power.

If the person does not amputate that part of the body, it will start spreading throughout the body ultimately killing them. Later on, Tomura gains more control over his quirk by being able to choose who he wants to decay or not on his will. This quirk is very useful only if it were with any of the protagonists of the series.

All For One – All For One

Yes, All for One has the quirk named after himself. This comes without a surprise as he is one of the antagonists of the show. He is the founder of the League of Villains and is almost as powerful as Tomura Shigaraki. In his prime, he could have easily defeated Shigaraki, that is the limit of his powers. All for One even faced All Might twice, although he lost both times he managed to push All Might beyond his limits. It is the most useful quirk in MHA in my opinion.

All For One

All For One’s quirk allows him to permanently steal others’ quirks. He can even distribute his quirks to anyone he wants to. He can even combine two or more stolen quirks to create a devastating attack against his enemies. All For One’s original quirk ability right now is with Shigaraki, but even after this, All For One can override Tomura’s memory anytime he wants and take control over his body. Some of the stolen quirks that All For One possess are Search, Warping, Air Cannon, Springlike Limbs, Rivet Stab, Forced Quirk Activation are just only to name a few.

There are the 8 most useful quirks in My Hero Academia according to us. Do comment below on which quirk do you think needs to be on this list.

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