8 Subtle Details About Phyla-Vell Every Guardians Fan Should Know

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James Gunn returned to the MCU for the highly-anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3. While the film served as a send-off to the current Guardians, a post-credit scene teased a new team led by Rocket Raccoon that featured a couple of powerful new members. Adam Warlock joined the Guardians alongside one of the High Evolutionary’s revealed star children, Phyla.

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In the comics, Phyla-Vell was one of the founding members of the modern Guardians of the Galaxy. She continues to play a large role on the team, so her inclusion in the new roster of the MCU’s Guardians excited classic fans but left a few new fans with questions. Given her ongoing membership with the Guardians, there are a few details every fan should know about Phyla-Vell.



8 She Is The Genetic Daughter Of Captain Mar-Vell

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The very first Captain Marvel was actually a Kree soldier named Mar-Vell who became one of Marvel’s best cosmic heroes. He fell in love with the planet Earth and its people during his time there on a mission, and he vowed to protect his newfound home with all of his amazing powers.

Unfortunately, exposure to otherworldly energies and the deadly radiation from his frequent enemy Nitro ended Mar-Vell’s life early due to cancer. Mar-Vell had a brief relationship with the Titan named Elysius. She used his genetics to artificially create first a son named Genis-Vell, and then a daughter who she would name Phyla-Vell.

7 Genis-Vell Altered Reality Which Led To Her Birth

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Genis-Vell was artificially aged to maturity and raised in seclusion before he learned of his true parentage. He adopted his father’s Nega-Bands and set out to follow in his footsteps first as Legacy and then as Captain Marvel, though he ultimately failed in his goal.

The cosmic being Entropy manipulated Genis-Vell into destroying the universe. Thankfully, Marvel’s most influential sidekick Rick Jones survived, and he convinced Genis-Vell to rebuild the universe. This brought Genis-Vell’s mother Elysius back to life, which retroactively inspired her to repeat the process that created Genis-Vell so he could have a young sister named Phyla.

6 She Originally Wore A Set of Powerful Nega-Bands

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When Mar-Vell started operating as Captain Marvel, he wore a set of powerful bracers known as the Kree Nega-Bands. They initially trapped him in the Negative Zone, though a second set worn by Rick Jones allowed them to trade places.

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Elysius passed down two sets of Nega-Bands to Mar-Vell’s children as well. When Phyla-Vell was old enough, she inherited her own set, which allowed her to transform mental energy into physical power. She could also manipulate and absorb energy, fly, open interstellar portals, and even gained her father’s Cosmic Awareness when wearing the Nega-Bands.

5 She Developed A Relationship With Moondragon

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Phyla-Vell helped her brother Genis on a few missions during his time as Captain Marvel. It was during one of these missions that she first met the former Avenger Heather Douglas, who was better known as the powerful telepath Moondragon.

Phyla-Vell and Moondragon instantly hit it off, and their romantic relationship continued to develop as they explored the universe together. The duo played an important role in events like Annihilation and Annihilation: Conquest. Moondragon was transformed into her namesake as the Dragon of the Moon during these events, while Phyla-Vell underwent her own huge change.

4 Phyla-Vell Wore The Quantum Bands As Quasar

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During Marvel’s incredibly climactic Annihilation event, the villainous Annihilus killed Wendell Vaughn/Quasar and stole his powerful Quantum Bands to further increase his threat. Phyla-Vell joined the final battle with the United Front and confronted Annihilus.

She was able to touch the Quantum Bands, who then chose to bond with Phyla-Vell instead of Annihilus. She became the new Quasar and had access to his incredible quantum abilities as the new Protector of the Universe. She lost the Quantum Bands during the Annihilation: Conquest event when she took on a dark new cosmic role.

3 She Became An Avatar Of Oblivion Named Martyr

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Moondragon’s connection to the cosmic Dragon of the Moon led to her transformation into her namesake during the Annihilation: Conquest event. Phyla-Vell entered the dark dimension of Oblivion on a quest to save her love Moondragon.

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Phyla-Vell succeeded in saving Moondragon, though it came with a heavy price. She gave the Quantum Bands back to Wendell Vaughn and agreed to become the Avatar of Death for the cosmic entity known as Oblivion. Now known as Martyr, she developed powerful new abilities and a darker edge to her personality that threatened to consume her completely.

2 Both Magus And Thanos Brutally Killed Phyla-Vell

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Phlya-Vell returned to the modern roster of the Guardians of the Galaxy as Martyr. However, they didn’t have much time to explore her new abilities before they faced the threat of the Magus. She initially tried to kill Magus, though he turned the tables and stabbed her with her own sword.

However, the Magus brought Phyla-Vell back to life and imprisoned her. Unfortunately, Martyr’s newfound lease on life was short-lived, as she accidentally caused the rebirth of Thanos during her escape. The Mad Titan then brutally murdered Phyla-Vell, who moved on to the afterlife and was last seen in Hell alongside other victims of Thanos.

1 An Alternate Reality Version Became Captain Marvel

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While Phyla-Vell’s death saddened fans, that wasn’t the last they would see of Mar-Vell’s daughter. During the Infinity Wars event, alternate-reality versions of Moondragon and Phyla-Vell escaped their dying universe to find a new home in the 616 reality.

On Earth-18897, Phyla-Vell was a very successful superhero who carried on the legacy of her father as Captain Marvel. She wields a powerful Quantum Sword and has the same Kree-enhanced abilities as her father. The new Phyla-Vell and Moondragon joined a few other powerful Guardians of the Galaxy characters on the latest roster of the team.

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