9 Friendly TV Characters Who Are Surprisingly Scary

A split image of Joyce in Stranger Things, Enid in Wednesday, and Morty in Rick and Morty

The best kinds of characters are relatable, entertaining, and likable. It becomes much easier to like someone when they’re kind and friendly, but the relatability comes in when they have more layers to them. That’s why it’s fun to come across surprising TV characters, like those who seem friendly but are actually intimidating.

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Although some TV characters are kind and generous, they can often flip a switch and become unrecognizable. Characters aren’t perfect, just like people, and everyone has limits to their kindness, especially when it is taken for weakness. While some TV characters get defensive and protective for those they love, others use this hidden scariness for villainy.

9 Joe Is Hiding His True Self


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It becomes less surprising as You goes on that Joe is indeed a very scary figure. However, the other characters don’t know that, and Joe is very good at masking his true self. He can be the friendliest, most accommodating person just to lull potential victims into a false sense of security.

Joe is dedicated to getting to know people, inside and out, and then using that against them. This is his most terrifying quality, which is hidden under the guise of a charming young man who’s usually seeking assistance or simply after a friendly conversation. Joe is a relentless serial killer who knows how to play the parts he chooses (shop worker, friendly neighbor, or customer) and get away with everything.

8 Piper’s Softness Is Lost

Orange Is The New Black

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Being in prison can change someone, but it can also reveal who they were underneath the whole time. That’s perhaps the best way to describe Piper’s journey in Orange is the New Black, as she only becomes more of herself. She just peels back the layers of her personality and experiences some life-altering and scary things while inside, like having to fight for her life against Doggett and seeing more than one dead body.

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Piper went from a well-off life with privileges, a fiancé, and stability to being locked up with her criminal ex-girlfriend. Her past reveals her to be very different from how she seems and, while Orange is the New Black begins with a timid, sweet and naive Piper, she is actually quite fierce and scary.

7 Lily Is A Feisty Mother Figure

How I Met Your Mother

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Lily is an incredibly loving character in How I Met Your Mother. She adores her husband, Marshall, and is loyal and compassionate to her friends. She is somewhat of a mother figure to the group and later becomes a doting mom to her and Marshall’s children.

Motherhood toughens Lily up somewhat. She is incredibly protective of her kids and doesn’t shy away from violence when those she cares about are disrespected. Lily also goes to extensive lengths to interfere in her friends’ lives, and her determination is rather scary.

6 Georgina Is Deceivingly Sweet

Gossip Girl

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Georgina Sparks is the unsuspecting villain of Gossip Girl who flips between being good and nasty. As Serena’s friend, Serena only saw Georgina’s sweetness, generosity, and dedication. However, Georgina is actually an obsessive stalker and a master schemer.

Georgina uses her friendly nature and good looks to lure in Dan. She tricks him into dumping Serena and even drugs Serena so that she’d miss her SATs. She does numerous horrible things in Gossip Girl, like forcibly outing Eric and befriending everyone just to hurt them. It is horrifying the lengths Georgina will go to.

5 Enid Is Actually Intimidating


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The colorful Enid Sinclair welcomes Wednesday to Nevermore Academy with a smile and gives her a tour. She’s incredibly friendly to an always frosty Wednesday and doesn’t let the Addams girl’s negative attitude affect her upbeat personality.

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However, Enid lets her claws come out when she defends herself. Later on in Wednesday, Enid turns into a wolf for the first time when she is defending Wednesday from harm. Enid fights off the Hyde, which is an impressive feat that proves her strength, capabilities, and her devotion to her friend.

4 Walter White Is The Danger

Breaking Bad

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Walter White was a science teacher who earned a steady income in Albuquerque alongside his wife, Styler, and his son, Walt Jr. He was a sweet guy, a friendly neighbor, and a regular family man. However, when Walter is diagnosed with cancer, he is presented with mounting medical bills that he and his family cannot afford.

The crushing debt pushes Walt into the world of drugs and, using his scientific knowledge, he and his former student Jesse create a meth empire. Walt’s entire life and personality have a massive shift, and he goes from a caring educator and father to a drug lord, murderer, and criminal mastermind.

3 Morty’s Anger Goes Unchecked

Rick & Morty

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In Rick & Morty, Morty is a friendly and helpful sidekick. However, he has been brought along for Rick’s adventures and sidelined for too long. Rick dragging him along everywhere and inflicting trauma eventually brings out a scarier side of Morty. His grandfather often takes him for granted and doesn’t consider Morty’s point of view.

When Morty stands up for himself and loses his mellow and soft sense of self, he can be genuinely intimidating. In fact, Morty has a kill count, and he has been known to kill out of anger.

2 Viktor Was Hidden Away

The Umbrella Academy

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Viktor Hargreaves begins his journey in Umbrella Academy as the odd one out. Effectively ignored by his siblings and father, Viktor seeks solace in playing the violin before discovering his hidden abilities.

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Viktor is the most genuine and kindest person in the academy. He simply wants to connect with the people around him and to be understood. However, Viktor’s powers are beyond any other, which is why he’s been hidden away his whole life. Unfortunately, that only escalates his repressed hurt and rage. Viktor’s powers burst out in terrifying ways, like nearly killing Allison and being the cause of the end of the world.

1 Joyce Never Gives Up

Stranger Things

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Joyce is an incredibly dedicated and involved mother. Many would say she is overbearing, but that over-involvement in her kids’ lives is what kept her son Will alive. She refused to give up on him and made sure he had the best possible care.

Joyce isn’t a physically intimidating character at first glance, but she more than proves herself to be someone to watch. She fights against the creatures of the upside down and takes on every battle she comes across with fearlessness. Because she enters dangerous situations without fear, she is not one to be messed with, especially if her children are involved.

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