9 Things From That ‘70s Show We Missed In That ‘90s Show

A split image of Kelso and his son in That '90s Show, and Donna and Jackie in That '70s Show

Netflix recently released the first season of That ’90s Show, the long-awaited sequel series of That ’70s Show. The show follows Eric and Donna’s 15-year-old daughter as she stays with Red and Kitty for the summer and makes a new group of friends, which resembles the gang from the original series.

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That ’90s Show includes plenty of great elements and characters from the previous series, namely Red and Kitty. However, it still missed a lot of important things from That ’70s Show that the fans couldn’t help but notice. Between not capitalizing enough on the time period to poor characterization, That ’90s Show has missed the mark in some ways.

9 Eric And Donna’s Cool Friendship Dynamic

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One of the best things about That ’70s Show is Eric and Donna’s amazing friendship. Each episode even tends to open and close with a scene between these two characters. However, That ’90s Show portrayed very little of their relationship, which disappointed fans.

The few scenes between these two characters are mostly comical and make them look like a terrible couple. The only valuable scene is the one that replicates their past chats while sitting in the hood of the car. However, this wasn’t nearly enough for fans of this couple.

8 That ’90s Show Didn’t Capitalize On The Nostalgia Of The ’90s

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That ’70s Show made a huge effort to portray the characters as if they were really living in the ’70s. The series often included references from this time, as the characters constantly discussed celebrities, movies, and music of the decade. They also mentioned some of the most important gadgets of this period, like the Atari.

However, That ’90s Show didn’t achieve the ’90s vibe, which was very disappointing for the audience. It doesn’t make sense that six teenagers weren’t shown using either a Walkman, a Tamagotchi, or a Game Boy. This lack of attention to detail has made viewers think that Netflix originals are running out of steam.

7 Eric’s Sister, Laurie, Was An Amazing Character

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Eric’s older sister, Laurie, was originally played by Lisa Robin Kelly. Because of struggles in Kelly’s personal life, the character was later played by Christina Moore. Sadly, Lisa Robin Kelly passed away in 2013. While Moore returning to reprise the role could have felt insensitive, fans would have loved it if That ’90s Show included some mentions of Laurie.

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Laurie was a hilarious character. She was Red’s favorite, which allowed her to get away with everything. She was also incredibly mean to Eric and always found a way to manipulate situations in her favor. While it’s understandable why Netflix didn’t include her in the series, completely erasing the character doesn’t feel okay either.

6 The Whole Gang Should Have Been Seen Together

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The amazing dynamic between the characters is what made That ’70s Show one of the best sitcoms of the 2000s. This great group of people earned the hearts of the viewers. Obviously, when people learned about That ’90s Show, they were excited to see these characters again.

However, even though Topher Grace, Laura Prepon, Wilmer Valderrama, Mila Kunis, and Ashton Kutcher made cameos, there’s not a scene with all these characters together. Since the heart of That ’70s Show was their friendship, it makes no sense that the sequel series doesn’t include a scene with all of them together.

5 A Good Relationship Between Eric And His Parents

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Like most teenagers on TV, Eric didn’t have a great relationship with his parents, but there were plenty of emotional moments in That ’70s Show that made it obvious that they deeply loved each other. However, every scene between Eric, Kitty, and Red in That ’90s Show was humorous.

Red simply bullied his son and Kitty showered him with love, making him uncomfortable. It would have been nice if That ’90s Show featured some more heartwarming scenes between Eric and his parents. After all, he’s 15 years older than he was in the That ’70s Show finale.

4 Randy Pearson Should Have Appeared

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Randy Pearson only appeared in the last season of That ’70s Show to replace Eric when Topher Grace had to leave the show. He became Donna’s new love interest and worked with Hyde in the record store. However, at this point, the show had run out of steam.

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Even though fans thoroughly hated Randy Pearson, it would have been hilarious to include a metatextual cameo of this character. After all, he was a big part of the downfall of That ’70s Show, and that’s not a small thing. He could have even replaced Hyde.

3 Kelso’s Emblematic Burns Weren’t The Same

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Some of the most iconic jokes in sitcoms are Kelso’s burns in That ’70s Show. He usually made a shotgun gesture accompanied by sound effects while he yelled “BURN!” This was incredibly culturally relevant and many people at the time started making the gesture.

That ’90s Show included one of these moments with Ashton Kutcher’s cameo, but it wasn’t nearly as iconic. When the character appears, he yells “Burn!” However, it’s out of context and not really a burn. Plus, it would have been way better with a shotgun gesture.

2 Fans Missed A Classic Donna And Jackie Scene

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Donna and Jackie didn’t get along at the beginning of That ’70s Show. In fact, a lot of the jokes in the series revolve around the fact that they are very different. Where Donna was laidback and cool, Jackie was high-strung and was obsessed with boys.

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However, one of the show’s best parts was that these two characters overcame their differences and had one of the best friendships on TV. It’s truly sad for fans of the original show that That ’90s Show didn’t include a scene with these two characters to see how their friendship progressed.

1 The Original Gang’s Character Development

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Since That ’70s Show lasted seven seasons, fans grew attached to many of the characters. Throughout the show, the characters mature and become more complex and interesting. However, That ’90s Show brought them back without this progression.

Clearly trying to make the most of cameos from That ’70s Show characters, the sequel series included a version of the characters before they grew or developed. For example, Jackie was her typical neurotic self, but she wasn’t like that at the end of That ’70s Show. The audience would have loved to see these characters as they left the original show.

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