911 Lone Star Season 3 Episode 13 Release Date: Owen Faces Crisis In Relationship With Catherine

911 Lone Star Season 3
911 Lone Star Season 3

Are you excited for 911 Lone Star Season 3 Episode 13? Because in Episode 12, Owen and Katherine speak with the cops who are looking into the pig head that was discovered in his bed. After going over the list of recent men Owen has beaten up, he learns that a former police officer named Roy Griffith is on the loose after Owen assisted in his arrest. Owen tells his crew that Roy is a total psychopath. Grace receives a call from her sister, who is laughing uncontrollably for some reason. Her sister is trapped inside her house and is not responding. She’s been diagnosed with cancer. The team enters and performs CPR on her. When the woman awakens, she is absolutely enraged. She has no desire to live.

Then Roy is tracked down by Marjan and Paul. Roy currently works as a security guard at a store. Marjan enters the store and loudly announces on the public address system that the store has hired a murderer, she and Paul go away after further humiliating him. Meanwhile, Nancy gets served at the station for saving the lady who was a DNR, but she is later being sued by that woman.

911 Lone Star Season 3 Episode 12 Recap

Before diving into 911 Lone Star Season 3 Episode 13, let’s quickly do a recap of the previous episode. Further in episode 12, Marjan and Owen have a conversation regarding her behavior at the business. Marjan and Owen begin to communicate. One of his innocent victims, Sadie, is still in town, she has an art show tonight. Later that night, Marjan and Owen go there to warn her, but to their surprise, Roy appears. Owen requests that he should go, but he refuses. Roy says a few harsh things to Marjan, including that he wishes he had dumped her in a ditch. After striking him, Owen winds up in handcuffs. He hears at the office station that Roy is looking for a restraining order against him.

911 Lone Star Season 3 Episode 13911 Lone Star Season 3 Episode 13
911 Lone Star Season 3 Episode 13

Nancy and Tommy have an appointment with a lawyer. Nancy appears to be fine with the DNR investigation. But she had no way of knowing that the woman was wearing a DNR bracelet and a long-sleeved shirt was covering it. Owen and his crew are then taken to the art gallery where Sadie worked and lived, as soon as they reach they see the place is set on fire. They make an attempt to contact Sadie, but there was no response. Owen walks in and discovers her unconscious. They’re both are then able to figure out what was going on. To Tommy’s surprise, Nancy admits to seeing the DNR bracelet. Tommy is devastated but believes there is a way to help Nancy, who is serious about quitting. Now we’ll talk about when 911 Lone Star Season 3 Episode 13 will air and what will happen in it.

911 Lone Star Season 3 Episode 13 Release Date & Preview

11 Lone Star Season 3 Episode 13 is going to be released on 11 April 2022, on FOX, and this episode is titled “Riddle of the Sphynx”. There will be no Episode of 911 Lone Star this week, as the NCAA college football playoffs are going to be major attention this week. And Lone Star doesn’t want to just drop its weekly viewership by competing with the giant. So you’ll have to wait for two weeks in order to watch episode 13.

911 Lone Star Season 3 Episode 14911 Lone Star Season 3 Episode 14
911 Lone Star Season 3 Episode 14

What can happen in this episode? If we look at the released Synopsis then; there will be a serious car crash up in the lonely unknown mountain roads and 126 task force would need to locate this car crash and then go godspeed in order to save this Mexican guy. Then our boy Tommy is finally going on his first date after a number of weeks. After the incidents that happened this whole month with Catherine, Owen is blaming himself for all this, this definitely going to affect their relationship.

911 Lone Star Season 3 Episode 13 Release Time & Where To Watch

Episode 13 of 911 Lone Star Season 3 will air at 9 pm ET on FOX. You can watch the episode on Fox’s official website and the Fox Now app using your cable login information. Live TV providers such as DirecTV, FuboTV, and YouTube TV can also be used to watch new episodes live. Individual episodes can also be rented or purchased through VOD providers such as Amazon Instant Video, Google Play Store, and Vudu.”

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