A Galaxy Next Door Anime Announced: Here’s All To Know

This heartwarming romantic comedy revolves around Ichiro Kuga, a young manga artist trying to support his younger siblings through his failing manga business, and his beautiful assistant Shiori Goshiki. The official website is now displaying an illustration by Amagakure commemorating the anime adaptation of the manga. He said, “I’ve already seen the character sketches, and they’re so cute, from Ms. Goshiki and Machi to Kuga-kun, I’m so pleased”. 

The plot of the A Galaxy Next Door

Kodansha describes the plot of A Galaxy Next Door as follows: The manga artist Ichiro Kuga and his two younger siblings have struggled to survive since their father passed away. All they have is a small inheritance and a passion for drawing. However, with his growing responsibilities and deadlines, he finds it increasingly difficult to stay on top of everything, especially after his last two assistants left to pursue their dreams.

In the midst of his breakdown, the beautiful and frighteningly capable Shiori Goshiki offers to be his new assistant. It seems as if Goshiki is from another planet, and soon Kuga finds his world turned upside down by her sudden declaration of marriage

Release Date of A Galaxy Next Door

The Cast of A Galaxy Next Door

A Galaxy Next Door’s cast includes Director Ryuichi Kimura, Original work by Gido Amagakure (serialized in Kodansha’s good! Afternoon), Series Composition: Gigaemon Ichikawa, A Galaxy Next Door Character Design: Naka Otaki, and Animation Production: Asahi Production.

A Galaxy Next Door Anime Announced

A new anime series is coming soon. Yu Wakui plays Shiori Goshiki, while Taku Yashiro voices the male lead, Ichiro Kuga.

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