A Justice League Cartoon May Explain Evil Batman

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has yet to explain why the heroes have turned evil, but the answer may be found in the Justice League cartoon.

When it comes to most forms of media, killing characters is usually taken very seriously. However, regarding franchises that run as long as most major comics do, they often bring a very different response. Some of the most influential characters in comics have died at some point in their history, often more than once. Usually, the writers will bring the characters back and explain away the deaths with a variety of comic tropes. This is a point that needs to be addressed in the next DC game to be release: Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

One of the main plot points of Kill the Justice League is that Brainiac has somehow taken control of members of the Justice League and turned them against the people of Metropolis. If this wasn’t enough, it seems that he has also managed to take control of Batman, despite the fate of the character still being unknown in the Arkhamverse. This raises several questions relating to the canon of the Arkham series and the identity of the figure in Arkham Knight‘s secret ending. There just might be an answer based on the actions of another version of Brainiac in a different medium.

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The Evil Justice League May Not Be Who They Seem

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One of the best plot lines for the character of Brainiac came from the Justice League animated show, namely his eventual combination with Lex Luthor. During the battle between the League and Luthor, he creates synthetic clones of the Justice Lords to fight for him. The fight between the two groups is quite short but does allow for some character growth. Yet this small act could give an idea of how the Justice League has been controlled, or rather how they have been cloned, in the upcoming game.

The idea of the evil Justice League being clones has several strengths for both the plot and the player in general. One of the main aspects plot-wise is that it would allow for an obvious progression past simply killing members of the League. Players would initially be on a mission of destruction, but it could slowly move on to a rescue mission — one that would be ironic for a team comprised of many of these heroes’ rogues. It would also allow for the Arkhamverse to maintain some of the mystique around Batman’s fate, both if he is alive and why he has returned to the Batman costume. The answer would simply be that this clone does not know the choices Batman made.

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Clones of the Justice League Could Give the Suicide Squad a Fighting Chance

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Another important aspect has more to do with world-building over the actual plot of the game. One of the main issues fans might have is how the members of the squad could win. The squad is powerful in its own way, but most of them do not stand a chance against figures like Superman or the Flash. However, the clones may not be as powerful as the beings they are based on. This could be further expanded upon if the clones are synthetic in nature and, as such, their powers are only based on the estimations Brainiac made.

This ability to fit into the world that fans are able to accept would also affect the gameplay. One of the issues that arise with a lot of superhero games is how to show the more extreme aspects of their power. Few heroes have had this problem more than Superman, and it is especially problematic when facing him. However, a clone would still be a considerable threat while remaining entertaining to battle. This could also allow for the clones to surprise the player by introducing abilities and powers that are different from what the player expects.

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However, some issues come with the clone concept, namely that it could make the plot feel underwhelming. The player has worked to defeat these powerful enemies and free the heroes from capture. Yet, in this circumstance, all the player has done is restore the status quo, unlike other games in the Arkhamverse that often ended with massive changes to the world of the game. Defeating an attack by Brainiac should also require a similar change to the world, and the death of the old heroes would lead to that quite easily.

In truth, there is no solid information as to the events that led up to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. The idea of using clones as replacements for the Justice League has had history within the DC Universe and is well within Brainiac’s abilities. This option would help to maintain some of the mystery of the other games in the universe, but there is always a risk that it will feel like a cop-out to players. For now, all gamers can do is wait and see what kind of suicide their squad is heading toward.


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