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A Lonely Place To Die Ending Explained: Alison Saves Anna (Article Ready)

Plot For A Lonely Place To Die

A Lonely Place To Die is one heck of a small-town thriller that will soon complete its ten years of release next month. An intense chase amidst the beautiful Scottish mountains, small towns, and festivals. Starring Melissa George, Ed Speleers, Karel Roden, Eamonn Walker, Sean Harris, and Kate Magowan in the lead roles. A Lonely Place To Die tells the story of five hikers who come across a girl trapped out there in the woods underground in a chamber. Hoping to help her, the group soon finds out someone is hunting them, and the girl is more important than any of their lives now. So here we are taking a look at how the ending of A Lonely Place To Die works out for it.

Julian Gilbey directed the film with Will Gilbey joining him on the screenplay. A Lonely Place To Die’s first half works out admiring the beautiful mountains of the Scottish Highlands. There are warm adventure vibes until the group comes across the girl. That’s where the movie transitions itself to the intensity, which is carried for the rest of the film. Furthermore, it’s just not the battle of survival for one group from another. There is another group that wants the girl alive, aided by the father of the girl itself. So how does it all go down? Let’s find out.

A Lonely Place To Die Plot Summary

A Lonely Place To Die follows the story of Alison, Ed, and Rob, hikers looking ahead for an adventure. The group comes across Jenny and Alex in the Scottish Highlands, and they decide to hike together. Before their adventure even begins, a girl’s voice in the distant woods interrupts it. Following it leads them to a girl trapped underground inside a small chamber. The girl doesn’t speak the same language. From the looks of the way someone trapped her, it’s clear the place is dangerous. The girl’s name is Anna, and she is wearing what looks like a school uniform. Thus it slowly becomes obvious someone kidnapped her.

Plot For A Lonely Place To Die

From A Lonely Place To Die Featuring Alison, Ed, and Anna

The group decides to part ways, with one leaving for the safest passage while the other to a nearby village to inform the local cops. Alison and Rob go their way hiking, but amidst this, an unknown individual shoots Rob and attacks Alison as well. When she wakes up, she realizes someone cut Rob’s rope leading him to die. Meaning someone is hunting them as she reunites with the rest of the people near a river. The sound of the waters doesn’t let them communicate, and soon more shots are fired from kidnappers. Jenny dies, and Alex ends up sacrificing himself in a desperate move. Thus leaving only Alison, Ed, and little girl Anna alive and on the run.

Apart from these two groups, there is another group on their way. Led by a man named Darko, he is here to rescue the girl. Darko’s conversation with his mates reveals the girl is the daughter of a wealthy, as well as a dangerous man. The reason behind her kidnapping is nothing but the money. For that, the kidnappers may guarantee the girl’s safety. But the deal just becomes difficult now that the girl has escaped with Allison and Ed.

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A Lonely Place To Die Ending Explained

Towards the ending of A Lonely Place To Die, Alison, Ed and Anna manage to reach a nearby town that is celebrating a local festival. The kidnappers, as well as Darko’s group, have also infiltrated the same town. Allison, Ed, and Anna reach a local police station and let them know about the murderers and kidnappings. The officer asks them to wait until a superior officer returns who can look after a case like this.

A Lonely Place To Die Ending ExplainedA Lonely Place To Die Ending Explained

From A Lonely Place To Die Featuring Alison, Ed, and Anna

As Alison, Ed, and Anna await, the kidnappers try to retrieve the money from Darko’s group. Darko asks to see the girl, but the kidnappers remain in denial. Back at the police station, Ed starts suspecting the cop as he is making them wait too long. So they decide to leave until the cop is shot by kidnappers. So the run begins again with Ed taking a bullet as well as one of Darko’s group members who see this and informs the group before he dies. The news breaks the deal between Darko and the kidnappers leading to a complete shootout.

Alison tries to knock on every door until one individual takes them in, only to die at the hands of one of the kidnappers. Alison fights the kidnapper till her last breath, even lighting up the whole house with fire. She puts him down and manages to let Anna escape through the window. In the process, she faints and falls inside the house. Darko’s group later rescues them both and puts each kidnapper down.

The ending of A Lonely Place To Die sees Anna’s father revealing himself in the woods. He comes out of a car to meet the mercenaries he hired who have captured the kidnapper. He is tortured and buried alive with the mercenaries paid well with a gift in the form of a car. The movie closes in with Anna thanking Alison as they both are traveling to the hospital in an ambulance.

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