Abbott Elementary Episode 9 Release Date: When Does It Arrive on Disney+?

‘Abbott Elementary’ Episode 9 arrives next week with a bigger focus on a secret that Gregory has. However, when Melissa, Barbara, and Jacob plan a pizza eat-off, Gregory must come out with it. Meanwhile, as the title for the next episode suggests, the plot will revolve largely around the “step class”. This after-school step class is something Ava needs Janine’s help with. Together, they must collaborate in teaching this class. However, their methods of teaching are at odds with each other.

‘Abbott Elementary’ focuses on a group of underfunded and outnumbered teachers in a Philadelphia public school, as they try their best to provide their students the best education they can receive. The show stars Quinta Brunson as Janine Teagues. Tyler James Williams stars as Gregory Eddie. Janelle James stars as Ava Coleman. Chris Perfetti stars as Jacob Hill, Lisa Ann Walter as Melissa, and Sheryl Lee Ralph as Barbara. Let’s now delve into all that episode 9 of ‘Abbott Elementary might entail. Spoilers ahead!

Who plays Jacob in Abbott Elementary
Jacob and Janine in ‘Abbott Elementary’

Previously on Episode 8 — Recap

Episode 8 opens with Janine and Jacob heading to Abbott. On the way, they listen to Janine’s boyfriend Tariq’s rap songs. Jacob comments how Tariq is always using Janine’s car. Jacob, as well as the other teachers at Abbott, continue to tell Janine in hints that leaving Tariq would be the best decision for her.

She has been clinging to Tariq since 8th grade. While her clinging has more to do with her idea of eternal love and growing old together, Tariq’s the one who’s actually been clinging on to Janine. He hasn’t exactly been productive with his rap career at all. His general incompetence has kind of barred Janine from living for herself.

Later in the episode, Janine also reveals that she has only been with Tariq her whole life. Anyway, Jacob surprises Janine when he reveals that he’s a boyfriend, Zach. Janine wonders just how little she knows about her colleagues. Meanwhile, while Janine strives to know more about her colleagues, Jacob tells her that they’re only work-friends.

Gregory’s Teaching Issues

In Gregory’s class, the situation is bad. All the students have performed badly in math. When Gregory makes them all do math drills, the students ask him some silly questions. This only makes Gregory treat them more harshly. Barbara asks Gregory what’s his class up to. Gregory tells her that he’s given the students a math drill to do in their lunchtime, to compensate for their recent poor performance.

Barbara reminds him that the collective issue of students is actually the fault of the teacher. Later, Gregory explains the issue to Barbara and Melissa. They tell him that little distractions and silly questions and fun are all good for the students. He doesn’t have to be so uptight and strict. He can let go and let the students do the same as well sometimes.

Janine Doubts her Relationship, Gregory Lends an Umbrella

Meanwhile, Janine wants to know more about her colleagues. There’s a storm outside and Janine brings some chicken for them. She proposes a game — they all get too much on some chicken in exchange for one secret they have to reveal about themselves. Janine’s turn comes up and she reveals that Tariq’s the only man she’s ever dated. When surprised Barbara, Melissa, and Ava express doubt over Janine’s relationship, she gets defensive.

Who is the principal in Abbott ElementaryWho is the principal in Abbott Elementary
Janine with all the other teachers in episode 8

Upset, she dashes away outside. Gregory follows her and holds up an umbrella. They have a romantic little moment which Tariq disrupts when he rolls up there. Later, at Tariq’s bad rapping performance, Gregory finally lets loose and dances with his students. Jacob advises Janine about her love life and moving on from relationships that impede growth. He also tells her that they’re not just work-friends and he’s always there for her.

‘Abbott Elementary’ Episode 9 Release Date & Preview

Episode 9 of ‘Abbott Elementary’ will release on February 22, 2022. The official synopsis states that Ava will ask Janine to help her teach the after-school step class. However, they won’t agree on how to run the program. Meanwhile, Gregory must reveal a secret when Barbara, Melissa, and Jacob plan a pizza “eat-off.” Titled “Step Class”, the next episode is directed by Shahrzad Davani and written by Joya McCrory.

Watch ‘Abbott Elementary’ Episode 9 Online — Streaming Details

‘Abbott Elementary’ Episode 9 will air on ABC on Tuesday, February 22, at 9:00 p.m. ET. You can watch ‘Abbott Elementary online via and Hulu. There are other alternatives to stream the show online. You can turn to live TV services such as FuboTV, SlingTV, Hulu Live, DirecTV, and YouTube TV. New episodes drop weekly every Tuesday. The average runtime for an episode is about 22 minutes.

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