Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 10 Review And Recap: Develops The Characters Rather Than Making A Point

Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 10
Abbott Elementary Season 1

Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 10, “Open House,” is back after a three-week vacation to satisfy our thirst with a drink of fun. Janine is ecstatic when Ava invites her to assist teach her after-school step class on Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 9, but the two disagree on how to manage the program. Gregory has a secret to reveal when Barbara, Melissa, and Jacob prepare a “dinner” to determine who cooks the finest pizza in Philadelphia.

The teachers and staff give a very under-attended open house on “Open House.” So, except for the funny opening sequence, there are no students to be seen. Despite the fact that the kids have few speaking lines, they lend a lot of emotional intensity and humour to the storey. While still a fantastic episode, “Open House” fails to meet the standards set by previous five-star episodes without the students. After all, it’s for those small learners that everyone has gathered. That isn’t to imply the show has lost its enchantment. This episode, which brings us closer to the Season 1 finale, has a lot to love.

Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 10 Review And Recap

It’s easy to forget how much you enjoy a slow burn until you’re in the middle of one. Gregory and Janine bring up a lot of memories for me. The tiny things are what attract us into this flirting with the flirting couple’s passion. Gregory’s attention is drawn to her as Barbra’s daughter enters. We do know, though, that she resides in New York and isn’t in town on a daily basis. She isn’t shown as a viable choice for Gregory. We’re not concerned that he’ll fall in love or do something significant.

Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 10Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 10
Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 10

The effect is to elevate Gregory, both for us as an audience and for Janine as a dater. He’s available, but he’s not sitting around doing anything. Gregory is aware of the situation. Gregory going out to dinner with someone else, rendering him unavailable for a celebration supper, gives the situation a whiff of “Hurry up Janine!” Increasing the relationship’s pressure is a great thing! In the episode, there are a few additional minor Gregory and Janine ship features that stick out.

Gregory’s less-than-ideal posture is noticed by Janine, as it is by others. Janine, unlike others, immediately associates his slightly less-than-perfect appearance with anything wrong with his heart. She checks in on him in such a way that it’s clear she genuinely cares about how he’s doing. Gregory “did everything right” to get the principal job, we discover. We’re all aware of Janine’s penchant for following instructions to the letter. These two are made of the same wacky, geometrically printed fabric.

It will take time for Janine and Gregory to make any official decisions. Thank heavens for that! Waiting for the chemistry to blossom into a “whispers in the teacher’s lounge” kind of romance is a genuine threat.

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Building Blocks

As previously stated, the episode’s premise revolves around an open house that no parents actually attend. It is the basis around which the entire comedy is built. For example, Ava’s terrible DJing of the event is made even more ridiculous by the fact that her audience is a group of library personnel. Because the staff doesn’t have anything going on in their classes, where all the parents are supposed to be, the poker game occurs.

Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 10Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 10
Janine prepares for Opening House

There is no discussion among the employees as to why this is thus. Except for Janine’s projection of her mommy issues onto Nina’s mother, there is no blame for her parents. Parents’ inability to attend school functions in Philadelphia Public Schools is a very real problem. The arrest rate of black men is shockingly high. Parents’ capacity to attend school functions is severely hampered by poverty.

Final Thoughts On Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 10

The context that Open House is based on is created by a number of fundamental social challenges. However, the occurrence is entirely unrelated to the low turnout. It’s all about how the characters spend their time. Rather than making a point about the specific issue that the concept reflects, the episode focuses on the characters. Abbott Elementary is far from the only show to use a serious and genuinely significant societal topic as the basis for an episode, but the language and plot do not openly address it.

This is built into the show’s structure; it’s in its DNA. This extremely real and very grim part of the programme is the major contributor to its brilliance, despite the fact that it is quite easy to overlook due to the nature of the building blocks. We, the audience, are being taught life lessons wrapped in a fun package. That is how great primary school instructors accomplish their goals. Abbott Elementary was renewed for a second season after a two-year hiatus. So, while we wait for the awards to come in, we can rest assured that our favourite teaching team will be back for more.

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