Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 12 Release Date: Saving School Funds

Spoilers and Release Date For Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 12
From Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 11 Featuring Janine, Ava, Gregory, Melissa, Jacob, Barbara and Mr. Johnson

Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 12 sees the teachers fighting the school board. The only person that can save them is probably Ava at this point. But she needs all the support she can get. Anyway, before that, recently, on the show, the moment teachers began to think that students have become more decent. They made the place a circus with a new viral social media trend that was heavily spreading at Abbott Elementary as well.

So as we head towards the upcoming twelfth Episode of Abbott Elementary, here we are breaking down these recent events. Right from the teachers narrowing down and interrogating the suspects responsible for this trend to the kids taking it to the next level right behind their backs. Then we will move to the release date, spoilers, and streaming details for Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 12.

Abbott Elementary S01E11 Recap

Previously on Abbott Elementary, Janine and Jacob started noticing that the kids are actually respecting them now for some reason. They thought they might have actually connected with them. That was until Janine noticed a shoe mark on some of her class desks. Talking to other teachers revealed that every class except for Barbara’s has those shoe marks on some of the desks. This is where Mr. Johnson came in.

Events From Previous Episode That May Affect Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 12Events From Previous Episode That May Affect Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 12
From Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 12 Featuring Janine, Melissa, Jacob, Ava, Mr. Johnson, Brianna, and Stefon.

Mr. Johnson told the teachers about a new social media trend called ‘Desking’. This sees a kid jumping on desks from one side of the class to the other. The teachers realized they needed to stop this trend. With a little help from Jacob’s boyfriend Zach, who is a huge sneakerhead, they found a shoe that matches the shoe mark. The search narrowed down as Gregory identified the shoes to be of Brianna and Stefon.

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The teachers brought Brianna and Stefon in, but these kids were not ready to open their mouths at all. So they had to let them go. The teachers hatched a plan to catch the students in the act by putting up a hidden camera in the class. So Janine and Jacob took a class together only to later find out that behind their back, one kid performed desking without them realizing it.

Ending For Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 11Ending For Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 11
From Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 12 Featuring Jacob, Melissa, Barbara with Ava and Mr. Johnson in the back

Soon, somebody snitched and told the school district about this dangerous viral trend. On top of that, even Barbara found a shoe mark in her class. Barbara believed that teachers should stop pretending that they can relate to children. This gave Janine an idea. Every student believes teachers are lame. So if they perform this desking, the trend may go down and become uncool.

So, Janine took charge of performing Desking, only to fall. But she believed this would work. They just needed someone lame. Everyone turned their faces to Jacob, who, with the help of his new sneakers brought by his boyfriend, performed desking. Thus marking the end of the trend.

Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 12 Release Date & Spoilers

Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 12 will release on 5 April 2022. It is titled “Ava vs. Superintendent”. The official synopsis of the Episode suggests the Abbott Elementary School may soon lose its all funds as the school board is pulling it off. In order to save those funds, Ava might have to excel at her presentation. Janine and Gregory take charge to help Ava out with it. A rift may come between Barbara and Melissa when a blackmail idea of Barbara offends Melissa.

Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 12 Release Time & Streaming Details

Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 12 is airing on ABC at 9 pm ET in the United States and will later stream on Hulu. In Australia and New Zealand, Disney+ serves as the home for Abbott Elementary and its upcoming twelfth Episode. Similarly, a version of the same platform called Disney+ Hotstar is where viewers can stream Abbott Elementary Episode 12 in India.

Apart from these, video-on-demand services of Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Microsoft, iTunes, and Microsoft may offer the twelfth Episode of Abbott Elementary to buy and rent. Expect another Episode to follow in next Tuesday for Abbott Elementary that may mark the end of Season 1.

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