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Agents Of SHIELD Season 7 Ending Explained: Was SHIELD Able To Defeat The Alien Race?

agents of shield season 7 ending explained

Agents Of Shield Season 7 has an ending that has left the audience scratching their heads. The story involves timelines and time traveling. Now ever since the Marvel Universe spin-off series, Agents of SHIELD, premiered in 2013, the viewers have witnessed a lot. From interesting new characters being introduced into the Marvel universe over seven seasons, viewers experienced some real satisfying storyline and traveled through space and time with these characters.

The show was originally advertised as a Marvel Cinematic Universe tie-in. Season 1 was made specifically to tie the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. However, Agents Of SHIELD developed its own identity over the course of seven seasons and separated itself from the MCU films. It built its own narrative.

In the season 7 ending of Agents Of SHIELD, the team members of SHIELD fought the Alien Race ‘Chronicom’ for the last time. They had a two-pronged strategy. What was this strategy and were they able to win the battle? Let’s dive into what happened at the ending of Agents of SHIELD season 7.

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Agents Of Shield Season 7 Storyline

Season 7 of Agents Of Shield brings Coulson and his entire crew to an end. It is the final chapter of the series, and it has been a long crazy ride. This season, SHIELD has been involved in a Time War with an Alien Race. The Alien Race is known as the ‘Chronicoms’. This race of Aliens was attempting to create a timeline that would be vulnerable to their invasion.

A still from the show

Now, SHIELD was assigned to protect the chronology but had failed very badly in doing so. The stakes for the SHIELD team had never been higher or more personal. Why personal? Well, the Alien Race ‘Chronicoms’ changed Mack’s personal timeline by killing his parents in the 1980s. Daisy had to watch her mother die in front of her before she was even born because of the change in timeline done by the Alien Race.

Although, there is one thing the Alien Race ‘Chronicoms’ had misjudged and not thought about. They did not think about one key member of the SHIELD team who had been missing from the series until the finale! It is Fitz. He had figured out and craked the code to time travel and a plan made to stop the Alien Race!

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Fitz’s Plan To Stop The Alien Race

At the end of Agents of SHIELD season 6, Fitz and Simmons were liberated from the Alien Race ‘Chronicoms’. During this, Fitz and Simmons stole an important piece of technology from the Alien Race. This technology allowed them to view history and foresee what people would do.

Fitz figured out a way to save the Earth and timeline from the Alien race. It included Daisy’s sister Kora. Unfortunately, Kora had committed suicide in the real world years before Quake was born. Inevitably, Fitz had to establish a new branched chronology along with his SHIELD team back in time. This new branched chronology managed to prevent Kora’s suicide.

agents of shield season 7 ending
Fitz from Agents of SHIELD

The SHIELD team claimed that they couldn’t simply abandon the real chronology to the Alien Race ‘Chronicoms’. It was real-world, and they felt a sense of responsibility for it. For this, Fitz devised a plan. He suggested they would return to their own timeline via Quantum Realm while taking the Alien Race’s ships with them. It was a smart plan, but the technology necessitated one team member to remain behind to take control and keep a check. Deke decided to stay.

Agents Of Shield Season 7 Ending Explained

When the SHIELD team returned to their timeline, they went on a battle to defeat the Alien Race ‘Chronicoms’. During the battle, May, Coulson, Mack, and Daisy entered the Alien Race’s ship with the goal and aimed to resurrect Kora and face off Nathaniel.

May and Kora combined their talents during the battle. The power combined resulted in managing the Chronicoms to gain empathy. This led to the aliens halting their attack on the members of SHIELD. However, Nathaniel, who was the leader of the Alien Race, was killed and destroyed completely when his ship was wrecked and shattered.

agents of shield season 7 ending explained
The SHIELD members

After the battle, we see an emotional farewell. After a year, the SHIELD team gathers for one last time before departing and going their ways. As far as Fitz and Simmons go, they leave team SHIELD to raise their daughter Alya. Mack is seen to be the organization’s head as always. Yo-Yo joins him as a top SHIELD agent and member. May is seen as a teacher, teaching at SHIELD’s Coulson Academy. Coulson is seen traveling and roaming around the world as the season comes to an end.

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