October 17, 2021

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Agnes Of God Ending Explained

Agnes Of God Ending Explained

Agnes Of God is one of the finest mystery movies. But not everyone understood the movie. And now their google history says Agnes Of God ending explained. So here we are discussing the movie. Agnes Of God was like the birth mother of Dan Brown’s ideology. The movie actually talks about the myths of religion and the facts of science. In ancient times sex education and female pleasure were considered taboo. And the issues are well reflected in the movie. The movie revolves around a young nun named Agnes. One fine day Agnes was found bleeding and with a dead infant in her room. She was accused of killing the infant, but she refused to accept. It is suspected the baby was of Agnes, but again she refused to accept that.

So the court ordered Agnes to see a psychologist that was Doctor Livingstone. When Agnes started sessions with the doctor, she came to know that Agnes was unaware of the basic things that a girl should be aware of, like how a girl gets pregnant or why girls have to bleed. After making Agnes aware of the basic stuff about her body. The doctor shows her interest to visit Agne’s room and the people she lived with. When she visited Agne’s hostel, she met her supervisor, mother Miriam. Where Mother told the doctor that Agnes conceived the baby as Mother Mary did.

Agnes Of God Ending Explained

Doctor Livingstone From The Movie Agnes Of God.

However, the doctor refused to accept the fact that Agnes conceived the baby with God’s blessing, and she argues if the baby was God’s blessing, then why was he killed. On the other hand, Agnes said that she doesn’t remember delivering a baby and conceiving one, which is scientifically impossible.

Science Vs. Religion

The doctor argues with the Mother that no divine power can lead to pregnancy until and unless there has been no physical contact between a boy and a girl. But the mother kept on saying that the baby was divine. On being asked who was the father of the baby, Agnes said that she doesn’t know. The doctor believes her because she didn’t even know who to conceive a baby, then obviously, she was not going to tell her who the infant was.

Agnes was sent to the institution when she was seven years old, and her mother threw her away because she thought that Agnes was a mistake and she ruined her life. And Agnes has been trapped and kept in the organisation from a very tender age. So she never received the care and affection that she was supposed to receive from her own mother. Agnes also had an eating disorder. As she stopped eating because she felt that she was getting fat. After a series of cat and mouse games. The doctor got permission from the court to hypnotise Agnes. During the hypothesis, Agnes confessed that she was pregnant, and she gave birth to the child. She also said that someone else knew that she was pregnant. But she didn’t take the name of that woman.

Agnes Of God Ending Explained

After Agnes’ hypothesis went well, the doctor asked for permission to hypnotise the mother, Miriam. When mother Miriam was put under the process of hypnotises, she confessed that she knew that Agnes was pregnant, and she gave birth in front of her. She also mentioned that “He” followed her to the barn, and “He” might have done this to her. But she did not kill the child.  Towards the end of the movie, Agnes confesses that she killed the child because she thought her child was also a mistake like she and she didn’t want to raise a mistake.

Agnes was not found guilty because she was mentally unstable. But the spoiler of the movie is Agnes was sexually assaulted, and she expressed it in front of the court in a way, “For four nights he was singing under my window. The sixth night he lay on me.” Agnes was sexually assaulted, and because of which she conceived and then when she delivered the baby. She killed her child because she thought it was a mistake.

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