Aharen San Wa Hakarenai Episode 5 Preview & Release Date: Raidou & Aharen’s Daily Chores

Aharen-san wa Hakarenai main characters
Raidou Matsuboshi and Reina Aharen

The month of April was a great start for the weebs around the world as we welcomed many anime, announcements, and video games. Aharen San Wa Hakarenai Episode 5 is next in line for this anime. One such anime Aharen San Wa Hakarenai was released this month and with just 4 episodes, It leave a great impact on fans. As the four episodes are already released, now fans are eagerly waiting for the fifth one. In this article, we will talk about the preview and release date of the fifth episode of Aharen San Wa Hakarenai in detail. Make sure to read this article till the end.

Episode 4 of Aharen San Wa Hakarenai Recap:

The fourth episode of Aharen San Wa Hakarenai mostly revolved around the school and featured some of the great moments of Raidou and Aharen-san. The episode began with the literature teacher, Tobaru-sensei. Tobaru-sensei analyzes the outcome of this flirting technique but in the next instance, Raidou picks up Aharen-san and made Tobaru-sensei’s nose bleed. This comical event of the episode was one of the greatest things of the episode. There are a number of events that take place in the episode including, Aharen-san getting a fidget spinner, choking food, etc. and all of these events were very comical and refreshing.

Aharen-San Wa HakarenaiAharen-San Wa Hakarenai
Aharen-San Wa Hakarenai

Aharen San Wa Hakarenai Episode 5 Release Date & Preview:

Aharen San Wa Hakarenai Episode 5 is all set to release on 29th April 2022 worldwide. It is difficult to pinpoint the episode 5 expected events at this point in time as the leaks of the anime haven’t been out yet but it is expected that the episode will feature more of Raidou and Aharen and their daily chores. The fourth episode was somewhat based on their teacher so the next episode will surely revolve around some different topic. However, these all are mere speculations and the expected events may differ. And yes, don’t forget about that food choking scene.

Aharen San Wa Hakarenai stillAharen San Wa Hakarenai still
Aharen San Wa Hakarenai

Watch Aharen San Wa Hakarenai Episode 5 Online:

All the released episodes including the upcoming Aharen San Wa Hakarenai are available to watch on Crunchyroll. You can also watch all the forthcoming episodes on the same platform as Crunchyroll supports simulcasting. All you have to get is a basic subscription and you will get access to thousands of anime anytime anywhere in the highest quality possible.

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