October 26, 2021

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Aho Girl Season 2 Release Date: Everything We Know (Article ready)

Aho Girl

Aho Girl is a Japanese comedy anime adapted from a manga with the same title. After completion of the first season, many viewers are waiting for Aho Girl Season 2. The anime series is not like other animes. Even though it does not have a captivating plot, deep characters, or the best soundtrack, it still attracts viewers with its simple and full of humor charms. If you want to watch something different, light-hearted filled with comedy, this anime is a perfect show for you to enjoy. Yoshiko Hanabatake, voiced by Aoi Yoki, and her group of friends will make you laugh until your stomach hurts.

The anime Aho Girl is adapted from the manga with the same title by Hiroyuki. The manga has 12 volumes and published by Kodansha from 2012 to 2017. Finally, in 2017, the anime series runs from July to September with 12 episodes in total. It focuses on the everyday life of a high school girl named Yoshiko Hanabatake. She humors everyone with her crazy antics, and many times she gets out of control. Her silly acts have won many viewers’ hearts. It has been almost four years since the first season ended. Many fans eagerly want to know more about Aho Girl Season 2 release date and more updates.

Aho Girl Season 2 Release Date

Aho Girl Season 2 release date has not been announced yet. There is no official statement regarding its renewal from the broadcasting network. As we mentioned, it has been almost four years since season one ended. Therefore the chances of having season 2 are getting lower and lower. But worry not. Because most anime sequels come after years of waiting, and the same could happen in this case.

Aho Girl

Aho Girl

Another reason we may get the second season is the plot of season one. Since the manga does not have a sequence of events that strictly need to be followed, the anime series has used only some pieces. The anime collected only a few small parts from here and there. Therefore, there is so much content available for the next season. Still, the final decision is in the hands of the production house. If they decide to make a sequel, we may get to watch it in upcoming years. Keep your eyes on the news to know more updates on Aho Girl.

Plot Summary

Aho Girl is a Japanese comedy and four-panel slice of life anime written by Takashi Aoshima. The storyline follows the everyday high school life of Yoshiko Hanabatake and her group of friends; Akuru Akutsu, Sayaka Sumino, and Fuki Lincho. Yoshiko Hanabateke is not an ordinary student. She is different from other high school girls but in a stupid way. Hanabatake is a dumb high school girl in her classroom who never goes beyond zeros when it comes to school grades. She is well known for her foolish antics and the weird obsession with bananas.

Aho Girl Season 2 Release DateAho Girl Season 2 Release Date

Aho Girl anime, Yoshiko’s crazy obsession with bananas.

It seems everyone close to her has already given up on her, especially her mother. Her mother has lost all of her hopes and believes that Yoshiko will never be able to improve. At the same time, Akuma Akutsu, also known as A-kun, is the only person who may change Yoshiko into a better version. He is her best friend who always keeps her sanity in check. However, like others, A-kun also seems sick of all the crazy acts of Yoshiko that he continuously has to deal with. He immerses himself in studies for always being a top student of the school, unlike Yoshiko. Even though he is Yoshiko’s friend, A-kun does not think even for a second to end her stupid acts of silliness. He even uses physical force. Of course, only when necessary.

However, it seems nothing is working on her. Even after trying so hard to knock some sense into her, Hanabatake never seems to change. She somehow always finds her way back to her silly antics and even manages to drag in a few other oddballs like her into her foolish acts. Every moment is unpredictable with Yoshiko. A-kun needs to get out of his comfort zone only to bring a full stop to Yoshiko’s nonsense. Such a crazy ride! Watch the anime Aho Girl and join the mad journey of Yoshiko with her crazy group of friends. The anime series is available on Crunchyroll with English subtitles and its original Japanese audio.

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