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Akitaka’s Ochikazuki ni Naritai Miyazen-san Manga Ends in August

Manga’s magazine, web versions to both end

The August issue of Square Enix‘s Gangan Joker magazine revealed on Wednesday that the magazine serialization of Akitaka‘s Ochikazuki ni Naritai Miyazen-san manga will end in the magazine’s next issue on August 20. Akitaka also revealed that the web serialization of the manga will end in August.

The manga centers on the high-class lady Miyazen and the former delinquent Matsubayashi. When they are assigned seats close together at school, Miyazen decides to develop her relationship with Matsubayashi slowly. Matsubayashi feels the same way, but is awkward at expressing himself.

Akitaka began publishing the series irregularly on pixiv and Twitter in April 2019. The manga began serializing in Gangan Joker in February 2020. Square Enix published the manga’s third compiled book volume on May 21.

Akitaka most recently launched the Rokujō Hitoma no Majo Life (A Witch’s Life in a Six-Tatami Room) manga in Gangan Joker in February 2020. The creator also drew the fifth episode (End of the Golden Witch) of the Umineko When They Cry manga. Yen Press published the manga in English, and released the third volume of the eighth episode in June 2020.

Sources: Gangan Joker August issue, Akitaka‘s Twitter account

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