‘Alice in Borderland’ Season 3: Will Netflix Renew the Show?

alice in borderland season 3

‘Alice in Borderland’ Season 3: Will Netflix Renew the Show? Funimation India

Considering the show’s impact so far, Alice in Borderland Season 3 seems a sure thing. According to Netflix, Alice in Borderland is the most popular Japanese original live-action title on its streaming service after being renewed for a second season. Additionally, Alice in Borderland ranks in Netflix’s Top 10 in 70 countries worldwide, the company reports. As of yet, Netflix has not revealed what will happen to Alice in Borderland. There’s reason to believe Season 2 – which began streaming on Thursday, 22nd December- will be the last.

After hitting Netflix in 2020, the show has been a hit with TV fans ever since it was based on Haro Aso’s manga of the same name. In Alice in Borderland season 2, we see betrayal, action, and finally, some closure as a gang of trapped survivors must play deadly games in exchange for their lives. In season two of Alice in Borderland, some big mysteries were answered, the backstory of the contestants was revealed, and some big bosses were introduced.

alice in borderland season 3

What Are The Chances Of There Being An Alice In Borderland Season 3?

At the moment, Alice in Borderland season 3 has not been announced. In spite of the fact that the thriller series has not been renewed, it has also not been cancelled outright. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, friends! A teaser at the end of season 2 suggests that there may be another story to explore in Alice in Borderland season 3, even though there is no firm confirmation of the show’s third season. Toward the end of season 2, Ryihei Arisu and co escaped the game/limbo world, but a Joker card was seen giving us pause. As fans of the manga will already know, it is actually the Joker who truly rules the game world, not Mira the Queen of Hearts. There is a possibility that this inclusion of the card is just a nod to the original material. It could also suggest that one last game is about to take place.

Despite Alice in Borderland season 2’s seemingly happy ending, we must remember that the Joker is a wild card. Maybe the players are still playing within a game instead of being masters of their own fate since the Jokester is a trickster. As two characters – Arisu, a video gamer, and Usagi, a mountain climber – race through an abandoned Tokyo, they compete in dangerous games, represented by playing cards. As Netflix teases, Arisu and Usagi “try to unravel the mysteries of Borderland” in Season 2. They meet friends, enemies, and the mastermind behind all the games in a place that they believe holds the key to unravelling these mysteries. They compete against games that are more difficult and scaled back than the first season.


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