All My Hero Academia Movies To Know About

Anime brings us many interesting stories, and the best part about it is that most of these stories have some cool plot twists. Another cool aspect about these anime is that they sometimes have their own movies one can watch after completing the episodes, although it is mostly advised to watch them in order. My Hero Academia is one such anime. Belonging to the shounen genre, it is one of the most-watched anime from the new generation of anime. The anime has released up to 5 seasons, and luckily the 6th season isn’t very far away. Till then, fans can watch or rewatch My Hero Academia movies that we will be talking about in this list.

My Hero Academia is adapted from a manga written and created by Kouhei Horikoshi. The Manga’s first chapter was released on 7th July 2014. Two years later, on 3rd April, the animated series was released, which was produced by Studio Bones. The anime gained major success overnight. Both the manga and the anime are the most read/watched series by many fans as of today.

The Story of My Hero Academia

For those who are new fans and are curious about My Hero Academia, this section is for you. First of all, good choice to watch My Hero Academia because the series manages to take people on a rollercoaster ride even though it has a simple plot. It tells us the story of Izuku Midoriya, or Deku, who wants to become the number one hero and looks up to All Might, the number one hero of the time. However, in a world where quirks determine the ranking of the heroes, Deku is born without any quirks. Thus, with this, he begins his journey appreciating and learning how to control a quirk secretly given to him.

My Hero Academia Movie
Izuku Midoriya AKA Deku

Are The My Hero Academia Movies Related To The Manga?

Interestingly enough, the My Hero Academia movies are canon yet not. Canon is something that is considered to be a part of the manga. However, the events from the movies are not a part of the manga. What makes these movies a canon is that Kouhei Horikoshi stated that the story from the movie is related to the manga. He supervised the movies and even worked on the character design of certain characters from the movies. However, these characters are not really mentioned in manga or anime a lot. Still, the stories of the movies stay consistent with the events happening in the original series.

My Hero Academia Anime Movie 1: Two Heroes

The first movie in the My Hero Academia series was called My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. It was released on the 3rd of August 2018 in Japan and later on the 5th of July 2018 in Los Angeles. The film ran for 97 minutes and was produced by studio Bones.

Two Heroes Story

The My Hero Academia movie Two Heroes taps into the past of All Might and what he used to do as a young hero. However, that is just a part of the entire storyline. The My Hero Academia movie begins with a young All Might fighting crimes in California alongside David Sheild, his friend. As they grow up, they split ways as All Might went on to pursue his career as a hero, and David went on to start his own laboratory. However, they still kept in touch all these years as David helped All Might design many of his hero suits.

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

The movie then takes us to the present where All Might receives an invitation from Melisa, David’s daughter. He takes Deku to I-Island, the technologically advanced place that David built over the years. As the reunion takes place, Melisa decides to show Deku around while David tests All Might’s quirk and talks about his health depleting at a rapid pace. Meanwhile, Deku comes across most of his classmates who are on the island for various reasons. Melisa then invites them to a party taking place soon. Interestingly enough, Melisa reveals that she is a lot like Deku as she does not have any quirk but doesn’t think of it as a bad thing. While all these events are taking place, there are some villains lurking in the shadows, ready to make a move. This leaves it up to Deku and his friends to handle the situation here.

My Hero Academia Anime Movie 2: Heroes Rising

The second My Hero Academia movie is Heroes Rising. This movie was released on 20th December in 2019 in Japan. After a short while, that is on 26th February 2020. The movie was released in North America. Unlike the previous movie, this one has one of the best fight scenes in the franchise. The shift in excellence from Two Heroes to Heroes Rising can be clearly seen not only in the storyline but also in the growth of each character.

Heroes Rising Story

The movie begins with Endeavor and Hawks chasing a truck driven by villains. However, they are fooled by Twice’s clones. Thus, the main villain, Nine, who was in the truck, managed to escape. What makes Nine an interesting villain is that he is an experiment that ends up as walking destruction. Defeating him took a lot of strength from the heroes of the movie, class 1-A. Studying at UA to become a hero also gives a lot of internship opportunities. Thus, the class of 1-A went to Nabu Island in order to carry out such an internship. Here, they meet the siblings Mahoro Shimano and Katsuma Shimano. The latter of the two dreams of becoming a hero, but his older sister is very cynical about it.

My Hero Academia MovieMy Hero Academia Movie
Nine from My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

This was because their father’s quirks were stolen by Nine’s group. However, since the quirk was not as powerful as expected for Nine, he targets the children in hopes of seeking a compatible quirk. On the misfortunate side of things, Nine possess a copy of All for One’s quirk, making him almost undefeatable. Thus, Nine and his group make it to the island in order to kidnap those children, but luckily Class 1-A give it their all to protect them.

My Hero Academia Anime Movie 3: World Heroes’ Mission

The storyline of the third My Hero Academia movie probably surpasses the previous My Hero Academia movies. This is the latest My Hero Academia movie so far that has managed to captivate fans. It is also a movie that comes very close to the aspects of the manga. My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission was released on the 6th of August 2021 in Japan. In America and Canada, the movie was released a little later on the 29th of October 2021.

World Heroes’ Mission Story

The third My Hero Academia movie introduces us to a cult called Humarise. Their goal is to cleanse the world of anybody having quirks, as they believe that these quirks would become so strong that human beings will end up extinct. In order to carry out their mission, they planted “Trigger” gas bombs all over the world that would erase the quirks by making the owners lose control, eventually killing them. After the first bomb goes off, the World Heroes Association sends pro-heroes as well as some good student interns to capture and stop Humarise. Bakugo, Todoroki, and Midoriya are sent to the alleged base of Humarise but do not find anything. Since they have to stay there for a while, the three main heroes face another problem – a robbery.

My Hero Academia MovieMy Hero Academia Movie
Main Heroes of My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission

The three take off behind the thieves but have to split ways in the middle. Bakugo and Todoroki decide to go behind the thieves, and Midoriya runs after Rody Soul, another main character from the movie. Rody appears to be very street smart and thus, gives Midoriya a hard time chasing him. Still, Rody does whatever he does to provide for his siblings. In the Humarise organization, an important briefcase is stolen by Allan Kay, and Beros goes after him. Unfortunately, the two chases crash with one another, and Rody, in the midst of the mess, takes Allan’s suitcase and runs. This is when Beros attacks them, and Midoriya and Rody escape. Getting to the main conflict of the movie, Midoriya is deemed a mass murderer, making him a fugitive on the run.

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