All Yellowjackets Survivors (So Far)

Collage of adults Shauna, Misty, and Taissa in with the girls of Yellowjackets in the background

The second season of Yellowjackets has been streaming on Paramount+ for over a month now. From the show’s first season, the series follows the Yellowjackets soccer team as teenagers as they try to survive in the Canadian wilderness after their plane accident. As the show explains, the characters spent a year and nine months trying to survive in the wild, having to resort to terrible things, including cannibalism, so that they wouldn’t die.

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At the same time, the show also features some of the same characters as adults. The present-day action is filled with drama, mainly because the Yellowjackets are still haunted by the same entity they encountered in the woods and their harrowing ordeal. Because the POV of these characters in the present day, the audience can at least rest assured that some Yellowjackets made it back to the United States safe and sound. However, this is not to say they won’t be killed later in the show.



6 Lottie

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The second season of Yellowjackets introduces Lottie Matthews as an adult, letting the audience know that this character also survived. This makes sense because Lottie is probably going to be the leader of the strange ritual featured in the first episodes. Since Lottie had already initiated a cult in the woods when she was younger, it was not a surprise to discover that Lottie was also the leader of a cult as an adult.

In the second season, Lottie receives visions again. It’s possible that this character is communicating once more with the darkness the Yellowjackets encountered in the woods, or that Lottie’s veneer of wellness was disrupted by Natalie’s presence in her community. Either way, there’s still much to know about this character, and hopefully, the second season of Yellowjackets will answer everyone’s questions.

5 Van

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Against all expectations, Van managed to survive her time in the wilderness. Everyone expected Van to die after the attack of the wolves, but she didn’t only survive but got minimal scarring from this event. This is great since it wouldn’t have been great of Yellowjackets to follow the trope of “burying your gays.”

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Van grew up to be everything fans expected from her: she’s a queer icon who manages her own 90s video store. Now, as an adult, Van has to help Taissa fight her demons, and the audience hopes these two characters will come to some sort of understanding, or confront the things that may or may not have gone unsaid between the flashbacks and present-day sequences.

4 Misty

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Portrayed by brilliant Christina Ricci, Misty is one of the people’s favorite characters in Yellowjackets. Misty is definitely the most intense character in Yellowjackets. Since she has incredible survival skills, it makes sense she managed to overcome her time in the wilderness. Now, she works as a nurse.

So far, people don’t know how to categorize Misty. She seems to be a good person to her friends, but also she has no qualms about killing Jessica Roberts. The show still needs to unfold the story of this quirky, compassionate, ruthless, and murderous character.

3 Taissa

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Taissa went from surviving a plane crash to becoming an overachiever. When the show begins, Taissa is trying to win an election to become a state senator. Furthermore, Taissa is a great candidate, fighting for Black female representation and the LGBTQ+ community.

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However, as the show progresses, there are certain mysterious things going on with Taissa. She starts sleepwalking again, and so far, it seems that there’s another entity taking control of her body and doing terrible things, such as killing her dog, Biscuit, and putting its head on an altar.

2 Natalie

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Natalie is one of the main characters in Yellowjackets, and the story follows her as an adult as she tries to discover the circumstances of Travis’s death. As a teenager, Travis and Natalia initiated a romantic relationship while they were in the woods, and it seems that they continued it on and off as adults.

In the second season, right after she tries to unalive herself, she’s kidnaped by Lottie’s cult. Even though Natalie doesn’t trust Lottie, she’s hanging around the cult, while Misty tries to rescue her. While other characters are unfolding darker sides of themselves (such as Taissa or Lottie), Natalie seems to be her usual self.

1 Shauna

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Shauna is the most developed character in the series. As a teenager, she had a difficult relationship with Jackie, especially because she was having an affair with her boyfriend, Jeff. However, it’s clear that Shauna truly loved Jackie, as she mourned deeply after she died.

Shauna survived the accident, but it’s still unclear if her unborn child did. Since the kid hasn’t appeared in the series, it’s likely that the baby didn’t make it. She’s now married to Jeff, and together they have a teenage daughter, Callie, who has become an important character in the series.

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