October 26, 2021

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Amazia Debuts Manga Bang Channel on YouTube

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On October 4, 2021, Amazia Inc. Japan launched the Manga Bang Channel on YouTube. This
is an official YouTube Channel hosting videos of original manga works found on the Manga
BANG! App.

The Manga Bang Channel features “motion manga,” a new experimental way to enjoy Japanese
manga translated into English. Motion manga includes background music and visual effects.
The sound and motion aim to produce a more immersive experience than typical book reading.

In addition, the Manga Bang Channel allows the service to present text for each speech bubble
in chronological order. Amazia hopes this visual direction will be convenient for new readers
who are unfamiliar with traditional Japanese style reading, which often progresses from the right
side of the panel to the left.

Titles currently available on Manga Bang Channel:
– Milimoss Saga – War Records of the Reincarnated Youngest Prince
– The Date of Marriage – If you can’t have a fiancé let’s get married
– Dungeon Battle Royale
– I Was Invited to the Otherworldly Country As a Warrior, But I Refused and Decided to
Start As a Soldier
– Robustness
– Necromancer of White: The Road to the Spirit King

This is the third-ever English language service offered by Amazia since October 2020. Its first
service was Tokyo Anime News, a website written in English dedicated to news about manga,
anime, and other Japan-related stories. Amazia then followed up with its second free service,
the Manga Flip app, which launched on March 30, 2021.

Amazia aims to make an environment for people from the US and other English-speaking
countries to legally and habitually read officially licensed Japanese manga. In the future, the
company will seek the possibility of monetizing its manga services through a paid subscription
business model.

-About the YouTube Channel
URL: https://www.YouTube.com/channel/UCZ40S_FIv5n3Ye_L_XGZ4bQ
Content: Motion manga videos of Manga BANG Comics translated into English
*Manga Bang Channel hopes to upload 20 new videos per month while increasing the number
of works and episodes.

-About Amazia
The Japanese company founded its manga app business in 2012. It grew rapidly after launching
“Manga BANG!” in November 2014. Amazia’s products aim for their consumers to enjoy their
leisure time. The company promises to create new businesses and expand globally to enrich
the lives of its users.

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