October 22, 2021

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And Just Like That: Meet the Characters (Article Ready)

Sex and the City

Are you ready for Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte? Buckle up your seats and make sure you’ve got a drink of your choice because SATC is back. HBO MAX has announced a reboot of the very well-known TV series, “Sex and the City,” by the name of “And Just Like That.” And in And Just Like That, we are sure to see Sarah Jessica Parker and her interesting and amazing New York friends return to the small screen. The sequel-cum-reboot will have ten episodes. The story will be around our favorite characters: Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte, as they find what life is like when one is in their 50s. We have brought to you everything you need to know about the reboot of SATC, “And Just Like That,” including when it will premiere.

Sex and the City is one of the most loved rom-com TV-Series. It aired between June 1998 till February 2004, over six seasons and 94 episodes. The entire show is based in the city of New York. It follows the life of 4 women. Three are in their mid-thirties, while one is in her mid-forties. The story talks about how Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda stay together despite everything going on in their lives. The show touched upon many simple but relevant issues of the current society, such as feminity, promiscuity, sexuality, friendship, etc.

Sex and the City

A Still From the Show (Credits: HBO Max)

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Sex and the City: Plot

The story of Sex and the City is about four characters: Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda. Carrie Bradshaw is a columnist for a paper, “Sex and the City.” She and her friends come to the conclusion that it is time that they have sex as men do. By that, they mean sex with no strings attached. The story goes on over six seasons, with all the four girlfriends finding out what it means to love someone and their own sexuality. They date several men, try several things, and this is how they are sure of what they want in the end. It also goes into the questions like is there such a thing as “The One,” etc. A beautiful story about love and friendship, it was one of the most-watched shows of its time.

and just like that premiere dateand just like that premiere date

Image from Sex and the City, second movie (Source: HBO Max)

The show ended with Carrie’s final voiceover saying that the relationship one has with their own self is the most challenging, exciting, and important relationship. It is important to find someone who loves you that you yourself love.

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And Just Like that Cast:

Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker:

Carrie is the main character of the show. She is a freelance writer for her weekly paper, “Sex and the City.” She is famous for her bold and unique sense of fashion. Carrie is also known to be a shoe-shopping addict, and her Manolos and Jimmy Choos remain famous even after the end of the show. In addition to this, she always goes beyond her credit card limit – which is her flaw. Towards the end of the show, she becomes a writer for big papers like Vogue and New York.

and just like that premiere dateand just like that premiere date

Sarah J Parker as Carrie (Credits: HBO Max)

Charlotte York, played by Kristin Davis: 

Charlotte is the youngest and most traditional of the group. She is also pretty conservative and values “True” love over lust. She scoffs at Samantha’s promiscuous ways. In her younger years, she was a model student, a cheerleader, and was at a sorority during her college days. Charlotte gives up her job after her first marriage, which ultimately ends with a divorce. She falls in love with her divorce lawyer, converts into Judaism for him. At the end of the season, she has two kids: Lily, an adopted girl from China, and Rose, whom she conceives after much difficulty.

and just like that premiere dateand just like that premiere date

Kristin as Charlotte (Credits: HBO Max)

Miranda Hobbes, played by Cynthia Nixon:

Miranda is the most career-minded woman of the bunch. She’s a lawyer and has very deeply distrustful views on men and love. If Carrie is the voice of the show, Miranda is Carrie’s voice of reason. She changes the most after the birth of her son, Brady, and finally gets together with Steve at the end of the show.

Samantha Jones, played by Kim Cattrall: Not in the Reboot

The oldest and most confident of the group is Samantha. She avoids emotions at all costs. Samantha believes that she has had several soulmates. The difference in hers and Charlotte’s believes usually leads to the two having fallouts with the other. Her relationships are more unconventional, including a relationship with a lesbian painter. Unfortunately, she doesn’t return for the reboot.

Sex and the CitySex and the City

Left: Kim as Samantha, Right: Cynthia as Miranda (Credits: HBO Max)

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New and Other Cast Members:

Lily and Rose Goldenblatt, daughters of Charlotte and Harry, will be played by Cathy Ang and Alexa Swinton, respectively. Since SATC was heavily criticized for having no representation of people of color, or LGBTQ, this time, we have Sara Ramírez as Che Diaz. Che is non-binary and works as a host to a podcast. Carrie is a regular on this podcast. Niall Cunningham will play Brady Hobbes, the son of Miranda. John Corbett, who played Carrie’s ex Aidan is returning too. Other than them, there are a lot more additions to the cast, which you can check out on the official Instagram page of And Just Like That.

Carrie and AidanCarrie and Aidan

Carrie and Aidan (Corbett) in a Still (Credits: HBO Max)

And Just Like That Premiere Date:

The shooting for the reboot of Sex and the City, And Just Like That has already begun. Suffice it to say, the fans are more than excited. Sarah’s Instagram is blowing up with comments from eager fans, especially since she has uploaded many behind-the-scenes clips from the show. But unfortunately, that’s all we know. There is no news of the exact premiere date of And Just Like That. This is because the shooting is still ongoing. One thing is for sure, however, that And Just Like That will indeed premiere on the small screen, and you can watch it on HBO Max.

and just like that premiere dateand just like that premiere date

Miranda, Carrie, and Charlotte. (Via Sarah’s Instagram)

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