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Animate International Taking Pre-Orders for Miyakura Mira & Sakuya Full Graphic T-Shirts

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MIYAKURA is a Japanese anime music event.
The event is currently cancelled due to the impact of COVID-19, so instead the official characters voiced by Yū Serizawa and Rikako Aida are promoting habits to stop the spread of the virus.
They are now producing a series of T-shirts featuring the characters in their suits, available for pre-order now.
■Pre-order Page

■Pre-order Period
Ends 5/16/2021 11:59PM (JST)

■Product Information
MIYAKURA Full Graphic T-shirt (Mira) (Pre-order Item Only)
MIYAKURA Full Graphic T-shirt (Sakuya) (Pre-order Item Only)
¥5,500 Planned to release Late June 2021 (TBA)

S/ M / L / XL /2XL /3XL /4XL
※Please note size exchanges are not available.


●CV: Yū Serizawa (Affiliated with 81 Produce)
​●Appearance: Lively and pretty
(Height: 162cm、Weight: …a secret♡, B88, W58, H86)
●Birthday: April 18
​●Blood Type: 0
・Born and raised in Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture, and lives in Kuwagasaki, Miyako City.
・Lives with family (Dad, mom, and two big brothers)
・Having experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake as a child, she participates in Miyakura to help bring life back to the area.
・In charge of reception at Miyakura, but is a DJ in training. She wants to make her DJ debut at Miyakura someday.
・A taiko drummer who belongs to the local performing arts group “Miyako Yamaguchi Taiko no Kai”.
※Miyako Yamaguchi Taiko no Kai: Established 1972. Performs throughout Japan, and in recent years has also performed with Iwate synthesizer unit Himekami (known for the song Kamigami no Uta), in Shanghai, China.
●Personality etc:
・Lively and cute. As an only daughter can take care of herself, but can be a little careless.
・Born in a town by the sea, she loves local seafood and has a fishing hobby herself.
・Her specialty is fish fillet and Japanese food. (She can proudly dress a raw fish herself!)
・Favorite food is Miyako ramen from Abeya.
・Likes anime (80s LaserDisc, 90s, 10s, female-oriented), all-round otaku, can draw.

●CV: Rikako Aida (Affiliated with Ken Production)
●Appearance: Graceful
(Height: 154cm, Weight: …a secret, B79, W54, H80)
●Birthday: September 25
●Blood Type: A
・Born and raised in Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture, and currently lives in Kuromoricho, Miyako City.
・Lives with family (Dad, mom, big brother & little sister)
・She experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake as a child.
・Volunteered as staff after being impressed by Mira’s efforts to promote hand-washing. She is in charge of the cosplay reception at Miyakura.
・She finds Mira a handful when they’re on staff, but respects her due to their opposite personalities.
・A dancer who belongs to the local “Tashiro Nembutsu Kenmai” performing arts group.
※Tashiro Nembutsu Kenmai: Iwate Prefecture Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property. A folk performing art that originated in the Bunka era 1804-1817. Still practiced with love in the Iwate Prefecture Miyako City Kuzakai Area.
●Personality etc:
・A little spoiled growing up. Student Organization Secretary in high school. Tends to dream, but knows her own mind.
・Hobbies include reading, sewing, solo camping, card games (American origin authentic trading card games (Format: Legacy))
・Has a pet (Bengal cat)
・Favourite food: Sugata no Ika Senbei
(Miyako City famous snack, in business for 130 years)
・Likes anime (Late 90s to 00s, robot anime), a cosplayer with high attention to detail.
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