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Animator Dorm Project:

The reason: unlivable wages for newcomer in-between animators

The Animator Dormitory Project runs a YouTube channel, which regularly shares information about labor issues in the anime industry. A recent video discussing the industry’s low wage problem shares a grim statistic: about 90% of animators quit their jobs within three years.

Also mentioned in the video: In-between animators working on a TV series can expect to earn US$1.80 per frame. Drawing 300 frames per month would total US$540, but animators who are just starting out will struggle to draw even that many frames, making it even more difficult to make ends meet. The difficult conditions and high turnover rate make it difficult to train new animators; the video touches on the long-term issues that this could cause.

An earlier video from February broke down the earnings of a new animator in 2019, which was their first year active in the industry. Their total income for the year was 668,000 yen (US$6,000), which evens out to a monthly average of 74,000 yen (US$670).

The Animator Dormitory is a dormitory located in Tokyo for new animators operated by the non-profit organization, Animator Supporters. The 2020 Animator Dormitory Project has raised US$32,425 so far. The project is also accepting donations via Patreon.

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