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Anime at The Kitchen

Miami: The Kitchen US, as well as many other Kitchen studios, in territories around the globe, now call themselves “experts in the anime genre”.

“While we have dubbed many anime titles in the past with great success,” explained Ben Ferguson, VP Operations, “the pandemic has allowed us to expand our voice team globally, giving us access to remote recording with some of the very best voice talent in the business. Remote recording for most dubbed genres was something that few had even tried before the country to country stay-at-home order. Not only have we expanded our remote capabilities, our worldwide team of anime voice talents has never been greater, or more diverse.”

Brad Strickland, The Kitchen’s Production Manager, and Romulo Bernal, The Kitchen’s Lead Anime Director, worked tirelessly at the beginning of the pandemic, to create the best quality remote recording options for clients and talents worldwide.

“This wasn’t an easy feat either,” explained Ben Ferguson. “Our team developed a relatively uncomplicated, inexpensive and complete home studio format that has been extremely productive. Anime is just one of the many genres that has truly benefited from the stay-at-home orders.”

“Together”, Ferguson added, “with our great team of directors globally, we are able to get the best performance from our talent, while connecting to approved remote facilities. Until recently, our directors wanted to be in the studio with the talent. Now, with proper training and direction, we can grow, as the anime genre continues its surge worldwide.”

Anime is an international phenomenon today. Our actors have their own blogs, hundreds of fans, and love, love, love lending voices to the Japanese originals. Their voices alone are recognized where-ever they go, and they are often asked to participate in fun venues touting the exciting world of anime. As such, you will be able to meet Romulo Bernal and some of our talented anime actors at the upcoming Florida Supercon event, to be held at the Miami Beach Convention Center, from September 10-12.

The Kitchen is quite proud to be at the forefront of the anime genre as it continues to impact a worldwide audience, and looks forward to dubbing more and more titles, and introducing more and more characters to audiences around the globe.

For more information, please visit The Kitchen is the industry’s only Emmy Award Winning language translation, dubbing, subtitling and services studio, with operations in 14 countries worldwide.

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