October 18, 2021

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Anime ‘Kaginado’ Website Updated Streaming, Character/Cast, Staff Information Announced

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Bushiroad Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) has announced the update of the official website for anime “KAGINADO”, disclosing information regarding streaming, characters/cast, and staff. The change in Misuzu Kamio’s voice actor has also been announced.

■Official Website, Twitter Account
Official Website: https://Kaginado.com/
Twitter Account: @Kaginado

■About Anime “KAGINADO
Key’s first crossover-world anime, being produced as the multimedia project celebrating Key’s 20th anniversary.
Visual Arts/Key joins production to depict the school life of Key characters gathering in a single anime universe.
An all-new story of the fan favorite characters will illuminate 2021.

■Original Game Brand: Key
Game studio Visual Arts and its brand Key have been iconic in the industry for 20 years.
The debut work “Kanon” released in June 1999 shook the hearts of numerous game players. “Tori No Uta”, theme song of “AIR” released the next year, was praised as the “national anthem”. “CLANNAD”, referred to as “life” by its fans, was acclaimed upon release. Key’s story of girls bestowed with harsh fate, the iconic “tear-jerking games” and its characters have always grasped the users’ hearts.
Since then, the company has released not only games, but anime, music, and other forms of work as well. “My Soul,Your Beats!”, the theme song for Key anime “AngelBeats!” topped the 2010 Billboard JAPAN Indies Sales Chart, “CLANNAD”, “planetarian”, and “Little Busters!” were released on the global game platform Steam, and “Rewrite” successfully accomplished a crowdfunding project for a localized release.
Also, “Summer Pockets” was awarded the 2018 Moe-Game Award, movie “Kud Wafter” is planned for release in 2021, and mobile game “Heaven Burns Red” in collaboration with GREE is planned for release at the end of 2021.

■Streaming Information
Streaming starts October 12th, 2021 (UTC)!
*Streaming schedule may differ between platforms.

▼Streaming Regions
North America
South & Central America
East Asia
South East Asia

▼Streaming Platforms

KAGINADO Academy”.
The characters that have wringed out gallons of tears from Key fans all over the world for the past 20 years gather in this utopia… of sorts.
Now they are moving not only the fans’ emotions but the barriers dividing their worlds as well, to enjoy a new school life in a whole new world.
Free, fun, and filled with joy.
A dreamlike story is about to begin. 

■Main Characters and Cast

Yuichi Aizawa Tomokazu Sugita
Ayu Tsukimiya Yui Horie
Nayuki Minase Mariko Kouda
Mai Kawasumi Yukari Tamura
Shiori Misaka Akemi Satō
Makoto Sawatari Mayumi Iizuka
Yukito Kunisaki Daisuke Ono
Misuzu Kamio Asami Sanada
Kano Kirishima Sara Takeda
Minagi Tohno Ryoka Yuzuki
Tomoya Okazaki Yūichi Nakamura
Nagisa Furukawa Mai Nakahara
Kyo Fujibayashi Ryo Hirohashi
Ryou Fujibayashi Akemi Kanda
Tomoyo Sakagami Houko Kuwashima
Fuko Ibuki Ai Nonaka
Kotomi Ichinose Mamiko Noto
Youhei Sunohara Daisuke Sakaguchi
Riki Naoe Yui Horie
Rin Natsume Tomoe Tamiyasu
Kyosuke Natsume Hikaru Midorikawa
Masato Inohara Nobutoshi Canna
Kengo Miyazawa Yusei Oda
Komari Kamikita Natsumi Yanase
Haruka Saigusa Keiko Suzuki
Kudoryavka Noumi  Naomi Wakabayashi
Yuiko Kurugaya Ryōko Tanaka
Mio Nishizono Shiho Kawaragi
Kotarou Tennouji Masakazu Morita
Kotori Kanbe Chiwa Saito
Chihaya Ohtori Saya Shinomiya
Akane Senri Eri Kitamura
Sizuru Nakatsu Keiko Suzuki
Lucia Konohana Risa Asaki
Kagari Kana Hanazawa
Yumemi Hoshino Keiko Suzuki

Original Work Visual Arts/Key
Director Kazuya Sakamoto
Composition Takashi Aoshima
Scriptwriter Takashi Aoshima, Kai, Tohya Okano
Character Design Eriko Haga
Prop Design Kazunari Araki
Art Director Yukihiro Shibutani
Color Design Asami Kitsukawa
Filming Director Tomoaki Suzuki
Editor Kazuo Kajikawa
Sound Director Akane Maeda
Music Production Visual Arts/Key
Animation Production LIDENFILMS KYOTO Studio

■About the Change of Misuzu Kamio’s Cast
Misuzu Kamio from “AIR” has been voiced by Tomoko Kawakami, who passed away in 2011. After much consideration, we have decided to have Asami Sanada take on the role as Misuzu Kamio.
Following are comments from Key and Asami Sanada regarding this change in cast.

< From Key >
We have had Tomoko Kawakami voice “AIR”’s Misuzu Kamio ever since the release of the game in 2001. In creating “KAGINADO”, however, we have decided to have a new voice actor take on the role since Misuzu Kamio is an essential character in the world of “AIR”.
We held an audition, and have decided to ask Asami Sanada to take on the role.


< From Asami Sanada >
When I took the audition, I remembered Kawakami-san in her anime and radio recordings.
I always admired her unfettered acting, and her positive attitude that cheered the team up.
It’s because Kawakami-san played the role that the character has a special place in fans’ hearts.

I had goosebumps when I was officially offered the role, and I am still feeling the responsibility of it.
I will cherish the Misuzu that Kawakami-san has built, and inherit it as best as I can!

Asami Sanada

■About the Studio and Director
Animation studio founded in February 2012.
Has studios in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Fukaya.
Created various animes including “The Heroic Legend of Arslan”, “Hanebado!”, “Layton Mystery Tanteisha: Katri no Nazotoki File”, and “New Initial D Movie: Legend”.
Tokyo Revengers”, “Farewell, My Dear Cramer”, and “SEVEN KNIGHTS REVOLUTION: Hero Successor” are planned to start airing April 2021.

Founded to create TV series, movies, and commercials in Kyoto.
After releasing its first work “She and Her Cat: Everything Flows”, it proceeded to create “A Rhapsody Called Lucy -The Very First Song-”, “Falling in Love with the City, Even More”, and “GENJI FANTASY”. Movie “Happy-Go-Lucky Days” in 2020 became its first theatrical work.
As a studio outside of Tokyo it works together with municipalities and other industries, and also focuses on new employee education.

Director: Kazuya Sakamoto
Director and Animator.
Born in Okayama in 1980.
Moved to LIDEN FILMS after working at Kyoto Animations, and is now head of LIDEN FILMS Kyoto Studio.
After his first storyboard work in “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”, he proceeds to work in various anime series. His first work as director was in “She and Her Cat: Everything Flows”.
After working in “AIR” as animator, he takes part in “KANON” and “CLANNAD” as storyboard & episode director, and in “Little Busters!” as Opening storyboard. He is also famous for creating the ED animation for “CLANNAD” Ending “Dango Daikazoku”.

©Visual Arts/Key/KAGINADO

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