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Anime Promotes the Sport of Picking Up Trash

Who would have thought that picking up trash could be a competitive sport? It’s existed within Japan for years as a way of encouraging sustainability practices, and now it’s getting its “world-first” anime.

The Manga/Anime/Game Education Creation Organization held its first screening for the “Spo-Gomi (Sport Trash): World Cup Exhibition Match” promotional anime on Monday. The event was part of Nippon Foundation’s “Sea and Japan Project: Change For the Blue” initiative, which aims to reduce marine waste.

The organization hopes to spread awareness about marine waste to young people; according to Nippon Foundation managing director Mitsuyuki Umino, over 90% of Japanese people over 60 are aware of marine waste compared to only 60% of teens.

In the anime’s story, the sport of picking up trash, known as “Spo-Gomi,” is a popular sport comparable to soccer. Akari, the plainest girl in the class, encounters the charismatic Spo-Gomi player Tokio, which invigorates her to pick up the sport. The cast includes:

Haruka Terui as Akari

Marina Inoue as Coco

Naomi Ōzora as Kei

Nippon Foundation chairman Yōhei Sasakawa also has an unspecified voice acting role.

The anime will stream on the following subscription-based services in Japan starting from April 1: The Anime Times, dTV, d Anime Store, U-NEXT, Anime Hōdai, and AbemaTV. It will also be available through a pay-per-view model via Hikari TV, Rakuten TV, DMM, Video Market, GYAO!, and Happy! Douga. J:COM, TELASA, and milplus will offer the anime from April 2.

Umino hinted at the screening that the anime will have sequels with “many different kinds of developments.”

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